Freedom Electric Mobility Scooters

Introducing the best mobility scooters in the Australian market! Freedom Mobility Scooters are functional personal mobility equipment that gives freedom to seniors and those with limited abilities. Their designs are made with customer satisfaction and their needs in mind. With electric mobility scooters that are easy to dismantle and extremely maneuverable, Freedom Electric Mobility Scooters are portable and versatile.

These compact mobility electric scooters are making waves in the industry nowadays. Let’s find out why!

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3 products

Compact Mobility Scooters from Freedom

With more establishments becoming aware of mobility scooters, Freedom have designed their powers scooters to be compact. These electric rideables for the elderly and the disabled are able to fit in the smallest and tightest of environments.

Models like the Freedom Lunar S4 Mobility Scooter has brought a new meaning to freedom and mobility. This type of electric mobility scooter quickly and easily dismantles in 4 lightweight pieces for convenient transport and storage. It also boasts of a smooth, effortless handling and ride. Freedom Electric Mobility Scooters also have infinitely adjustable tillers that allows the user to be in total control of the ride. This feature gives them a sense of independence that regular wheelchairs may not be able to give them.

Just like other electric rideable products, Freedom Mobility Scooters are equipped with parts and features that enhance the user’s lifestyle. These include a manual free-wheel, a rear suspension that provides stability, ergonomic swivel chairs, and a front basket for additional storage. These features make electric mobility scooters from Freedom perfect daily companions.

Moreover, they also boast of speeds and ranges that are enough to get you from point A to point B, a leisurely stroll at the park, or your usual grocery run. These functional power scooters also come in various colors that will fit your aesthetic.

If you are looking for the perfect beginner electric mobility scooter, then one from Freedom is perfect for you! Get yours from E-Ride Solutions today!