Path Electric Skateboards

Looking for a new and exciting way to get to spice up your life? Look no more, you can skate your way throughout the day and avoid traffic jams with commuter electric skateboards! These fun and affordable e-skateboards are made for those who are looking for alternatives for faster travel, and an exciting new hobby for adrenaline junkies as well.

Path is one of the leading brands when it comes to all-terrain e-boards. If you want to know more about Path electric skateboards, then you can read on!

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Electric Skateboards by Path

Whether you are a beginner or an enthusiast, an e-skateboard from Path will be something you can definitely enjoy. Let’s look at 2 of the brands’ top-rated electric boards that might be your next good investment!   

The Weekend Warrior – this is the ultimate electric skateboard. From smooth roads to muddy hills, this all-terrain board is ready to tackle anything! With a speed of up to 55km/h, this board is made for adrenaline junkies. You’ll never even have to be late for work again! Make the most out of your riding experience in this durable but stylish electric skateboard.

The Commuter – as its name says so itself, this e-board is perfect for those who want to find a better way of commuting. This skateboard is the perfect combination of agility and speed, making it the perfect everyday ride for nay average Australian. The lightweight electric vehicle runs at a top speed of 40 km/h. Tackle the streets and beat your way out of traffic with this trusty electric skateboard from Path!

Buy Path Electric Skateboards in Australia

As one of the most trusted online e-skateboard stores in Australia, E-Ride Solutions has nothing but the best for our customers. This time, we have collaborated with Path in choosing some of their best electric skateboards and accessories that will complete your experience. Enjoy the more fun and convenient lifestyle with these high-quality off-road skateboards. Travel in style and add more adrenaline to your life! Choose your Path merchandise today!