Electric Skateboards

Tired of being stuck in city traffic during your daily commute? More and more people are ditching their cars on making their way to work nowadays! We are living in the dawn of electric ride-ables, and the e-skateboard is just one of them. Electric skateboards are a quick, eco-friendly and cost-efficient alternative transportation for city dwellers.

Unlike a traditional skateboard, this innovative e-ride utilizes electric power to operate. Therefore, it can be assumed that there are certain features to the e-skateboard that a manual one might not have. It is also worth mentioning that these lightweight mobility skateboards have benefits that can positively affect an individual’s everyday life.

Benefits of an Electric Skateboard

Just like electric bikes and scooters, e-skateboards are known for their practical benefits. These high-tech innovations definitely gave new meaning to simple kickboards, turning them into highly-capable, and portable modes of transportation.

Here are some benefits of an electric skateboard that are worth noting.

  • It has a faster speed. Unlike the traditional ones, an electric skateboard can have a max speed of up to 42km/h. This means that it’s easier for it to swerve through traffic, over hills, and across flat surfaces. This feature lessens your travel time, therefore allowing you to get to your destination faster than usual.
  • It’s a very economical ride. Because an e-scooter runs on battery power, you actually save a lot from gas money. These boards are designed to take you farther than the usual skateboards. When you think your board is running low, you can just plug it in and charge it for at least 3 hours, and you can ride it for hours again.
  • An E-skateboard can help improve your health. It is a known fact that skateboarding has health-enhancing effects. Riding an e-skateboard can boost your overall strength, improve your balance, and allow your hands to move more while balancing on the board.
  • It is environment-friendly. This is definitely one of the biggest take-aways in every kind of e-ride. Whether you know it or not, switching to an electric skateboard actually allows you to conserve the environment. It doesn’t burn fossil fuels and make zero emissions. It’s definitely a must-have for those who are looking to live a greener life.    

Buy Electric Scooters in Australia

Whether you are a newbie or an aficionado, E-Ride Solutions can give you some of the top electric scooters available in Australia. We are proud dealers of the best value e-scooters that will definitely sweep you off your feet. So, what are you waiting for? Get rid of your car, hop on your own e-skateboard, and enjoy the ride! Feel free to browse through our brands of the best electric skateboard in the market!

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