Folding Mobility Scooters: A Buying Guide

Folding Mobility Scooters are great options for those with decreased mobility, or those who are not able to walk long distances. It is a sub-category of the electric scooter that caters mostly to the elderly and disabled. With these wonderful mobility scooters, getting from point A to point B is made simpler and easier.

With recent innovations, lightweight mobility scooters aren’t just able to take you to shops, malls, or to the office—they can now be brought on a plane or train to travel with you on a holiday! Such features make the power scooters favorable not just for those with reduced mobility, but also for those who generally want to improve their lifestyle.


Man ridig an electric mobility scooter


Freedom to move and get around is definitely one of the main purposes why one would buy his very own folding mobility scooter. In this guide, we will show you not just the pros of doing so, but also some tips before making the big purchase. Finally, we will also present some of the best folding electric mobility scooters available in the Australian market!


What are Folding Mobility Scooters?

As we have defined in our previous blog post, an electric mobility scooter is a mobility aid that is designed like a wheelchair but configured as an electric scooter. However, there are mobility scooters that can be folded, and some cannot.

For some, the general rule in buying a mobility scooter is to find one that is highly portable. This is because of some instances where one would need to fit his scooter in the car boot, or when he needs to bring it with him on a plane, a cruise ship, or a train.

This is where transport-friendly mobility scooters come in handy. This kind of power scooter comes in two types: the fold-and-go mobility scooters, and the mobility scooters that can be disassembled. Most people who travel and prioritize portability prefer the foldable ones over the other.



Photo of a folding mobility scooter



Folding mobility scooters are designed to be portable and lightweight. They are made to aid you to be able to go from place to place with less to no hassle. However, there are some points to remember before choosing portable mobility scooters. Let’s find out about them in the next part!


Points to Consider Before Buying a Folding Mobility Scooter

Part of the freedom someone with limited mobility wants to achieve is to be able to travel and go wherever he wants to go. Fortunately, with the help of folding mobility scooters, everything is possible. They offer a lot of benefits, especially when it comes to leading one’s daily life. However, one should be able to understand that mobility scooters, much like other things, also have their limitations.

In this part, we will show what to expect in a foldable mobility scooter and other factors that you’d need to remember before deciding whether to own one.

  1. Suitable and unsuitable conditions and terrain. One should note that because of their lighter weight, these scooters might not have the same range, speed, or power the heavier electric scooters have. Lightweight mobility scooters function well on flat and dry surfaces, paths with limited grass covering, small inclines and ramps. They are ideal for running errands, transport, schools or offices, or other trips where conditions are not very intense.

    Some foldable mobility scooters might not be able to handle conditions like snow or mud, and might not be able to climb steep inclines and got through rough terrain. These conditions might require heavy-duty electric scooters or electric bikes. Therefore, it is important to know the folding mobility scooter’s capacity first before buying one.

  2. Folding mobility scooters cost. Generally, folding mobility scooters can be loaded anywhere within seconds. This is unlike other travel scooters that require more time disassembling and loading them up individually. In that sense, foldable mobility scooters might cost more than others. This is because of the technology and materials used in each of them.

    Don’t worry though—most of these portable mobility scooters are still very affordable and start at around $2,000. The more expensive scooters will fall somewhere at $5,000 above, but you are sure that their quality and features are very much worth it.

  3. Air travel-safe batteries. If you are worried that you might not be able to tow your mobility scooter in the aircraft with you, then rest your mind. There are folding mobility scooters that are equipped with airline-approved batteries, making the scooters allowable for air travel. Airlines allow those with sealed-lead acid batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, and some, not all, lithium batteries. Larger lithium batteries can also be brought, but with certain limitations.

    If you are planning to fly with your foldable mobility scooters, it is a must to consult your distributor about whether the batteries are plane-safe or not. Moreover, you should also get in touch with the airline to confirm that the batteries are allowed.

  4. Driving and maneuverability. Just like with any other electric rideable, one thing that could make or break a folding mobility scooter’s reputation is its maneuverability. When buying a power scooter, take note that you shouldn’t judge by its speed and distance alone.

    Mobility scooters that are foldable will have tillers that will allow one to take control of his ride. They should also have a sharp turning radius that will allow one to navigate in narrow spaces like grocery aisles. Moreover, these scooters should be able to climb up an incline of at least 6 inches and have high ground clearance so they won’t damage their motors when rolling over humps or unexpected objects.

  5. Storage and portability. As mentioned above, folding mobility scooters can be loaded anywhere within seconds. This is because they can also fold in seconds! There are mobility scooters designed to fold within the push of a button. Some scooters can also be pulled around like a trolley, increasing their portability by the numbers.

    Folding mobility scooters take up the minimum amount of space once folded, opening more chances for the elderly and those with disabilities to bring them along wherever they want or need to go. Scooters that dissemble into several parts might not give you the same convenience, and you won’t always have enough time to assemble and disassemble them.   

Now that you have an idea of some key points to remember before buying a foldable mobility scooter, how about we take a look at some of the best models in the market?


Staff Picks: The Best Folding Mobility Scooters in Australia

In this section, we have curated some of the best-selling folding mobility scooters from our collection. Let’s take a look at them!


