Warranty - Moov8

Different product has a different warranty period. Please refer to the respective product pages to see the number of years of warranty coverage.

Hoverboard- 1 year warranty 

Model X Bike- 2 years warranty. 

Model M1 Bike- 1 year warranty.

i-Finch Bike- 1 year warranty 


Limits of warranty:

1. The warranty is for parts replacement only and does not include labour or shipping costs associated with the repair.


2. The warranty will be null and void if:



  • damaged to the product due to exceeding the manufacturers recommended maximum load limits.
  • water damage, physical damage, incorrect charging or use of charger other than provided by Moov8 and power surge.
  • the battery has overheated or been stored at a temperature above 40 degrees C or below -20 degrees C.
  • use the product for any commercial activities including but not limited to, delivery, renting, sub-leasing, courier business.
  • the product has not been regularly maintained and serviced.
  • damage incurred by man-made causes or accidents.
  • any modification to the product.
  • the product has been dissembled or repaired by an unqualified mechanic.
  • damage caused including but not limited to assembly, transportation, transit in courier, loading/ unloading, etc.


Proof of purchase is required for any warranty claim.