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Epic has been in the electric skateboard business since 2013, providing some of the best innovations that came later on throughout the years with the help of its founder Adam Riley. A continuous line of some of the best electric skateboards have come around and some of the best can be found on the market. Boards with both performance and style are what Epic has been best at making, which you can find in our listings.

Choose between the different electric boards we have to best suit your preferences when it comes to either on-road or off-road rides, and even both. From the Epic Dominater 4000 Pro Plus up to the Epic Racer Carbon Dual Pro, we have some of the best choices you can find. Take on a whole new riding experience that allows you to glide around on some of the fasting and best all-terrain electric skateboards ever made.

Check out the e-boards we have now which include the Epic Racer Pro 3200, the Epic Racer 3200 Carbon Dual Pro and the Epic Dominater 4000 Pro Plus.

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3 products