Kush Electric Scooters

Kush Electric has one goal and that is to re-invent the personal transport industry with creative cutting-edge technology. The Queensland-based electric rideable distributor is known for its designs like the Kush Mini Steezer Electric Scooter that introduces a new way of enjoying one’s day-to-day journey.

Kush specializes in fat tire electric scooters like the Mini Steezer, and they take pride in it. They are prime distributors of top-grade electric rideable products that feature customer-centered designs and mechanisms. Let’s look at some of the characteristics of their big wheel electric scooters consumers can’t get enough of!   

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Why Buy Electric Scooters by from Kush?

There is no denying the countless benefits one could get from owning an electric scooter. However, an emerging design in the electric rideable industry, the fat wheel electric scooters, are posing some promising pros as well. The R&D team from Kush Electronics has definitely taken some notes and equipped their models with it.

Now, let’s take a look at the promising advantages!  

  1. They are made to endure all types of terrain and weather conditions. Their fatter and sturdier wheels make them more adaptable to any kind of path and situations. You can take them on a stroll at the beach, ride through the snow or hilly areas, and they will still serve you well. They’re definitely the SUVs of the electric scooter family.
  2. They give you more comfort and stability. These electric scooters’ tires have more contact on the road or the path you’re riding on, giving the rider more stability and grip. These fat tires are also equipped with a suspension system inside, adding comfort for the rider’s benefit.
  3. These electric scooters are generally safer to ride. If you are all about safety and comfort, then a big wheel electric scooter from Kush is definitely for you. Their wheels have anti-slip properties, capable of absorbing sudden jerks and vibrations, and have better flotation properties. These e-scooters are also heavier than the regular electric scooter, which makes them more stable to ride.

These electric scooters may not be foldable or as portable as regular e-scooters, but they can definitely be an everyday companion that will enhance your lifestyle and riding experience. They are all-in-one packages that will take you anywhere, anytime you need or want!

Convinced on buying your very first Kush Electric Scooter? Get yours now at E-Ride Solutions! We will be more than happy to assist you on your first purchase! For more information on other electric rideable products, visit our website www.eridesolutions.com.au