The Ultimate Guide To Safe Riding of Electric Unicycles

With the rising popularity of electric rideables across Australia it is a must that we should be knowledgeable on how use them safely. Electric unicycles are one of the most popular e-rideables these days. It is very important that we all should set the examples in promoting safe riding. The way unicycle riders like you ride will not only affect the perception of the riding public, but the legal standing of this alternative means of transportation in various private and public spaces as well.


The Basics of Electric Unicycle Safety

Now, these questions lie; how we can make this alternative means of transportation legally protected? How can we keep ourselves busy while riding electric unicycles for a car-free lifestyle? Let us talk about the most basic things first.

Safety features must be given much attention for safer riding experience.

There are plenty of EUCs (electric unicycles) that come with a built-in fan to prevent overheating. It keeps the motor and battery temperature at a level that is safe. By doing so, it prevents any untoward accidents like explosions to happen.

There are brands that sell the best electric unicycle in the market which are also looking into improved ways to prevent the motors to fail. When the motor fails, it can cause serious injuries to the rider.

Consider an e-unicycle with a tilt-back feature. This is useful because, when the unicycle tilts too far, the battery has the tendency to shut down. There is an audible beep that will warn the rider before the tilt-back function comes to work. Eventually, it will cause the rider to lose balance and can result in a painful crash. The tilt-back function needs to be understood before you use the unit for long-distance rides.


How Can I Keep My Unicycle Ride Experience Safe all the time?

Personal electric vehicles (PEVs) may be on the rise. An electric unicycle is one that you might not hear of much.  This odd-looking tiny electric vehicle is made up of a single wheel that straddles the rider. It works well by the self-balancing effort of the rider similar to a hoverboard but is much agile, nimble, and narrow.

For us to become safe unicycle riders, there are some considerations to make. The tips below can serve as your guide in riding safely even when riding the fastest electric unicycle, you still have to think of your safety and the people around you:

Be mindful of local rules and laws. Remember, that the laws do vary from city to state. However, here is the general rule of thumb: never do anything that a pedestrian, scooter, or bike is not allowed to do in any situation. For example, if a scooter or bike is not allowed to be on the sidewalks, then you should not take your electric unicycle either.


The Pedestrian and Sidewalk Etiquette

Always observe proper pedestrian and sidewalk etiquette. Keep in mind that you are sharing the sidewalks with our friends on foot.

  • We should be respectful of their space by simply travelling around at a slower rate. This means that you should learn to adjust on the speed anytime you encounter a walking pedestrian.
  • Slow down when you come across a pedestrian, Should you want to walk pass them, you can slow down your speed at fast walking speed instead.
  • If the pathway is too congested, by all means, walk on your feet. Step off from the electric unicycle. It is not the pedestrians’ responsibility to clear the pathway for you.
  • Maintain a distance from pedestrians. Avoid swerving around people by cutting too close. This will surely prevent accidents from happening.
  • Be very careful when you pass by storefronts. Keep away from riding alongside doorways of stores too closely. It is quite common that a person might emerge from the door without looking. Furthermore, there are stores where their doors tend to open towards the sidewalk space.
  • When you are entering alleyways and crosswalks, you have to slow down and take time to look both sides before entering. Drivers do not expect anyone on the on sidewalks to move faster than walking speed. Thus, you need to slow down when you approach an area with plenty of foot traffic.


How to Achieve Effective Road Safety with a Self-balancing Electric Unicycle

Electric unicycles are really new to the market. There are plenty of riders who do not have enough knowledge on how to adjust and make the unicycle work at their advantage. Below are some tips on how to achieve road safety while riding an electric unicycle:

  •  Try to create some sound while you are on the road. Basically, electric unicycles are quiet machines even when they go fast. Nobody will ever notice you while you are cruising. Thus, it is best that you put on some music while you pass by. This way, you can alert the pedestrians that you are on the road.
  • We encourage defensive riding. Unless you are riding on a specified bike lane, you should keep in mind that you are sharing the road with vehicles way bigger than you. Always remember, your safety is your priority.
  • Make use of protective gears. A helmet is not legally mandated for unicycle riders. However, responsible riding must be properly observed.


Learn to Ride the Electric Unicycle Safely The First Time

One of the most challenging personal electric vehicles to master is the self balancing electric unicycle. This will require a lot of effort to learn to ride and control it safely.

The major difference between electric hoverboards, electric scooters, and electric unicycles is the position the rider assumes when riding the unit. Balancing is really essential when you are using a unicycle. As you take the electric unicycle out for a ride, you should remain to be constantly on the move to be in control of this device and to avoid really nasty injuries related to fall.

Before you bring the electric unicycle to an urban area, you should master it first. Plus, you have to ride the unit like a pro with confidence and mindfulness of safety riding. Follow the guide below when trying to learn the riding the electric unicycle safely for the first time:

Getting started with a pair of training wheels can be a good idea. This is a good way to get you acquainted with a unicycle. You should learn to balance before you learn other skills. Your primary goal is to master getting to and off the unicycle- SAFELY. It may take a few falls, but be persistent, you will surely get there.

Choose an electric unicycle model with a safety tether. This looks like a strap that will stop the device from running into people when you fall. This is one of the most important safety features a newbie rider should know. Furthermore, it is important that a seasoned rider should also be reminded of this.

"Safety first" is an important rule when taking the unicycle out. Protective and safety gears are really important. You should invest in knee and elbow pads as well as helmet.

Make sure that you have charged the device well. Charge it fully to maximize its function every time you take it out for a ride.

Remember to keep yourself upright every time you hop into the device. Hopping on the electric unicycle can be a challenge. The safety tether should be fastened properly in place. Push the button to turn on the unicycle. Roll the unit forward and backward so you can get an idea on how strong it speeding up is. Get familiar with the technique in stopping the device. It would be a serious challenge too. Practice is the key.


Safety Reminders When Riding The Electric Unicycle Around

It is better to be safe than be sorry. There are plenty of safety reminders for electric unicycle riders.

So, we reached the end of this safety guide for electric unicycle riders. I hope you will find this guide very useful in your journey of owning a personal electric vehicle. You can definitely share this to your friends and families who share the same passion for alternative means of transportation as you do. We are more than glad to have shared this info to all of you. Enjoy learning and getting familiar with this incredible and super interesting electric unicycle.

For all those who are interested in a range of electric rideables, we have come up with an ultimate buyer’s guide right here in this link.

Keep our conversations going and let us know if you have any suggestions on how to be safe while having fun on an electric unicycle!


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