E-Glide Electric Scooter

E-Glide Electric Scooters are loaded with unique features that guarantee you a safer, more comfortable, fun, and nifty riding! Made with customer satisfaction in mind, E-Glide has made sure that their e-scooters are functional and most of all, affordable.

These electric scooters are genius and are easily some of the e-scooters that have the most positive reviews online. They are definitely crowd favorites, and here are some of the reasons why!

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Why People Love E-Glide Electric Scooters 

E-Glide e-scooters are filled to the brim with features that the electric savvy will go crazy for. They are innovative electric scooters that are perfect for daily commutes, or even leisurely cruises in the weekend.

The E-Glide G60 Electric Scooter, for one, features puncture-resistant tubeless tyres, and a removable Panasonic battery for easier charging. You can leave the battery charging at home, and swap with an extra battery on the go! These “hot swappable” batteries provide endless versatility and convenience to the rider.

Moreover, electric scooters from E-Glide are equipped with a multi-throttle also known as “I-Sight”. This multi-throttle is designed for ease of operation, and so that the rider will have total control of his E-Glide.

Electric scooters from E-Glide also boast of a bult-in regenerative braking, and a quite but powerful 350W motor. This motor is highly-responsive, giving out the best performance and unadulterated riding pleasure.

Additionally, these compact electric scooters from E-Glide fold in seconds! They are built with a folding/ carrying mechanism for portability. Don’t worry though, they are constructed safe and sturdy, so you know that you are well-protected while riding!

These wonderful electric scooters are also fitted with reliable tubeless tyres and a deck wide enough to ensure the rider’s comfort and stability.

So, what else are you waiting for? Don’t be the last to discover the wonder of these amazing electric scooters from E-Glide. Get your very own from E-Ride Solutions today! 

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