All Terrain VS. Street: Which Electric Skateboard is for You?

Electric skateboards have been making a buzz recently. With features such as speed, functionality, and portability, they have become a favorite, especially among the younger generation.

If you are in search of an alternate mode of transportation, a new hobby, or something to keep you entertained during your days off, an electric skateboard is one of the best options.


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Now, you might already have an idea about e-skateboards and have one question in mind: What’s the difference between an all-terrain electric skateboard and a street skateboard?

That’s what we will answer in this article, so you might want to read on!


How Do Electric Skateboards Work?

Before we delve into the differences between off-road and street e-boards, let us first get into the basics. Remember that before buying an electric skateboard, also known as the esk8, you must first have an idea of how the whole thing works.

  • Motors

Looking at it from afar, an electric skateboard looks similar to a normal skateboard—a long board with four wheels. However, how an electric skateboard works is totally different from its manual counterpart.

An electric skateboard is powered by small motors that drive its wheels, as opposed to how a skateboard is set to motion by a foot pushing off the ground.

Most e-boards have two motorised wheels, but some have all four. The motors are usually located on the rear wheels.

They also have batteries that serve as energy storage which provides electricity to the motors.

  • Speed

The speed and direction of an electric skateboard are controlled through a wireless remote. This remote will also let the rider control the brakes, allowing them to customize their ride as they please.

This remote is also known as the Electric Speed Controller (ESC). It regulates the amount of power the battery gives the motors. This is done through data processing in a built-in computer.

The computer is connected to the battery, motors, and Bluetooth receiver.

  • Balance

Balancing on an electric skateboard isn’t that different than on a manual skateboard. One would still have to use their weight to stay upright and control their balance on the board. They should also maintain the right posture when riding.

However, there’s no need to balance with one leg and push the board off with one foot to set an e-skateboard in motion. A rider would just need to be mindful of their stops and starts, as it could lead to a bumpy ride when you start off on the wrong foot.

  • Other Parts

Some electric skateboards would also come with extra batteries, wheel guards, LED lights, or taillights for safe riding at night. There are also electric skateboard conversion kits available in the market for those who’d like to DIY their board.


The Differences Between All Terrain and Street Electric Skateboards

Although electric skateboards generally look the same, there are differences when it comes to their build and systems. In this article, we will focus on the differences between an off-road or all-terrain e-skateboard, and a street electric skateboard.

The main distinction would be on the wheels. The wheel you choose for your electric skateboard will affect your overall ride, and the paths you’ll be able to ride on.

Street Electric Skateboards

This type of e-board is installed with street wheels. Street wheels are able to provide the highest top speed and give the longest range. This type of tyres has minimal rolling resistance and performs best on smooth paths and roads. However, they might not do that well on rougher terrains.


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Here are some Street Electric Skateboards you can find in Australia:


Land Snail Electric Skateboard

Price: $1,349.00


Land Snail Electric Skateboard


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The Land Snail Electric Skateboard is a high-end e-skateboard not just in its style, but performance as well. The esk8 is fitted with dual 750W motors that provide high power and a longer range. It’s a street electric skateboard that can reach a speed of up to 48km/h when riding on private properties.

Don’t let its name fool you, because it can carve through streets at speeds as fast as 25km/h. With its sturdy build, the Land Snail Electric Skateboard is durable enough to hold a maximum load of 230kg.

Speed, build, and range—the Land Snail Electric Skateboard really has it all!


  • Top Speed: 48km/h (29.8 mph)
  • Battery Range: 30 km (18.64 miles)
  • Max Load: 230KG (507 lb)
  • Grade Climbing: 30%
  • Board Weight: 7.34KG (16 lb)
  • Torque: 4.8NmX2
  • Rated Motor Power: 750W*2
  • Water resistance: IP55
  • Deck: Unibody carbon fiber
  • TRUCKS: Tension Suspension (45°Non-independent leaf spring)
  • Wheel Material: Natural rubber, wet and dry use
  • Board Battery: Samsung lithium-ion Rechargeable battery
  • Battery Voltage: 44.4V
  • Battery Capacity: 222wh
  • Battery Charge Time: 1.3H
  • Board Size: 930mm*298mm*136mm(36.6*11.7*5.4 inch)
  • Ground Clearance: 108mm


Ignite Cruiser Electric Skateboard

Price: $690.00


Ignite Cruiser Electric Skateboard

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Coming from Ignite is their smallest, most-portable electric skateboard. The Ignite Cruiser Electric Skateboard is inspired by the surfboard and is perfect for the streets and curbs. The Cruiser is fitted with dual 350W motors which easily deliver a top speed of 25km/h and a full range of up to 12km.

