A Buyer’s Guide on The Best Types of Kids Electric Bikes

Kids are very imaginative by nature. Give them a simple item, like a hair brush or a TV’s remote control, and they would probably come up with a hundred ways to have fun with it! However, as they grow older, parents must be more particular with the toys they give their kids.

Playing has a crucial role in a kid’s growth. It is essential in their mental, physical, and social development. Knowing the right kinds of toys to give them will help greatly in their well-being, while keeping them safe and entertained.



While some parents rely on gadget screen time to keep their children occupied, there are still those who expose their kids to exciting ways to play outside. Kids electric bikes, for one, have become popular among parents who seek for a new kind of adventure for their kids. These electric bikes for kids have become fool-proof ways to get their children to play outdoors, letting them enjoy and learn new things under the sun.


What are Kids Electric Bikes?

From the name itself, kids’ electric bikes are miniature versions of the electric bikes adults use. Just like an adult’s electric bike in Australia, most of these e-bikes for kids use the pedelec system to operate. This means that they are equipped with battery-powered electric motors that are activated when you pedal.


electric bike for kids


In Australia, electric bikes for kids should also follow the legal speed and assistance limit which is 25 km/h. Kids electric bikes generally have smaller frames than the adult ones. They also have less powerful motors and lower-capacity batteries. They are also lighter compared to adult bikes, ensuring that kids can easily maneuver and carry them, if needed.

Kids electric bikes come in different types—the kids electric balance bike, kids electric quad bike, kids electric dirt bike, and kids electric tricycle. There are also kids’ electric ride-ons that allow them to experience riding luxury car brands. Although these electric rideables for kids feature similar mechanism, they still in differ in various aspects.        

That’s what we will talk about next!


Different Kinds of Kids Electric Bikes

Kids Electric Balance Bikes

While trikes and training wheels are popular options for teaching kids how to ride a bike, electric balance bikes are just as effective too! Kids electric balance bikes have been around for some time, initially gaining popularity in European countries like Holland. These days, parents and caregivers from different parts of the globe have relied on these balance bikes to get the little ones moving.

Kids electric balance bikes are low bikes that have no pedals. They are designed to help toddlers practice coordination and balance before fully moving on to bigger electric bikes. Children who are as young as 2 can ride an electric balance bike, as long as they are supervised by an adult or two.


electric balance bikes for kids


The electric balance bikes for kids, often called gliders, is a good start for kids to practice steering and balancing. Once these skills are developed and have become more stable, they would have a smoother transition into riding electric bikes for kids that have pedals.


Kids Electric Quad Bikes

This next type of electric rideable for kids is a fun, powered version of convincing your kids to play outside. The four-wheeled kids electric bike are similar to the exciting ATVs we ride for recreation. Kids electric quad bikes are battery-powered, and are considered safer and more economical than their petrol-powered counterparts.

Unlike petrol quad bikes, kids electric quad bikes are quieter and produce less pollution. They are easy to charge, which means that parents wouldn’t need to worry about refueling the ride. This also means less cost for everyone!


electric quad bikes for kids


Kids as young as 2 can start riding electric quad bikes. There are kids quad bikes that are specially designed for toddlers, which feature supportive seating suitable for younger kids. Older kids can enjoy 12V electric quad bikes, since they have better coordination and are able to handle more powerful rides by that age.

There are also kids electric quad bikes that offer more features and control. Kids aged 8-14 may enjoy quad bikes that are 24v to 36v. These powerful bikes may come with 1000w motors, and may not be allowed to be taken for a spin in public places. However, kids can always enjoy them off-road, r in private properties.


Kids Electric Tricycles

Not all kids are physically-able to ride electric balance bikes, quad bikes, or the conventional two-wheel bike, for that matter. This is why kids electric bike manufacturers have also made it a point to create electric trikes for kids who might have any disability, like balance problems, for example.

A kids electric trike, just like its adult counterpart, has three wheels for improved balance and stability. They come with pedal support, and some can be customized with backrest support or a push bar.

Similarly, electric trikes for kids can be used by toddlers who are beginning to learn how to ride their bikes. The stability and balance offered by these electric trikes can make it easier for every child to enjoy their time outside.  


Kids Electric Dirt Bikes

Electric dirt bikes for kids are designed especially for children who are adventurous at heart. They are exciting electric bikes for kids that may develop their love for extreme sports. Kids electric dirt bikes are scaled down version of the big dirt bikes we usually see. They can come at a top speed of 22km/h.


kids electric dirt bikes


Kids electric dirt bikes are cheaper than fuel-powered ones. They are perfect for off-road rides, and can determine how much your young one is interested in motocross riding. These electric rides may look riskier and more exciting than the other types, but you can be sure that these bikes are made safe for children to enjoy.


Benefits of Riding Kids Electric Bikes

Now that you have an idea of the different types of kids electric bikes, let’s take a look of some of the advantages and benefits of riding!

  1. It boosts a kid’s confidence. As we have mentioned earlier, playing has a crucial role in a kid’s growth and development. With their very own kids electric bicycle, they develop confidence not just physically, but mentally as well. They will have a sense of independence, and thus become more confident in doing things on their own.

    kid riding electric bike for kids at a park

  2. They learn to appreciate become nature. As restrictions from the pandemic start to ease, children are now slowly allowed to go out, at least in open spaces. When they have their own electric bike, they can appreciate the outdoors, which they weren’t able to do so in the past year. This will also give them less time in front of the TV or their gadgets.

  3. Kids get their much-needed exercise. Just like other outdoor sports, kids’ electric bikes can serve as exercise for kids. They are encouraged to move their bodies, play with other kids, or even their parents. Keeping your kids physically active will have a positive effect not just on their health, but on their attitude and outlook in life as well.

  4. It promotes discipline and safety. Teaching kids how to obey by the basic rules of riding a bike is a good start to making them responsible bike owners in the future. Parents can set simple regulations like making sure they are fully-equipped with safety gears before riding. This can also be a good start for educating them about the dos and don’ts of riding their electric bike in public. This way, kids will grow up knowing how to ride their electric bikes safely and responsibly.

  5. Parents can spend more time with their kids. Spending quality time with your kids is one of the most essential parts of being a parent. When they have their own kids’ electric bikes, parents and children can enjoy long rides outdoors, allowing them to spend a fun time together. This will help create memories your kid will cherish until they are older. The things that you will share along the way may even be passed to the next generations!

mother and kid with electric bike


Kids Electric Bikes from E-Ride Solutions

Sure enough, kids electric bikes can provide a lot of fun and excitement for our kids. But, at the end of the day, their safety is still what matter the most. Here in E-Ride Solutions, we offer electric bikes and ride ons for kids that are safe and fun!



We have partnered with brands like Bolzzen, Wired Bikes, and Go Skitz to make sure that we offer only the best and most affordable kids electric bikes in the Australian market. We believe that giving kids the chance to enjoy their childhood to the fullest is something they will be grateful for in the future!

So, what are you waiting for? If you are convinced to get your child their first electric bike, you can choose from our collection of kids electric rideables. You can also visit our website at www.eridesolutions.com.au for more information!

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