Progear Electric Bikes

Progear has provided the Australian Market with different types of affordable electric bikes for over 20 years, including electric city bikes, electric mountain bikes, electric trike bikes, and more. There will always be the right bike for whatever purpose you need it for and Progear provides some of the best leisurely rides you can find. The right bike is always available whether it's for commuting or for having fun.

With some of the finest parts and best manufacturing out there, Progear e-bikes do not only look amazing, but they also ride excellently in even some of the harshest conditions. One of the best ways to get around as well as cut down on costs is to use an electric bike and choosing a Progear electric bike of your preference will surely make a difference in your everyday life.

Check out our list of Progear Electric Bikes now and you can soon find the one that best suits you for your everyday eco-friendly riding.

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