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Pirez provide a warranty on all non-consumable products against manufacturing defects for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase or up to 5000km, whichever occurs first.

The warranty does not protect against wear and tear.

Non-consumable products include items such as bikes, motors and battery packs. This basically refers to anything that is not an excluded consumable item such as those listed below (refer to Section 3.3)

In the event of a valid warranty claim, Pirez will either repair, replace, exchange or in exceptional circumstances refund the item. 

For valid claims hereunder, we will pay for shipping costs to return the product to the customer.

Warranty Owner

Warranties are provided to the original purchaser of the product. Any product which hasn’t been sold by Pirez directly to the customer will not be covered under warranty.

Proof of purchase will be required by our service delivery team before a warranty claim is accepted. An original receipt of purchase is required to establish proof of purchase and warranty commencement date.

Serial numbers and identifiers on bikes, motors and batteries MUST match our customer purchase records. Customer identification may be requested to process a warranty claim.

Warranties are non-transferable.

Voided Warranty

Warranty may be voided if:

  • Items have been altered to other than the original state of purchase.
  • Incorrect or Improper assembly or maintenance has occurred by any parties not expressly authorised by Pirez.
  • Removal or defacing of any identification numbers, labels or seals.
  • The product is used in a manner that is not consistent with the intended use of the product.

Intended use means power-assisted pedal bicycle that is designed to be propelled solely by human power and has one or more auxiliary propulsion motors attached to assist the rider.

The primary driving force should be the rider and the motor is only intended to help the rider, such as when going uphill or cycling into a headwind, or to cycle at a speed they cannot maintain solely by pedalling.

Refurbished Products

All refurbished items are provided with a 6-month warranty period from the date of purchase.

All other warranty terms and conditions apply.

Warranty Exclusions

In general terms this warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship. It does not cover damage caused by the general use or riding of a bike.

All exclusions remain subject to inspection by the Pirez service delivery team.

This warranty specifically excludes damage caused by:

  • Misuse, neglect or physical abuse use of the product.
  • Improper installation, incorrect operation or not following the instructions as stated in the product operations manual or manufacturer's instructions provided with the product.
  • Improper storage of the bike, parts or batteries.
  • Incorrect or improper maintenance or failure to maintain and service the product.
  • Failure to clean or improper cleaning of the product.
  • Incorrect voltage or non-authorised electrical connections.
  • Improper charging of the battery pack or use of an incompatible charger.
  • Misuse or over-use of a throttle.
  • Adverse external conditions such as power failures and surges, thunderstorm activity, acts of God, acts of terrorism.
  • Fauna, such as dogs, vermin or insect infestation.
  • Exposure to excessive heat, cold, moisture or abnormally corrosive conditions.
  • Use of non-authorised, defective or incompatible parts.
  • Repairs, modifications or other work carried out on the product other than by Pirez authorised service technicians.
  • Any works conducted internally on motors or battery packs.
  • General wear and tear, such as worn parts, tyres and pedals
  • Commercial use.
  • Competitive use, stunt riding or similar activity
  • Any other act or circumstance beyond our control or force majeure.

It is incumbent upon the owner of the product items covered by this warranty to learn how to care for and safely operate any product item.

Inexperience or knowledge failure will not be accepted as a valid reason to afford a warranty claim.

Choosing to install conversion kits by yourself or by an unauthorised technician is done so at your own risk and any damage occurring during or as a result of the installation is not covered by warranty.

Excluded consumables

 The following items are considered consumables and therefore not covered under warranty:

  • Bearings
  • Brake and gear cables
  • Brake pads, shoes and rotors
  • Chains
  • Chainrings
  • Clutches
  • Drive gears
  • Driveshaft and rear axle
  • Handlebar Grips
  • Headsets
  • Lighting
  • Rear Cassette
  • Spokes
  • Suspension Components
  • Tyres
  • Tubes
  • Wheels

Commercial & competitive use

This warranty excludes products used for commercial use such as delivery or bike hire companies or any type of competition, racing or sporting event.

Should you be using your product for commercial or competitive use and any issues arise, Pirez will be more than happy to assist you to resolve any problems.

A small fee for labour and parts will likely be required as this is classified as non-warranty work.

Warranty Claims

If you believe you have a warranty claim please refer to the warranty specifications to ensure you are covered by the warranty parameters and not specifically excluded.

Also ensure that you have referred to the troubleshooting documents on the Pirez website to resolve your problem first.

Note: Any claim that is later determined to be invalid because it could have been resolved by the customer, may result in the customer incurring labour fees or being held liable for return delivery fees.