The Cruiser’s speed can be controlled through its ESC, with its lowest setting set at 15km/h.

It is also designed with a rear kicktail that can up your carving game. With a maximum load of 100KG, you can enjoy a smooth and easy commute to work or an exciting cruise just for fun!


  • Max Speed: Low setting 15km/h ; Medium Setting 20km/h; High Setting 25 km/h
  • Max Rider Weight: 100kg
  • Dimensions: L820 x W260 x H160 mm
  • Battery: 4.4 Ah Samsung Cell
  • Charging time: -4hours
  • Motor 75mm Hub Motor 350W*2
  • Wheels: Polyurethane Dia75 x W51 mm
  • Remote: 14m Dis tance 2.4GHZ 2 hours charging time
  • Weight: Net Weight 6kg; Gross weight 7.9kg


Ignite Slimline Electric Longboard

Price: $890.00


Ignite Slimline Electric Longboard

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Another model that comes from Ignite makes it to this list. The Ignite Slimline Electric Longboard is a sleek e-skateboard that’s both stylish and functional. It is installed with a discreet built-in battery that doesn’t bulk at the bottom of the board.

The Slimline is fitted with dual 450W motors that are powerful enough to give a top speed of 35km/h (when ridden on private properties). Its speed can be controlled through its ESC with the lowest setting set at 10 km/h.

The electric longboard from Ignite is perfect both for daily commutes and leisurely rides. Its 25km total range does not disappoint and is enough to take you from point A to B.


  • Max Speed: Low setting 10km/h ; Medium Setting 25km/h; High Setting 35 km/h
  • Max Rider Weight: 100kg
  • Dimensions: L970 x W235 x H115 mm
  • Battery: 4.4aH
  • Charging time: -4hours
  • Motor 90mm Hub Motor 450W*2
  • Wheels: Polyurethane Dia90 x W52 mm
  • Remote: 14m Distance 2.4GHZ 2 hours charging time
  • Weight: Net Weight 6kg; Gross weight 9.9kg


Phatrider PHATFish Electric Skateboard

Price: $800.00


Phatrider PHATFish Electric Skateboard

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Last but not least on this roster is the PHATFIsh Electric Skateboard. Known for its stable and durable line of fat tyre electric bikes and electric scooters, Phatrider comes with a street electric skateboard that’s perfect for daily use.

Fitted with dual 350W motors, the PHATFish can provide a top speed of 25km/h and a maximum range of 20km.

Easily carve through streets and curbs by controlling your ride with its 2.4GHz remote. The remote also controls the brakes, so you know you can ride the electric skateboard as you please.



  • Max Speed: 25km/h
  • Max Distance: 20km
  • Max supported Weight: 100kg
  • Max Incline: 10 degrees
  • Brake type: Remote Control brake
  • Board Material: 8 Ply Bamboo
  • Board Length: 820mm
  • Battery Capacity: 4000mAh
  • Battery: 18650 7S2P lithium battery (Made in China)
  • Battery Standard Voltage: 29.4V
  • Charging time: 3H
  • Motor Type: Hub motorx2
  • Motor Power: 350Wx2
  • Waterproof: IP33
  • Wheel: PU 75x67mm
  • Wheel hardness: 80A
  • Remote Capacity: 200mAh
  • Remote Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Remote control distance: 14m
  • Remote Charging time: 2h
  • Package weight: N.W 5.8kg ; G.W 7.9kg
  • Product Size: 820mmx260mmx160mm


All Terrain Electric Skateboards

An all-terrain electric skateboard can be used both on and off-road. It is equipped with the proper pneumatic tyres which make the e-board more stable and comfortable even when used to carve on rougher off-road paths.

All-terrain wheels have better grip than the street ones, but cannot give the same amount of speed and range. Although this is true, what they lack in speed in range, they make up for the ability to smoothly skate through any terrain.


woman in black t-shirt and blue denim shorts sitting on black wheel chair


The pneumatic tyres installed in an all-terrain or off-road electric skateboard are designed to absorb impact better than street wheels. These tyres provide for a smooth, almost gliding feeling when one rides the board.

Most enthusiasts would recommend an all-terrain electric skateboard to newbies. This is because they are safer to use on all types of surfaces, and can give the rider more confidence. Some seasoned riders also use all-terrain electric skateboards if they are up for a challenge.