Relync R1 Mobility Electric Scooter

Regular Price: $4,850.00

Relync mobility scooter


Number one on this list is probably one of the most stylish folding mobility scooters out there. The award-winning mobility scooter from Relync is cleverly designed, and weighs only 26kg. It is also airline-approved, and compact enough to be carried in a plane, train, or even a bus. The Relync R1 folds in seconds, and is arguably the fastest-folding mobility scooter in the market.

The R1 is designed for those who are after functionality and style both at the same time. One could enjoy his freedom while being exceptionally stylish aboard his Relync R1 Mobility Scooter.


Weight Capacity: 120 kg
Driving Range: 15 km (1 battery), 30 km (2 batteries)
Max. Speed: 6.4 km/h
Folded Dimensions (LxWxH): 23.6″ x 21.6″ x 11″
Unfolded Dimensions (LxWxH): 43″ x 21.6″ x 35″
Product Weight (without battery): 26 kg
Battery Weight (each): 1.2 kg
Max. Climbing Angle: 6 degrees
Battery Safety Certification: IEC 62133
Battery Sea & Air Transport Certification: UN 38.3, MSDS
Battery Capacity Output: 36V 208W (1 battery), 36V 416W(2 batteries)


Solax Maleta V2 Mobility Electric Scooter

Regular Price: $5,600.00



Next in our list is one of the best sellers from Solax. The Maleta V2 is one of the most advanced travel scooters, and is sure to be your favorite travel companion. With convenience in mind, the Maleta is designed with innovative features like its two automatic folding functions. Without the need of any tools or effort, you can stand back and watch your mobility scooter as it folds itself to its most compact version!



  • Adjustable Tiller Height: Yes
  • Anti-Tip Mechanism: Rear Anti-Tip Wheels
  • Battery: 24V/5Ah Lithium x 2
  • Battery Range: Up to 15km
  • Battery Weight: 2 x 0.85kg
  • Dimensions: 940x450x950
  • Dimensions when folded: 280x450x640
  • Drive Wheel: 170mm
  • Ground Clearance: 40mm
  • Heaviest Part: 23.8kg
  • Lights: Front, Rear and deck lights
  • Maximum Speed: 6km/h
  • Motor: 120W
  • Number of Components: 1 + Batteries (x2)
  • Seat Dimensions: 400mm x 315mm
  • Seat height from Floor: 560mm
  • Slope ability: 10°
  • Turning Radius; 1250mm
  • Tyres: Solid Puncture-Proof
  • Weight Capacity: 125kg
  • Weight with Battery: 25.5kg


Solax Transformer Soft Tail Mobility Scooter

Regular Price: $3,985.00


Solax Transformer Soft Tail Mobility Scooter


Another one from Solax that made our list is the Transformer Soft Tail Mobility Scooter. Just like the Genie Plus, the Transformer is an automatic folding mobility scooter that’s perfect for travel and daily use. One can enjoy his new-found mobility to the fullest with this portable mobility scooter that’s equipped with an upgraded rear suspension. This upgrade ensures a comfortable ride when used outdoors, and will protect your back from all the bumps. This makes it the perfect folding mobility scooter for the elderly and those who might have back problems.  


Tiller Angle: Adjustable
Tiller Height: Adjustable (430 mm-710mm)
Battery: 24V/10Ah x 1 (Lithium)
Battery Range: up to 15KM
Battery Weight: 1.7KG
Foot Room: 480mm
Front Wheel: 150mm
Ground Clearance: 40mm
Max. Speed: 6KM/H
Slope Ability: 12 degrees
Suspension: Rear
Weight Capacity: 125KG
Product Weight: 25.5G with battery, 24KG without battery


Atto Sport Foldable Mobility Scooter

Price: Starts at $5,950.00


Atto Sport Foldable Mobility Scooter


Entering this list is a trusty and durable folding mobility scooter--the Atto Sport Foldable Mobility Scooter. This mobility scooter is pleasing to the eyes, with its modern and sporty look that will definitely turn heads.

The Atto Sport is ultra portable as it folds into a stylish luggage that's almost half its original size. It also has a top speed of 10km/h, so you know that it is safe to be ridden on by the elderly and those with limited abilities. Its 48V 307.2Wh battery is enough to let it reach a max range of 30KM at a full charge.

With its performance and sports car-like design and details, the Atto Sport is sure to change the way everyone looks at folding mobility scooters!  

(Note: the following folding mobility scooters are available within Australia. If you have any questions about airplane safety, you can contact the retailers/manufacturers of the scooters.)

Where to Buy Folding Mobility Scooters in Australia

In addition to the points that we have previously stated in this article, it is also important to know where to purchase the best folding mobility scooters in the market. Mobility scooters can be bought straight from the manufacturer, or retailers that specialize in electric rideable and mobility products. Purchase can be done in three ways, either in person, through the phone, or online.

E-Ride Solutions is one of the most trusted online electric rideable stores in Australia. We do not only specialize on mobility products, we are also a proud member of the NDIS, which gives us an opportunity to help the elderly and those with disabilities. With our wide range of electric mobility products, freedom is just one click away!    


E-Ride Solutions Australia

In case you are looking for a trusted online retailer to help you with your first mobility scooter purchase, our staff are always ready and prepared to take your queries. You can visit our website send us a message on Facebook, or contact us at 1300-617-339.


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