Warranty - Honbike


Consumer Law

My E Ride HONBIKE Uni4 includes up to two (2) years warranty. To make a claim under warranty, you will need to provide a valid proof/date of purchase of HONBIKE Uni4 and is valid only to the original purchaser. For details on warranty coverage and claims, please see below.

HONBIKE products have been developed and designed for commuting/leisure usage and/or simple riding in fair weather, at safe speeds and relevant travel in an urban or suburban environment and in accordance with HONBIKE's guidelines, including but not limited to information in HONBIKE's technical specifications and Owner's Manual.

End User Responsibility

The end user must accept and follow the guidelines and recommendations published by HONBIKE, including but not limited to information contained in technical specifications and Owner's manual.

Obtaining Repair Services for a Fault

Before providing a repair service, HONBIKE or its authorised distributor or reseller will require you to provide proof of purchase details and may ask you to respond to questions designed to assist with diagnosing potential issues. HONBIKE or its authorised distributor or reseller will provide instructions for the procedures for obtaining service.

You must submit any claim arising from a faulty product within two (2) months of its discovery.

You should make available when requested, proof of purchase, the HONBIKE frame number and/or order number and a description of the problem. On satisfactory receipt of the requirements, My E Ride will work with you in an attempt to diagnose and resolve the issue.

If after seeking support from My E Ride, your HONBIKE Uni4 is still not functioning correctly, My E Ride will determine whether your HONBIKE product requires service/replacement and how My E Ride will provide this service/remedy the issue.

Claims for the following will not be valid:

  1. Consumable parts where service life will vary widely depending on usage. These include batteries, tyres, inner tubes, brake pads, brake cables/hoses, brake fluid, pedals, belt and drive components and handlebar grips. Your warranty will not cover these products unless failure has occurred due to a defect in materials or workmanship.
  2. Cosmetic damage, including but not limited to scratches and dents. Damage caused by use with another product.
  3. Damage caused by accident, abuse, neglect, liquid contact, fire, earthquake, flood, Force majeure or external cause.
  4. Any damage, failure or loss caused by misuse or operating the HONBIKE product outside HONBIKE's published guidelines.
  5. Damage caused by service by anyone who is not a representative of My E Ride or a My E Ride Service Provider.
  6. A HONBIKE product that has been modified to alter functionality or capability without the written permission of My E Ride.
  7. Defects caused by normal wear and tear including corrosion, rust, hairline cracks in paint, chips in paint, water damage, the results of fatigue. Fatigue damage is a symptom of the frame or component being worn through normal use. It is the owner's responsibility to inspect his/her HONBIKE in accordance with responsible practice and the published
  8. recommendations outlined in the HONBIKE Owner's Manual. Any HONBIKE if the frame number has been removed or defaced from the HONBIKE product.

Service Options

My E Ride provides service through its network of HONBIKE distributors, resellers and on occasion directly rectifies issues where a distributor or reseller is not available. In the event that you require service or repair of a HONBIKE product, please contact My E Ride. Depending on the complexity of service required, a distributor / reseller may elect to send your HONBIKE product to a HONBIKE Service Centre location. Upon completion of the service of your HONBIKE product, you will be notified, at which time you may collect the product as soon as is feasible or arrange for alternative  collection / delivery options.

If you elect to repair a defective product yourself, use the services of a non-approved service agent, or if you use a replacement part not supplied by My E Ride, My E Ride will not be liable for any damage, failure, repair costs or loss caused by the use of such unauthorised service or parts.

My E Ride will have the option to repair or replace (with new or reconditioned parts of the same or similar specification), at no charge. My E Ride may elect to simultaneously replace non-defective parts that are part of a sub-assembly that contains the defective component. Any replaced components, parts or accessories will become the property of My E Ride. In the event My E Ride elects to replace a defective frame, a new frame of equal or greater value will be provided. The new frame may not be the exact model purchased.