Riding through the Pandemic: How Electric Bikes Help in Battling COVID-19

For the past year, the world has been on a stand-still. As government-imposed lockdowns spread across the country in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been looking left and right for alternatives to cope with the “new normal”.

One aspect that has seen so much change is in the means of transportation. The drastic measures implemented have presented challenges for front liners, and those who have essential errands to run on the daily. While there are some who just resort to walking to get to their destination, there are also those who took advantage of the situation and invested in their own electric rideable such as electric bikes. 

Electric Bikes: Riding Through the Pandemic

Over the course of the last few months, the world has seen small to big businesses suffer. As some people were staying at home, trying to make ends meet, many patrons of the electric bicycle industry feared that it would be the end for start-ups that sprung over the past few years. But as the need for new modes of transportation increased, so did the demand for e-bikes. How was this possible?

That is the question we will answer in this article.   


How E-Bikes help in Battling COVID-19

Going from one place to another might be one of the biggest challenges this pandemic had to offer, not just for those in the front lines, but to certain individuals as well. While the general rule is to stay at home as much as we can, there are still times when people have to go out and run essential errands like grocery shopping. There are also those who are still required to go to work and those who work in food and essentials delivery.


Electric Bikes Used By A Frontliner


Mobility is essential to frontline workers. Because of the restrictions in transportation, the electric bicycle industry has seen growth in its sales amidst this global crisis. Some people are convinced that going electric is the safer way to go, and here are some of the reasons why.

  1. Social Distancing can be implemented. Ever since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, social and physical distancing had been religiously observed. This means that individuals are ordered to keep a safe distance from one another to prevent getting infected. This is the reason why public transportation such as buses and trains are allowing only a small number of people to board. That in mind, biking is believed to be an excellent way to observe social distancing guidelines, as long as you are riding it alone. There are electric commuter bikes present in the market at an affordable price, and it could be one of the most practical buys you’re going to make at this time.  

  2. Essential workers get to their destination faster and easier. Due to the limited number of public utility vehicles allowed to operate, essential workers find it hard to get to work on time. But with their own electric road bike, traveling can be done faster and easier. There are specialized electric bikes for sale that boast high-speed features. This will lessen your travel time, and increase your productivity for the day. If it does run out of power, you can just plug it at your workplace or bring an extra pedal for that additional exercise.

  3. E-Bikes can be owned, not shared. There are companies and local government units that have resorted to bike and scooter share in attempts to provide transportation for their employees, but it is proven that this is not that safe either. Studies have shown that the virus can thrive even on plastic and steel surfaces for days. If someone infected uses a shared bike or scooter without proper protection, the next user might contract it as well. With an owned electric bike, you lessen the risk of exposure as you only use it yourself.

  4. Going electric can save the environment from more damage. As lockdowns clear the air, there must be one beneficiary, and that is our planet. In cities like the Gold Coast in Australia, there has been an evident improvement in air quality. We can keep this track and continue on finding eco-friendly ways even after the lockdowns have been lifted. E-bikes are known alternatives for a more environmental-friendly way of travel. More and more are discovering this benefit, and now is a good time to take advantage of that fact.         

  5. E-cycling can provide moderate exercise. One thing that medical experts advise us during this pandemic is to make sure that we are healthy inside and out. This is why a lot has taken the opportunity to start working out at home, and eventually go running as the restrictions eased. However, e-cycling can also be a form of exercise one can do at this time. Given the many health benefits of e-bikes, this technology can certainly be used to help boost one’s immune system and build resilience. For this, there is a variety of electric mountain bikes or city bikes with different modes of pedal support. You can adjust this feature to your preference, and change the level of pedaling ease to a lower mode if you want a more challenging ride.  


Electric Cycling and Its Positive Benefits to the Economy

As the world’s economy hangs by a thread, there is also a silver lining that can be seen. Although presented with challenges to get around the city, go to work, or to school, people have turned to e-cycling as a reliable option to fill the voids.

In Australia, there is an option for businesses to purchase e-bikes for their staff as an FBT exempt fringe benefit. This means that employees can be given access to an alternative so they can go to work, given the circumstance. This way, companies can also retain “quality staff who are healthy and productive”. Companies can now take advantage of this system, in order to stay on top of their business, and still be able to provide jobs for their staff now that they need it most.


Electric bikes parked on the side of the street


With small to big establishments shutting down, the electric bike industry has shown a promising turnout, which can lead to a better future for the trade. It is now more recognized for being the amazing and convenient transportation alternative that it always has been. According to the World Resources Institute, “cycling emerges as a resilient way to stay connected”. This shows that there is an impact made by e-bike store owners and patrons in this time of struggle.

With the help of affordable electric rideable, people are able to commit to their duties and economic responsibilities even when facing such crises.

Top Electric Mobility Equipment Brands You Can Consider

Aside from electric bikes, there are also other forms of transportation that one can opt for. There are also electric scooters that are getting popular these days. With its sleek and lightweight design, you can glide through any kind of traffic and get to your destination quicker than usual.


Man with a mask on an Electric Scooter


Hoverboards, which before seemed just fancy versions of skateboards, are now making waves in the e-ride industry as well.

Here are three of the best brands you can count on when looking for the best e-ride for you.

  • Kristall Electric Bikes- Kristall’s e-bikes might share the same aesthetics as your usual bicycle, but there’s more than what meets the eye when it comes to these sweet city bikes. This brand offers high-quality e-rides at such affordable prices. You can purchase your own ride from trusted online partners, and some of them are usually on sale.
  • Zero Electric Scooters- Riding comfort, amazing battery capacity, mind-blowing climbing power--Zero Electric Scooters tick all the boxes in every e-scooter enthusiast’s list. You can choose from their list of high-power scooters, and you will make one of your best investments that will still be solid for years (and miles) to come.
  • Segway- Segway is one of the few e-ride brands that has everything from electric kick-scooters to e-unicycles. This brand is tried and tested and has always made a point to provide customers with more convenient, eco-friendly, and fashionable means of travel. You will never go wrong once you decide o your very own Segway e-ride.

Where to Find the Best Value Electric Bikes

As opposed to what many electric bike stores and enthusiasts feared, the e-bike industry has seen a boom in sales it hasn’t seen in the last 10 years.  In Australia alone, the demand for such electric rideable has skyrocketed as more people saw it as a way to battle a prominent dilemma during this time. Thus, more people are now in search of more the most affordable e-bikes in the market today.

Online e-bike stores provide a plethora of electric mobility equipment such as folding bikes, vintage bikes, mountain bikes, e-scooters, unicycles, and more! All of these electric rides can be your partner in attending to your daily activities, at any given time.

E-Ride Solutions is one of the online e-bike stores in the Gold Coast who are still fully-operational during this period, and its staff is always ready to answer your queries.

They are an online retailer providing competitive prices on all their electric scooters, e-skate boards, e-bike products, electric unicycles, and various forms of mobility products. Their aim is to provide a memorable experience when you shop from their online store, by offering quality products with top-rated customer service.

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