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Finding the right electric scooter can tough decision and we want to make sure you get the perfect one that best suits you, be it for an alternative mode of transportation or leisure.

There are a lot of things you should take into account when it comes to choosing the right e-scooter and to make things easier, we have slimmed things down for you.

E-Ride Solutions has prepared this product quiz to help you choose the right battery powered scooter that bests suit your intentions, allowing you to filter out which ones meet your preferences.

You can take our product quiz to find out which one makes the perfect match for your riding needs.


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What to Consider When Buying an Electric Scooter

There are several electric scooters in Australia that you can find but we want to make sure you get the one that best suits you.

E-Ride solutions have a wide range of battery powered scooters to offer and these can be distinguished from one another in terms of meeting your needs.

Here are some things that you may want to consider when you buy a battery powered scooter:

Budget – There are several e-scooters on the market and these come in a range of affordable ones up to some of the most luxurious choices. Most electric rides may have specific features that you want or you may prefer a different pick when it comes to style. Rest assured that all of our products at E-Ride Solutions contain only the most affordable prices for the best electric scooters in Australia.

Style – An electric ride isn’t just a great eco-friendly alternative when it comes to transportation, it is also a stylish way to get around. There are different kinds of e-scooters and you can pick out the best one that appeases your taste. Choose the right ride that represents the inner you and enjoy riding in style and comfort.

Build – Most of the electric scooters nowadays come built with the best quality materials that money can buy but this isn’t the only thing you should look out for. The build of an e-scooter must be comfortable for you as you will want one that suits your posture. Picking out the right electrical scooter based on its size, shape, and extra features to allow for adjusting can affect your comfort in the long run.

Batteries – An electric ride’s batteries determine how long you can use it or how far you can ride. This is considered the scooter’s “gas tank” as it is needed to be recharged every time you out of juice. The higher the battery capacity, the further it can go but this is also affected by how much power it needs to supply as well as the attachments it has.

Motor – A motor works closely with the batteries and is mainly rated by its power consumption which is measured in watts. Standard electric scooters for adults should have at least 250 watts or more to provide adequate power.

Going beyond 250 watts up to 500 would best suit riding on more difficult terrain, especially with steep hills or paths. More extreme scooters have multiple motors which add up to more than 1200 watts for high performance.

Brakes – The brake system for your e-scooter is essential for safety and provides the electric ride with stopping power which helps you slow down when turning or when you need to make a full stop. There are mainly two categories when it comes to an e-scooter’s brakes, electronic and mechanical.

Mechanical brakes rely on physical mechanisms to slow down such as foot brakes, drum brakes, and disc brakes. Electronic brake systems provide a stopping power based on the motor and are weak when it comes to stopping power, providing more control rather than helping with a full stop.

Controller – The controller, also known as the “speed controller” is one of the more compact components within a battery powered scooter. This component allows the flow of electricity from the battery to the motor, powering the e-scooter.

Most electric scooter controllers provide regenerative braking, allowing the electric ride to route power back to the battery from the motor. When a battery is no longer fully charged, regenerative braking allows it to convert energy and store it back into the battery.

Deck – When it comes to the deck, the shape and size matter for some. You may prefer a longer deck or a wider one. Most prefer anti-slip decks over standard ones and not to mention the overall design for style and comfort.

The electric scooter deck is the platform for which you stand when riding it. Several of these come in different sizes, while most of them are rubberized or made out of material for anti-slip purposes. Some decks are built in different sizes to provide better maneuverability or space.

Handlebars – The electric scooter handlebars provide you with the most basic control when maneuvering and also houses the different features it has. Handlebars mostly include the accelerator, brakes, and an LCD for monitoring speed, battery, and more.

Foldable e-scooters come with handlebars that are designed for folding, making it easy to fold bring the e-scooter, and transport when not in use. Most handlebars are the same in most aspects but some may have different handles and slightly different designs.

Many e-scooters can be considered as folding electric scooter as long as it is built for portability and nowadays most of them are built for this convenience.

Lights – Any electronic ride that is going to be in motion, especially when on the road or in the presence of other people or vehicles should be visible. This makes it much safer for the rider as well as those around them by providing the rider with light as well as those around with visibility.

Nowadays, you can find that most e-scooters are equipped with headlights, taillights, and even LED lights for style and visibility. While it is possible to equip your e-scooter with attachments, having one that already includes the basic manufacturer-installed parts

Aside from the usual light sources, there are several accessories for both customizing your electric ride as well as increasing visibility.

Suspension – More of the e-scooters nowadays have suspension while others do remain without them. Battery powered scooters that are meant for more than just riding on flat surfaces are built with different kinds of suspension. These include spring, hydraulic, and rubber type suspension which all play specific parts when it comes to making rides smoother.

Some suspension kits include a combination of different types for better performance while others are simple with basic sets. While sometimes tyres are all that is needed to handle bumpier rides, a good set of suspension parts can add to overall performance when riding in uneven or off-road terrain.

Tyres – Some may think that as long as a vehicle is equipped with tyres, it will do the trick all the time but, in most cases, this isn’t true. If you truly wish to have the best riding experience, you will need a good set of tyres that can handle the purpose you have for your electric ride.

An electric scooter’s tyres play a big role when it comes to performance because these provide it with traction and stability. The way a tyre is shaped also provides extra safety when it comes to emergency braking due to its friction with surfaces.

There are mainly two types of tyres which are pneumatic (air-filled) and solid (airless) tyres. Pneumatic tyres are crafted with rubber and use air pressure to retain their shape. There are two types of pneumatic tyres which are tubeless ones and those with an inner tube.

