Solax Mobility Scooters

If you’re looking for a functional and trusty mobility companion, then the Solax Mobility Scooters are for you. Ever since it its establishment, the team from Solax has dedicated their time and effort to make the most out of assisted living, helping seniors and those with limited abilities to live their lives to the fullest.

  As a major player in the mobility industry, they offer nothing but the best electric mobility scooters, at a wide price range. Their models such as the Mobie, Genie, and Maleta are very well sought-after and have set high standards when it comes to personal mobility equipment.

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11 products

What are Electric Mobility Scooters?

A mobility scooter is a mobility aid that builds a resemblance to a wheelchair. These equipment are configured like electric scooters, but with the addition of elevated seats, three to five wheels. It is also commonly known as a “power wheelchair”.

Because of its ease of operation and convenient functions, a mobility scooter is known for boosting one’s confidence and independence. Unlike manual wheelchairs, the user of a personal mobility scooter is able to operate the ride on its own, and can even take it with them on a holiday or a trip.

Moreover, this electric ride allows one with limited abilities to enjoy things others do on a daily basis. It helps them go to work, run errands, engage in sports and other social activities, and many more! With a mobility scooter, the possibilities are endless. Most consider purchasing one life-changing, and we could not agree more.

Buy Solax Mobility Scooters in Australia

As trusted NDIS providers, E-Ride Solutions aims to provide nothing but the best for our customers with special needs. This is why we made it a point to carry electric mobility scooter brands like Solax, and make it accessible for those who need it. 

If you’re looking for the best companion for assisted living, then feel free to browse our gallery of Solax Mobility Scooters!    

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