Warranty- Skywalker

Sky Walkers warrants its products and all parts there of ONLY TO THE ORIGINAL END-USER PURCHASER to be FREE FROM DEFECTIVE MATERIALS AND WORKMANSHIP for a period of TWELVE (12) MONTHS from date of purchase. The Sky Walkers twelve (12) month warranty does not apply if the Product: 
The modified or tampered with;
The product has been damaged by negligence, accident, mishandling, used with the incorrect, modified or extended power supply or has not been operated in accordance with the procedures described in the operating and technical instructions. Warranty is expired or not covered.
Warranty or serial label is altered, removed or not compliant with the product.
Failures due to unauthorised disassembly, repair modification. Adaptations or accessories other than those manufactured or provided by the Manufacturer have been made or attached to the equipment, which in the determination of the Manufacturer, shall have affected the performance, safety of reliability of the equipment; or the equipment’s original serial number has been modified or removed.
Unexpected damages due to user’s liabilities including but not limited to heavy vibration, abrasion, collision or oxidation.
Damages during loading and transportation from transportation services;
Physical damages caused by use.
Damages caused by wetting the product;
Wear and tear on vulnerable components such as wheels, tyres, or battery lifespan.
Other damages or failures due to problems not related to product design, technology, manufacturing or quality control.
Unauthorised disassembly of the product will void the warranty
Is repaired, modified or altered by anyone other than Sky Walkers