Tubeless tyres are common in vehicles and have been applied to e-scooters for a large boost in durability and stability. These are thick air-tight tyres that fit the rim of the wheels, making them easy to fill and require no maintenance with an inner rim. These tyres are very durable but in the event of getting a flat tyre, more work is needed to be done to completely seal it.

Inner tube tires are tyres with an exterior rubber shape with a rubber tube kept on the inside. The inner tube is inflated to provide pressure to the outer rubber (usually considered as the shell) to keep its shape. If an inner tube gets a puncture, this needs to be vulcanized or replaced. Both airless and inner tube tyres do well on almost any terrain as they have excellent absorption and can handle bumpy rides.

Solid tyres are created with an outer rubber form filled with sturdy material to provide the interior with structural integrity to maintain its shape. These are immune to puncture and will not get flat but the downside to these is the lack of shock absorption due to the retained shape. These are best for flat surfaces and smoother rides.

Another form of tyres is the honeycomb (air pocket) build. These are made from the same material used for most solid rubber tyres and are formed with internal ribbed designs for structural integrity. The shape of these included the air pockets allow the tyre to have less weight, reducing the overall weight.

Throttle – The electric scooter throttle or acceleration on each scooter can vary and one may be more suitable for you than another. In the long run, you will want a throttle that will be comfortable for you so that you can enjoy your rides and avoid any inconveniences.

Some of the common throttles are the thumb throttle, trigger throttle, and twist throttle. The thumb throttle is at the base part of the grip and can easily be pressed using your thumb. Most models come with a specific throttle but you can convert these later on if you prefer to do so by purchasing and installing them.

A trigger throttle is placed at the front of a grip and is pulled with your index finger (pointing finger) to accelerate. Twist throttles are similar to that of motorcycles and simply require you to twist them to start accelerating. There are full twist throttles as well as half twist throttles.

Stem – The stem connects the handlebars to the deck and its stability is important, especially when it comes to long rides or uneven terrain. Many stem types are standard while others are built for more convenience.

Stems mostly have a build that allows them to be folded for certain battery powered scooters but this can sometimes take a toll on stability. There are however other e-scooter builds which allow stable riding even if the electric ride is built for portability.

Off-road or On-road – There are sometimes specific roles an electric scooter plays depending on where you plan to go. If you are going to use yours for casual riding such as going to school or heading to work, you may want to pick an on-road battery powered scooter. For those who prefer to give at faster speeds and use it for harsher terrain, an off-road one would be the best choice.

There are certain laws to consider as well when it comes to the type of e-scooter you have which restricts a motor with more than 250 watts and a speed faster than 25km/h for off-roading.

You can find out more about the laws when it comes to electric rides here: https://www.eridesolutions.com.au/pages/safety


Electric Scooters From E-Ride Solutions

E-Ride Solutions has a wide selection of choices which range from the best electric scooter for commuting up the best performing all-terrain e-scooter money can buy.

If you prefer to browse and check based on specific brands, our collection of e-scooters is available for viewing which has the right one for you.

On the other hand, you could always choose to take our product quiz to get great suggestions on an battery powered scooter that suits your taste.

Feel free to contact us further if you would like to know more about a specific product or if you have other queries.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Electric Scooters Safe?

Battery powered scooters are safe, even on off-road terrains but certain limits should be considered just like with any other vehicle. Knowing the right way to ride an e-scooter is important and it is highly recommended that you wear protective gear. Following safety, laws are important for your safety as well as the safety of those around you.

Where Can Electric Scooter Be Ridden?

Depending on if your e-scooter is for on-road, off-road, or both, the limits of where you can ride are determined. Most laws restrict more powerful e-scooters to off-roading only but this depends mainly on the battery powered scooter’s motor and top speed.

How Does an Electric Scooter Work?

A battery powered scooter works by using its throttle to cause its wheels to accelerate. Acceleration is done with the throttle which is commonly on the right side of the handlebars. Using the throttle consumes electricity from the battery and causes the scooter to accelerate.

Is Riding an Electric Scooter Reliable?

E-scooters are light, sturdy, and long-lasting, making them very reliable for commuting and leisurely rides. E-scooter parts are made with high-grade material and include the best features and accessories. With the right maintenance and proper usage, you can expect to enjoy riding your e-scooter for several years.

Are Electric Scooters Eco-Friendly?

Battery powered scooters are eco-friendly as they only use up electricity when ridden. This can also save you a lot of money as a cost-efficient alternative for gas-powered vehicles. Electric rides have been known to be environmentally friendly and help avoid noise pollution.

Can I Ride an Electric Scooter at Night?

You can ride a battery powered scooter at night but it is necessary to have a headlight for visibility when riding and it is recommended to have taillights and another lighting so others can see you. Most electric rides already have such features and are ready to ride at any time of the day.

What Happens When Electric Scooters Runs Out of Battery?

If an electric ride runs out of battery, it can still be used manually but this is something you would want to avoid to retain its purpose. You must charge your e-scooter and avoid rushing off with a battery that isn’t fully charged. E-scooters with LCDs make it easy for you to monitor the remaining batter your electric scooter has.

Does Riding an Electric Scooter Save Money?

Since electric rides use electricity as a source of power, these save you a lot when it comes to costs as you can use them to get from one place to another. You will find yourself saving less money with driving or commuting and instead, you can enjoy nice relaxing eco-friendly rides.

How Much Does an Electric Scooter Cost?

The average price of an e-scooter ranges from $599 to $6,000 and this depends on the brand, features, and release date. Depending on your budget and purpose for your electric ride, you can easily find the best electric scooter that suits your needs and fits your cost range.

How Long Do I Need to Charge an Electric Scooter?

Charging usually takes up to 2 to 8 hours and this depends on the battery capacity as well as how many batteries your scooter has. The higher the range of your e-scooter, the longer it may take to charge but this also means you get to use it for a longer time.