Warranty - Tribe

Our warranty is awesome because we stand by our product and take care of our customers. We guarantee our bikes and accessories against manufacturer defects for a full year. We are a small company and easy to work with – customer satisfaction is number one!

The following components are covered under our 12 month warranty:

  • The battery and motor system;
  • Wooden panels of cargo box, including delamination but excluding deterioriation of wood caused by penetration of the protective surface by wear and tear, deep scratches or excessive weather (rain).
  • Non wear and tear items, including: Frame, Fenders, Saddle, Seat Post, Brake Calipers, Brake Levers, Gear Shifter, Rear Rack, Pivot shaft and bearings.

There are some parts of our bikes that are classed as ‘wear and tear’ items, and therefore not covered under warranty. These include:

  • Tires, Inner Tubes, Valves, Wheels, Spokes, Brake Pads, Handlebar Grips, Bell, Chain, Gear Cables, Brake Cables,  Reflectors, Derailleurs, Loose nuts or bolts.

Additionally, our warranty does not cover general maintenance activities outlined in our user guide.

We provide spare parts of the ‘wear and tear’ items, available for purchase by emailing us at hello@tribebikes.com.au.

Our warranty starts on the day of delivery and is voided in the case of improper use or inadequate maintenance.

Members of the Tribe Bikes Locals Program (with bikes purchased post 1 January 2022) and bikes purchased through one of our Bike Shop partners are entitled to a two year warranty, based on the terms above.

Improper use is defined as:

  • Riding directly up curbs;
  • riding on two wheels;
  • Loading the cargo box above the maximum weight of 100kg;
  • Damage arising from exceeding the design speed (30kmh);
  • Damage arising from extended off road use;
  • Damage as a result of an accident or malicious damage;
  • Using the bike in a commercial application;
  • If the standard components have been upgraded or removed;
  • Recommended Maintenance not being completed;
  • Leaving the bike exposed to the weather excessively.

What to do if you have a warranty claim?

If in the unlikely event that you have a warranty claim, simply send us an email to hello@tribebikes.com.au with details of your claim and some photos that will help us understand the problem, and we’ll advise you on the next steps.

If your warranty issue is related to your bike, we’ll likely ship replacement parts to you and arrange for a mobile bicycle mechanic (if one is available in your area) to install the parts (if necessary) at a time that is convenient to you.

If your warranty issue is related to spare parts, we may ask you to return the accessories (at our expense) and will likely ship replacement accessories to you or provide a refund on the accessory if this is your preferred option.