6 Reasons Why You Should Ride an Electric Cargo Bike

You might have seen them somewhere—the two-wheeled bicycles extended with carts for additional storage. Also known as freight bikes, cargo bikes have been around for quite some time, often aiding in package deliveries. However, times have changed for the vehicle. Innovations have led to the development of Electric Cargo Bikes, which are becoming superstars on the streets.


Light blue electric cargo bike in the middle of the desert


As more Australian riders recognize the many benefits of going electric, they have also tapped on the benefits electric cargo bikes offer. In fact, there have been studies that dub the cargo electric bike as a solution to new challenges, and cleaner and faster alternatives to cars and even delivery vans.

All that being said, we were compelled to write an article about the reasons why you should ride a cargo electric bike. You might not know it yet, but an e-cargo bike might be what you need to achieve a more convenient lifestyle!


What is an Electric Cargo Bike?

Electric cargo bikes are electric bikes that are made to load luggage, goods, pets, and other items that usually wouldn’t fit in a normal e-bike. Their extended frames help the rider carry a larger, heavier cargo even with just two wheels.

Cargo electric bikes come in two types. One is the front-loader bike, also referred to as “bakfeit” or long johns. The “bakfeit” is a configuration that originated from the Netherlands. This type of electric cargo bike has its cargo box suspended between the rider and the front wheel. Its cargo box may also appear in the form of a large bucket.


brown cargo bakfeit bike


Another type of cargo electric bike configuration is the longtail. This layout features a frame that extends at the rear end, allowing the rider to fit cargo boxes, trailers, and other attachments. These rear racks are often strong enough to accommodate one adult or two children.


dad and his kids on a longtail cargo bike


A solution to new challenges, electric cargo bikes have become popular replacements to cars especially among those who are in the business of food and goods delivery. It was proven to be a faster and more cost-effective means to travel. You don’t just save time and energy; you save money too!


Reasons Why You Should Ride an Electric Cargo Bike

If you are reading this article, then admit it, you might be considering switching your car to an electric ride (in this case, an electric cargo bike). With more and more people all over Australia embracing e-biking these days, the electric bike industry became a fast-growing tranche in the bike market.

This is understandable, though, as electric bikes offer benefits that a gas-powered car won’t. The electric cargo bike, for one, is the perfect example of the e-assist technology that e-bikes boast of.


Eunorao G20 Plus Cargo Electric Bike


Its powerful but compact motor makes it easier to carry the e-bikes heavy load. This allows the rider to enjoy a sweat-free ride, while shortening the time needed to travel.     

Now, we know you’re not quite satisfied with these yet! This time, we’re listing down six more reasons why you should switch to an electric cargo bike.


  1. An electric cargo bike moves people, literally. By this, we mean that an e-cargo bike is able to carry an adult passenger, or even two kids in one ride. As we have mentioned earlier, a longtail electric cargo bike has a rear rack that can carry attachments like seats or trailers for passengers. There are electric cargo bikes for sale with a max weight that can range from 130kg up to 400kg. That’s definitely enough weight to throw in a toddler or two! Not only can an electric cargo bike accommodate people, it can move pets, too!


  1. It’s environmentally friendly, and helps fight congestion and pollution. Being eco-friendly is probably the electric bike’s strongest point. As a segment of that industry, the electric cargo bike shares the same benefit. Noise and air pollution are common problems in urban districts, and also mostly caused by heavy traffic. Replacing a car with one e-cargo bike can save 5 tons of carbon emission per year.

Not only that, a cargo electric bike only takes up 5% of the materials and energy used in making cars. Because it is faster and can be ridden on pathways, riding an electric cargo bike can help in alleviating urban traffic.


  1. It makes transport more accessible. Three-wheeled cargo electric bikes, or electric trikes are often used by seniors, and those with limited abilities. Through the use of a e-cargo bike, these people aren’t only able to get from point A to point B, they are also able to live their daily lives like an average person would.

With an electric cargo bike, they can easily travel to their workplace, markets, social gatherings, and more. This boosts their confidence, and allows them to spend each day as productively as they want or need to. All of these are possible, without the need of a driver’s licence!


  1. An electric cargo bike is a cost-effective investment. With a price much cheaper than a car’s, an e-cargo bike is an investment that is profitable and cost-saving. It requires less maintenance and repair cost, hardly any fuel cost, and lower insurance cost. Not only that, you can see a return of investment when you utilize it for your business or other profit-earning activities.
black electric cargo bike with white background


  1. It improves one’s physical and mental health. It’s not new information that cycling is a good source of cardio exercise. Some electric cargo bikes like the Eunorau MAX Cargo Electric Bike can be used for off-roads, and give the rider the physical activity he needs. Not only that, cycling is also known to be helpful in clearing one’s mind. With an off-road electric cargo bike, one can enjoy the outdoors and relax before he tackles another day or week of hard work.


  1. Electric cargo bikes help businesses, big and small. For the past few years, many businesses have adapted cargo bikes in doing their businesses. Big courier companies have also began using them in safely delivering their parcels within the city. However, the dawn of electric cargo bikes has made deliveries easier and faster, cutting more time and adding more to their profit.


Not only that, some bigger electric cargo bikes can be customized by adding food, coffee, or ice cream carts. It has definitely help small start-ups reinvent their businesses with low-starting capitals.  


Electric Cargo Bikes: The Future of Mobility

Electric cargo bikes are proving to be very useful and versatile electric rides, not only for individuals, but for business owners as well. Their economic viability is one of the reasons why they are viewed as the future of business and mobility. One example of this is how the sharing economy has thrived over the years, as bike sharing companies tapped into the potential of mobility equipment like cargo electric bikes.


man and woman smiling riding electric bikes


Not only that, e-cargo bikes also play a crucial role in promoting safer and greener streets all over the world. As the years pass by, cities can transition into sustainable transportation means like electric cargo bikes. This way, we can lessen our carbon foot prints, all while still able to safely go about our daily activities.


Buy Electric Cargo Bikes in Australia

Australia is one of the leading countries when it comes to utilizing electric cargo bikes. Because of this demand, many manufacturers and online electric ride distributors like E-Ride Solutions have made it a point to make the e-ride more accessible.

Carrying brands like Eunorau, Kristall and Eurowheel, E-Ride Solutions offers quality but affordable electric cargo bikes that fit the needs of every Australian. From cargo bikes that can load your essentials, take you off-roads, or simply make traveling easier, we have it.


E-Ride Solutions Australia


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