In conclusion, both electric skateboards are great! It will always depend on how and where the rider wants to use their ride.

If you are looking for an alternate mode of transportation that you can use on the road every day, then we suggest you get a street electric skateboard. But, if you are looking for something that you can use not just on city roads, but also on gravel or forest roads (to give an example), then an all-terrain e-skateboard will suit you best.

Here are some of the best All-terrain Electric Skateboards in Australia:

Honey Badger All Terrain Electric Skateboard

Price: $4,998.00


Honey Badger All Terrain ELectric Skateboard

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We’re starting off this list on a strong note! The Honey Badger All Terrain Electric Skateboard proves that size isn’t all that matters when it comes to carving!

The compact all-terrain electric skateboard is packed with an 8000W motor, which is incredibly powerful for an electric skateboard or any electric rideable to have! The motor provides a top speed of 50km/h when used off-road!

Adding up to its incredible features are its max range of 35km, super heavy puncture-resistant off-road tyres, and a 60% hill climb grade.

So, if you are after a monster on any terrain, then the Honey Badger Electric Skateboard is definitely the one you’re looking for!


  • Motor: 8,000 Watt
  • Top Speed: 25km/h (Australian street-legal)
    Up to 50km/h (off road use only)
  • Range: Up to 35 km
  • Weight :25 kg
  • Recharge Time 4 - 8 hrs
  • Super Heavy Duty Puncture Resistant Off-Road Wheels (designed for especially rough terrain)
  • 4-Wheel Independent Drive System (63mm motor each)
  • Regenerative Braking
  • Triple Layered Maple Reinforced Deck
  • CNC Machined Special All Terrain Shock Absorbers - 150mm travel
  • 90 - 100mm Ground Clearance
  • Hill Climb: Up to 60% Grade
  • Includes High Intensity LED Programmable Headlight & Tail Light
  • Colour Customization & Personalization Available


Epic Racer 3200 Carbon Dual Pro Electric Skateboard        

Price: $2,100.00


Epic Racer 3200 Carbon Dual Pro Electric Skateboard

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The Epic Racer 3200 Carbon Dual Pro Electric Skateboard is an upgrade on its earlier version. The Racer 3200 Carbon Dual Pro boasts a whole new look, with similar yet better performance.

Easily reach the street-legal top speed of 25km/h with its 1600W dual brushless motors. But if you are looking for more thrill, then take it off-road and enjoy its speed of up to 38km/h!

In addition, the Epic Racer 3200 is furnished with sturdy 6-inch wheels that make it the perfect electric skateboard both on and off roads.

You can customize your ride using a wireless remote that comes with the electric skateboard. You can also monitor your ride by checking your e-board’s battery level, speed, and regenerative braking.

Style and performance, that’s what the Epic Racer 3200 Carbon Dual Pro Electric Skateboard is about, and more!


  • Motor 2 x 1600w brushless
  • Battery 8.8ah/12Ah 36v Lithium battery
  • Wheels 80mm 78a PU and 6 inch tyres
  • Max speed 25km/h (Australian street-legal)
    Up to 38km/h (off road use only)
  • Working Time per charge up to 2 hours
  • Distance per charge up to 20km
  • Loading capacity 100kg
  • Weight 8.9 kg
  • Charging time 3-5 hours


Ignite All Terrain Electric Longboard

Price: $1,490.00


Ignite All Terrain Electric Longboard

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From Ignite comes their most powerful electric skateboard yet, the Ignite All Terrain Electric Long Board. It is powered by insane dual 1650W motors that can produce a maximum speed of 45km/h off-road.

With its brushless belt-drive motor and 6” tyres, you can enjoy a smooth and swift ride on any kind of surface.

Take it to work, school, or any dirt road on your days off! The powerful Ignite All Terrain Electric Longboard will take you just wherever you want or need to be!


  • Max Speed: Low setting 12km/h ; Medium Setting 26km/h; High Setting 45 km/h
  • Dimensions: L970 x W255 x H135mm
  • Battery: 6.6Ah Samsung Cell
  • Charging time: -4hours
  • Motor: Belt Drive Motor 1650W x 2
  • Wheels: 6 inch silicone or 83mm PU tyres
  • Remote: 14m Distance 2.4GHZ 2 hours charging time
  • Weight: Net Weight 8.8 kgkg; Gross weight 11.5kg


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