Safety & The Law

At E-Ride Solutions we aim to provide our customers with the ultimate fun experience with the highest safety level possible. We do our best to make sure that our products are compliant to the Australian and/or the international safety standards. This includes our collections of electric scooters, electric skateboards, and electric bikes

Road and traffic rules may differ from state to state. You should check  with your relevant traffic authority for your own and other people's safety and to avoid breaking the rules.

According to the Australian Road Rules (unless changed in later versions), the following should be taken in consideration by this site products purchasers, users or guardians of users while reading the safety instructions in this page:

  • The term "product", "device", "vehicle" or "equipment" used in this page refers to any of the products merchandised on or purchased from E-Ride Solutions online store which can fit into one of the following categories in the Australian Road Rules:
    • wheeled recreational device
    • wheeled toy (only when used by a child under 12 years)
    • motorised scooter
    • scooter (if non-motorised or when the maximum motor power in less than 200w and is not capable of going faster that 25 Kph)
  • For the Australian Road Rules, a person in or on a wheeled recreational device or wheeled toy is a pedestrian, not a rider (Devision 2 - Note 1)
  • Rules that apply to users of wheeled recreational devices also apply to users of motorised scooters (Devision 2 -Note 3)
  • Users of motor bike are referred to as Riders (Rule 17)

Do not ride or use any product purchased from E-Ride Solutions unless you and your guardian (if you are a minor and/or have a guardian) carefully read and follow the following instructions:

  • For state laws on electric scooters please visit here.
  • Before using Devices merchandised on E Ride Solutions in public places, carefully read and follow the Australian Road Rules The laws that relate to skateboards and scooters apply within Part 14 (Rules for pedestrians) of the Australian Road Rules. Part 14 – Division 1 is about pedestrian laws. Division 2 relates to pedestrians of wheeled recreational devices with a motor 200watts or less.and/or any other updated version. These rules/guides form the basis of Road Rules of each Australian state and territory. For the most part, each state and territory has copied the Rules into their own laws, however, not every provision of the Rules has been copied exactly in each state and territory. Also, there are a number of provisions in the Rules that specifically leave certain matters to state and territory governments to determine. To find out what rules apply in your state or territory or to obtain a copy, contact your state or territory road transport agency.

  • ALWAYS wear a suitable helmet, appropriate footwear, wrist, knee and elbow pads when riding/using the product.

  • Your device can lose brakes and power during your ride at any time due to low battery on the vehicle or remote. It's best to ride your board at speeds at which you are comfortable and safe without power or brakes.

  • ALWAYS obey and check the local road rules in your area for where you can ride and do not ride on busy roads with line markings.

  • Although your device may reach very high speed, ALWAYS ride at a safe speed (up to 25 Kph) maintaining full control over the device at all times.

  • Avoid uneven surfaces, potholes, surface cracks and obstacles.

  • The products have high power and children/teenagers under 16 years are to be supervised at all the time while using any of them, and some products are not recommended for children under 12 years.

  • NEVER ride the device if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • Riding in wet conditions is very dangerous. Do not ride the product in wet conditions as it may slide from under your feet causing injury or you may lose control over your device.

  • ALWAYS respect pedestrians and ride your device around them with the upmost care.

  • Read and follow the product user manual and manufacturer instructions and recommendations carefully before use. 

  • Always check and maintain your device before use, for example bu not limited to: check all screws/nuts throughout the device are tight regularly, clean the bearings for best roll and quietest/smoothest ride (including the bearing in the drive gear) as bearings get dirty and effect ride quality and may reduce battery performance and cause possible bearing failure, make sure that your device and hand control batteries are charged, make sure that pedal/foot part is not slippery.

  • Do not jump on the device, do not ride off gutters or curbs, do not smash the board into hard objects, and do not drop the board on the ground for starting operation. All these actions are very dangerous and may cause injury or death. Although the products have been made to handle rigorous riding, they are still electrical devices and need to be handled with care and respect.

  • Riding on hills can be very dangerous and we do not recommend it. So if you ride up an insanely steep hill and you intend to ride down this same hill, this is extremely dangerous and you must know how to control your speed without the use of the electric brakes if ever there was a malfunction or there was a situation where the brakes fail.

  • Use your device only during daylight hours.

  • While riding, keep to the left of the road or the footpath.

  • NEVER ride in roads or footpaths signposted as no wheeled toys or wheeled recreational device allowed.

  • Our products CANNOT be towed by a car, nor can a user/rider hold onto a car if it is moving. A product user also cannot travel within 2m of a car continuously for any distance over 200m.

  • Always check your device making sure it's not overheated, especially in hot weather.

  • Do not ride in very hot weather (40°C or higher).