Warranty - EVO

With the delivery of your Electric Scooter, where an Operations Manual is included, this Manual will form part of the Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Key Points to look for:
• Charging instructions
• Riding Instructions
• Safety Instructions

Normal Manufacturer’s Warranty:
• A standard 12 month manufacturer’s warranty applies to our Electric Scooters. • A standard 6 month manufacturer’s warranty on the Batteries within the Scooter.

Issues that will affect the warranty:
• These Electric Scooters are Not intended for Extreme or On Road Use.
• Do not ride your Electric Scooter in Wet or Icy Conditions (including Beach or Creeks etc)

The warranty will become void where there has been any;
• Misuse of the scooter; this may include but not limited to jumping up or down curbs, riding on stairs, dropping or crashing the scooter whether intentional or unintentional or riding through water.
• Modifications to the scooter without consent of the Manufacturer or the Distributor. This may include: Painting, Fabrication Modifications, Modification of the standard configuration/specifications of the scooter; this may include, replacement or addition of electrical components; performance devices, batteries, controllers, motors or any tampering with any of the Scooter Electrics.

Where the Scooters are delivered fully assembled, we would suggest that at sometime after your initial riding experience, with the tool kit supplied, that you check and tighten all nuts and bolts where possible.

Where assembly is being undertaken by Purchaser; we recommend that you follow the Assembly Instructions on the EVO website www.electricvehiclesoz.com.au these instructions should be of assistance and help to avoid any damage, this process may take about an hour, please take your time and follow instructions.

Warranties do not include; brake-pads, tyres, cables, etc.

Note 1: If you feel that there may be an issue with your scooter purchase, contact us or one of our resellers immediately.

Note 2: The Distributor is not responsible for the conduct of the rider

We recommend however that the rider of an Electric Scooter wear appropriate safety gear at all times while riding, this should include an approved Helmet that meets Australian Safety Standards, enclosed footwear, gloves and elbow and knee protection.