Electric Ride Accessories

Accessories can play a huge part in safety and customization when it comes to electric rides or any vehicle for the matter of fact.

There are several ways to customize your e-ride, such as installing bags, headlights, tail lights and many more attachments that provide convenience.

Helmets are important for safety and can even provide you with comfort while racks and locks can ensure your electric rideable is safely tucked away.

Check out the accessories that we have in store for you, and you, too, can make your ride smooth, safe, and stylish.

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31 products

31 products

E-Ride Accessories and Why You Should Buy Them

Aside from looking cool and visually pleasing, your electric ride’s accessories can also provide you with added safety and protection. Various attachments are also available for more convenience. In case you’re looking for an accessory that will complete your riding experience, then we can recommend some things that you might like!

  • Helmets – these accessories are definitely a given when riding any open-air vehicles, electric or not. They protect your head from serious injury in case an unfortunate accident happens. However, there are those like vintage electric bike enthusiasts who also purchase vintage style helmets to complete their aesthetic.
  • Phone Holders – these days, smartphones are clearly a must-have wherever we go. When you ride an e-bike or an e-scooter, there’s no need to worry about where to keep your phone because phone holders will do the work for you. This attachment provides convenience for your travel.
  • Rear Tail Lights – riding Australian trails and roads at night might be dangerous for some, but not if you’re equipped with the right gear. An e-bike LED rear tail light will not only help you light your way, but also give signals to your surrounding especially when switching lanes, slowing down, or coming to a stop.
  • E-Bike and E-Scooter Locks – admit it, as an electric bike or scooter owner, you sometimes get paranoid about leaving your e-ride for hours in parking lots. Fortunately, chain bike locks and scooter cable locks are there to ease your mind. Protect your beloved electric mobility equipment with these useful accessories for the years to come.
  • Bike Trailer Stroller – if you are a parent who wants to take your little one to a bike ride, then an e-bike trailer stroller is the best accessory for you. This is very practical as it doesn’t just allow you to take your child when you have an errand to run, you can also create memories with him along the way. Just make sure that the stroller is tightly attached, and you’re good to go!

There are more electric ride accessories that can complete your riding experience, you just have to find the best online store that can provide it!

Buy E-Ride Accessories in Australia

 As with all the electric rides we offer, E-Ride Solutions houses nothing but the best attachments and add-ons for your electric mobility equipment. With a plethora of accessories to offer, we can definitely make your e-riding experience comfortable and safe always! Feel free to check out our gallery of helmets, light indicators, bags, racks and carriers as well as trailers that are definitely worth the purchase.

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