Electric Mobility Scooters and Wheelchair Attachments

Technology has made people live better ever since, and when it comes to those with limited mobility, e-rideables have made life simpler.

If you have disabilities that hinder you from moving around or cannot spend too much energy on physical activities, a mobility scooter is the perfect electric ride for you.

Not only are these rides convenient for those with disabilities or limited movement, but there are also different types that you can choose from that suit your needs.

Say goodbye to the impossible because we have a wide selection of mobility rides that you can choose from to make your life more comfortable, which is only a few clicks away.

To find out more about mobility wheelchairs and scooters, you can scroll down below our products to know more.

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Types of Personal Mobility Equipment

Gone are the days when specialized mobility equipment is limited only to wheelchairs. These days, our brothers and sisters with special needs, and even senior citizens are able to choose from much more innovative and convenient equipment to help them every day. In this section, we will take a closer look at 3 of them.

  • Mobility ScootersUnlike the usual electric scooter, a mobility scooter is an equipment that’s much more suitable for those with disabilities and the elderly. These specialized electric scooters come with comfortable seats, carrier baskets, and are equipped with the latest technology that makes independence possible. Unlike the old wheelchairs, mobility scooters also offer faster speed and easier operation. There’s no need for someone else to push the equipment, or to kick it off their foot to make it move. The rider can just sit back and relax while enjoying the ride!
  • Electric Wheelchairs -This mobility equipment is an upgraded version of your traditional wheelchair. Just like Electric mobility scooters, an e-wheelchair utilizes battery and motor power to operate. This feature, again, increases the sense of independence of its owner. This kind of mobility equipment also usually comes with smart and stylish designs, thus boosting the confidence of anyone who rides in it. It is even more lightweight and compact than the traditional wheelchair, and can even fit in the smallest car boot.
  • Wheelchair AttachmentsEasily convert your manual wheelchair to an electric one by means of electric wheelchair attachments. These power add-ons are battery-operated and come with an LED display that shows your average speed and distance traveled. It can also be used to adjust your wheelchair’s speed level with several speed modes. Overall, it’s a powerful attachment that turns simple mobility equipment to a more reliable and convenient one.

Buy Electric Mobility Equipment in Australia   

As proud NDIS providers in Australia, one of our goals here at E-Ride Solutions is to provide our elderly and special needs customers with the mobility equipment they deserve. We will be more than happy to assist you in choosing the perfect equipment. Get one of the electric mobility products we offer below for comfort and convenience for you or your loved ones!

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