If you believe that your claim is valid in accordance with the criteria specified in this document, forward the following details to us as soon as possible and we will send you a Service Request Form via return email with instructions on how to lodge a claim.

Send details to: sales@pirez.com.au with the following information:

  • Customer Name
  • Order number
  • Purchase Date
  • Product
  • Reason for warranty claim
  • Video or Photographs that will help describe the fault

Customers are advised to provide video or photographs via email to assist any investigation and support their warranty claims.

Providing this data will expedite the investigation process and may assist our technical team to resolve the issue before you return the faulty item to us.

All items referred under a warranty claim will be inspected by our technical specialist team to ensure the claim is valid and conforms with the requirements specified by the warranty.

Customer Returns

Once a customer contacts Pirez in regard to a warranty claim, a preliminary investigation will be conducted, then if necessary, our service delivery team will send the customer a Service Request form with instructions to forward the suspect product item to Pirez for further investigation.

It still remains the responsibility of the customer to satisfy themselves that they have a valid claim under our warranty criteria before any product is returned to Pirez.

The customer MUST accept the risk that they will be liable for ANY costs incurred should the claim be deemed invalid.

All items for investigation must be returned to the Pirez Warehouse in Derrimut, Victoria.

If returning by mail, Pirez will reimburse standard postage costs, only if the claim is deemed valid under our warranty criteria.

Pirez will only reimburse the ‘standard’ mail cost. Any additional cost such as ‘express delivery’ costs will be borne by the customer.

For interstate or remote customers that prefer to have a warranty repair performed locally, Pirez will pay the local repairer for any parts that are covered under our warranty. A quote must however be provided to Pirez for authorisation before any works may commence. Any labour costs will be incurred by the customer, and we provide no guarantee or warranty for the works performed.

Any works performed by another service provider may also void any remaining warranty period.

Our aim here is to protect our customers from disreputable or inexperienced technicians that may cause more damage than good. Hence our preference to complete any works by our skilled experts.

The customer is also liable for any goods lost, damaged or missing in transit. Pirez only accept responsibility once we have received the item.

A valid tax invoice or receipt for the standard post costs will need to accompany the Service Request form before a reimbursement of fees is authorised.

Please note: Reimbursements may take up to 10 business days to process.

A Service Request form and a proof of purchase will be required when returning an item.

When returning items to Pirez they must be packaged appropriately to prevent any damage and ensure safe return.

For complete bike returns, customer should contact our sales delivery team to find an authorised dealer closest to the customer to package the bike for safe return to the Pirez warehouse.

Accessories or other parts should be returned in their entirety. That is, returned with all the associated components that were provided when purchased.

In addition:

  • Motors returned for repair must be accompanied with the displays and throttles.
  • Any passwords and keys should be provided.
  • Any batteries returned as part of a warranty claim should be charged to a minimum of 80%. This will help ensure a faster turnaround time. The associated battery charger should also be returned.

Valid Warranty Claims

If a warranty claim is deemed valid by our service delivery team, Pirez will either repair, replace, exchange or refund the product item.

Warranty repairs & replacements

If a warranty claim is deemed valid, Pirez will repair and/or replace the faulty item at our cost for both labour and parts. The repaired or replacment items will then be returned to the customer at our cost.

Any goods that Pirez agree to exchange or replace will not be dispatched until the original faulty goods have been received and inspected by Pirez.

If a bike part or accessory, such as a controller is replaced during the warranty period, the customer will receive a new 3-month warranty on that part. The 12-month warranty period does not restart on that part, unless the problem is a manufacturing fault.

Manufacturing faults are easily identified and generally noticed very early after purchase.

Warranty exchanges

In the unlikely event that we are unable to repair or replace a faulty part, Pirez will exchange the item for an equivalent part of equal value or provide a credit voucher for future use.

Warranty Refunds & Reimbursements

All refunds or reimbursements will be paid using the same method used by the customer to purchase the product/item or bank deposit.

This applies but is not limited to all payment types including credit card, EFTPOS, bank deposit, Zip money, Afterpay, Paypal, etc.

Where this is not possible our Service Delivery team will make other arrangements confirmed in writing prior to reimbursement.

Please note: Refunds may take up to 10 business days to process.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our warranty claim policy, please contact us via email at sales@pirez.com.au or telephone 0422 502 885.

Invalid Claims

For any item returned under a warranty claim which is deemed to be invalid by our technical specialists, the customer will be liable for return shipping fees and labour fees associated with the diagnostic investigation and any repair works conducted.

Any non-warranty work carried out by service team will require customer consent first. We will not repair/ replace any non-warranty products before customers approval.

Customers are fully liable for the cost of non-warranty work including and not limited to labour, parts and shipping.