Why You Should Buy an Electric Skateboard in 2024

What was once the trend in the 90s is back; and it came back stronger. The traditional kickboard underwent a major upgrade, and it’s now known as electric skateboards.

As years passed by, it’s now safe to say that the electric rideable industry is at its peak. With a variety of electric rides present in the market, each one seems to have unique features that make them stand out among the others. The electric skateboard, for one, is a wonder all on its own.


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Electric boards have changed the way people view mobility. With constant improvements and innovations, these powerful boards are capable to give you speeds you never knew were possible. It has great benefits when it comes to convenience, and even in improving one’s lifestyle. 

With the way things went in the past years, consumers are becoming smarter with their investments. In this article, we will show you why you should buy an electric skateboard in 2024, and not regret it!


Benefits of Buying an Electric Skateboard in 2024

When it comes to investing in something, people tend to weigh their options. This is understandable, especially since the emergence of a global pandemic. In Australia, for example, consumer trends changed drastically. Australians are now making wiser and greener choices, and e-skateboards are one of them.

Having said this, let’s take a look at the benefits of purchasing an e-board, and why you should do it this year.

  1. It improves our health, both physical and mental. E-boarding has direct effects on one’s health. Physically, riding an electric skateboard boosts your strength and muscle build. As it requires you to stand and balance for longer, you also develop your core strength. If you choose to ride it like a traditional skateboard, kicking it into motion can serve as additional cardio.

Enjoying a ride on your e-skateboard can also help improve your mental health. At this time, having an outlet or a way to relax and destress is almost becoming a must. With the help of an e-skateboard, and the fact that you get to go out and explore (safely of course), you are able to have fun, reconnect and spend some much-needed alone time.    

  1. It is cost-effective. Just like other electric rides, an electric skateboard is a cost-effective purchase that you can enjoy for a long time. The best electric skateboards can be a permanent alternative to cars and public transportation. This allows you to save money from topping up on fuel every now and then or paying a fare. Once your board is fully charged, you can get to your destination and run other essential errands at no additional cost!

In addition to this, electric skateboards are generally easier to maintain than other electric rides. Once you get the tips and tricks of e-board maintenance and safety, you will surely be able to do it at home. This, again, saves you the trouble of lining up at a repair shop and shelling out money for maintenance you can do yourself.  

  1. It promotes a sustainable lifestyle. Environmental awareness and the need for sustainability have obviously increased in the past few years, and they continue to do so this year. As one of the top lifestyle trends in 2024, many Australians seek ways to maintain a sustainable everyday life. Owning an e-skateboard is one of them.
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Electric skateboards, also known as powered skateboards, are compact electric rides that use very minimal energy. A single charge of some e-boards will allow them to cover a range of up to 50 km. With an electric skateboard, you can enjoy your travels and explore off-road trails without worrying about contributing to the earth’s pollution.      

  1. An electric skateboard is a multi-purpose electric rideable. One of the things that were most affected by the pandemic is the way people travel. In some places and countries, traveling using public transport was even banned. Because of this, people opted for alternatives like electric skateboards to ensure they are still able to go to their destination while continuing to observe health and safety protocols.

An electric skateboard isn’t just used for fun these days. It is worth noting that they have become functional means of transport that have helped a lot of people in fulfilling daily tasks. In addition, there are also all-terrain electric skateboards that are made especially for the great outdoors. This makes the electric skateboard a versatile electric ride that fits any rider’s need and preference.

  1. You get to support small businesses. According to KPMG’s article on the Australian retail outlook, 2021 was the year to retail bravely. This means that businesses, small and big are taking risks in conforming to the new norms. In the past two years, small businesses like electric ride retail shops resorted to re-starting their market online.

By purchasing an electric skateboard from these online electric rideable stores, you are able not just to help yourself towards a more convenient life, but you can also help others rebuild their livelihood.    

These are just some of the reasons why you should buy an electric skateboard in 2024. Now that you have an idea about it, let’s take a look at things to consider before making your purchase!


What to Look for in an Electric Skateboard

Knowing what kind of electric skateboard is only half the battle. If you want to make the most out of your purchase, you have to consider some things first. Here are some of them:


The range an electric skateboard travels depends on what kind of riding you do, or the environment you ride on. Before purchasing an e-board it is important to know first what you will use the board for. Will you need it for commuting? Do you need an electric skateboard to go on adventures with on the weekends? Are you using it on or off roads? Do you need an e-skateboard for all the things mentioned above? Are you wary or anxious about the mileage you’re able to travel on the board? There is an electric skateboard for each of these questions, and for all of them combined. Knowing the perfect range, however, will definitely provide you with an easier and worry-free ride.


One of the electric skateboard’s many advantages is its portability. If you are someone who carries your board under your arms wherever you go, you should consider the weight of the e-skateboard you will be buying. There are some lightweight electric skateboards for sale but expect that their range is slightly less. E-skateboards with longer ranges, like the Epic Dominater 4000 Pro Plus Electric Skateboard, tend to weigh a little more.  However, larger electric boards can also accommodate heavier cargo. Before you choose an e-skateboard, you need to weigh your options first; figuratively and literally.

Overall Performance

There are a few things that can affect an e-skateboard’s overall performance—the motor power and system, speed, and sometimes even the battery capacity. An e-board’s physical components like trucks and wheels can greatly affect this aspect too. When you are satisfied with the board’s specifications, and once you are sure that it’s powerful enough to accommodate you in any kind of riding you prefer, then you can proceed to the next step.



electric skateboard wheel



An important question before buying an e-skateboard: Is it going to be worth your money? The golden rule in purchasing something is to make sure that you are getting what you paid for. If you are looking for affordable electric skateboards, there are brands like Fiik that offer boards that are cheap but are made from quality materials. If you have some budget to spare, you can also opt for e-boards like the Honey Badger All terrain Electric Skateboard which is in the higher price range. These pricier boards will most likely give you better performance.

Warranty and Support

As a customer, you should also be looking at these aspects. What is the warranty that they offer? Is there a reliable support team that’s ready to answer your questions and concerns? If you want to fully enjoy the electric skateboard you’re buying, you should also consider the resources (for spare parts), and the electric rideable store’s customer service.

Remember, you are purchasing an electric skateboard for your convenience. If you have checked all of these boxes, and are satisfied with your electric board of choice, you can search for electric skateboard stores near you. If they do not have a physical store, then a trusty website or online platform will suffice. Ask them if you are able to do a test ride, and their scope and modes of delivery, and you’re good to go!


Buy Electric Skateboards in Australia

The E-board industry is becoming more popular in Australia. Because of this, electric rideable stores like us here at E-Ride Solutions make it a point to offer customers with the best and most affordable electric skateboards in the market.



As we try our best to adjust to the new normal, we also work hard to make sure that our sustainable motorized mobility products are accessible to everyone. We realize how an electric skateboard can be beneficial to making our lives easier not just in 2024, but for the years to come!

If you are looking for the best electric skateboards in Australia, do not hesitate to visit our website at www.eridesolutions.com.au. Our friendly staff members are happy to assist you in making that purchase you’ve been thinking about making!   


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