Warranty Italjet

ITALJET S.p.a. undertakes to provide legal guarantee to the buyer to cover defects in material and workmanship/inefficiencies, by means of the following services provided by the authorised management (dealer).


1 ITALJET S.p.a. undertakes, through its authorised dealer and for a period of 24

months from delivery of the vehicle to the end customer, to make good any faults occurring as a result of defects in material and workmanship, through the repair or replacement of the parts concerned, pursuant to the guarantee regulations.

2 Replacement of spare parts during the guarantee period does not extend the period of guarantee itself (which commences from the delivery of the vehicle).

3 The following are not covered by guarantee:

parts worn through normal use, abrasions caused by improper use.

Oxidation and corrosion are normally caused by environmental factors and are not covered by guarantee.

4 The purchaser forfeits all rights to the guarantee in the following:

tampering with the bicycle, changes to the reduction gear or addition of a secondary transmitter, installation of replacement parts without the authorisation of  ITALJET S.p.a..

The guarantee will also be rendered null and void in the event of tampering by personnel not from ITALJET S.p.a. as well as in cases of failure to respect the maintenance schedule at an authorised  ITALJET centre.

5 At the time of reading the general guarantee conditions, the purchaser must receive a properly completed service booklet.

6 The following table shows an overall view of the average wear and tear to different parts:


GUARANTEE AND SERVICE                                                                                   Pedelec Diablo


List of parts subject to wear                                                Wear limits


Tyres, inner tubes, caps                                 According to riding style, load and pressure.  The wear

                                                                        limit can be up to 500 km or less


Wheels, spokes, hub,                                      According to riding style, load and pressure.  The wear

                                                                        limit can be up to 500 km or less. Oxidation is caused by

                                                                        a lack of maintenance,


Fork                                                                 Check at each maintenance


Lighting, lamps, electric and electronic          According to road conditions/harsh surfaces, it can be

                                                                        reduced to a 500 km


Brake pads, disc brake                                    According to riding style and load, the duration can be

                                                                        reduced to as much as 500 km


Motor seals, fork and wheels                          According to the road conditions and maintenance,

                                                                        wear is possible after 500 km.  Pollution

                                                                        significantly reduces durability. Check at every

                                                                        maintenance intervention.  Do not clean with water jets

                                                                        or at high pressure!


Wheel bearings, steering bearings                 According to the road conditions and maintenance,

complete wear is possible after 500 km.  Dirty hubs can significantly reduce duration.  Check at every maintenance operation.  Do not clean with water jets

                                                                        or at high pressure!


Wiring, connectors, switches                          According to maintenance at 500 km.  Check at every

                                                                        maintenance operation.


Pedelec Diablo                                                                                   GUARANTEE AND SERVICE


List of parts subject to wear


Parts subject to wear                                                                       Wear limits


Chain cleaning and lubrication                                                           After 500 km and washing


Pinion, toothed gear, chain guides                                                     According to the road conditions and

                                                                                                            maintenance, wear is

                                                                                                            possible after 500 km.

Do not clean with water jets!  Check at each maintenance intervention.


Battery, fuse                                                                                        According to outdoor temperature

                                                                                                            and in case of malfunction, no more

                                                                                                            than six months, less for use on

                                                                                                            short routes.


Cable controls, brake cable                                                                According to use and maintenance,

                                                                                                            from the sixth month


Wheel gear                                                                                         According to maintenance,

                                                                                                            from the sixth month onwards


Self-locking nuts, cotter pins, threaded fastenings, washers At each maintenance intervention

                                                                                                            or whenever a nut or fuse is opened


Circuit components                                                                             According to riding style and load,

                                                                                                            these may be worn after 500 km