Benefits of Buying an Electric Hoverboard in 2024

When you hear the word “hoverboard”, you might instantly be reminded of the floating board Marty McFly used to escape from Griff Tannen and his friends in Back to the Future 2. Yes, hoverboards exist! However, they’re not exactly like what we saw in the movies.

Often called “self-balancing scooters”, electric hoverboards have been around for quite some time now. Rather than boards levitating off surfaces, real-life hoverboards are actually more complex in design, smarter in features, and most  of all, safer.

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Gone are the days when people would glide in their chunky rollerblades. Thanks to modern technology, it was possible to motorize self-balancing devices like the electric hoverboard.

This year, with better safety regulations and improved features, hoverboards are forecasted to stay afloat in the market. Curious as to why? In this article, we will get to know more about this innovative electric ride and the benefits of buying one in 2024!

What is a Hoverboard?

Just like electric bikes and electric scooters, hoverboards are an exciting and efficient way to get from point A to point B. Design-wise, it looks very different from the earlier concept of hoverboards people perceived in the 80s.

An electric hoverboard is a self-balancing personal transporter that consists of two wheels connected to a pad where riders place their feet. Its speed can be controlled by leaning forwards or backward, and its direction by twisting the pads. Some hoverboards come with a handle like that of an electric scooter, while some don’t. Ultimately, it’s a smart electric ride that’s perfect for everyday travel and recreation.

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However, it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies for electric hoverboards. Earlier units that were produced in 2014 had multiple defects and were deemed unsafe. In 2016, a mass recall for these hover balance boards was made.

Several years after the incident, hoverboards are coming back stronger and safer than ever. What was once dubbed as “toys of the rich kids” are now made more accessible for more people. As they become more affordable, there is no better time to buy a hoverboard than now!


Benefits of Electric Hoverboards

We cannot stress enough how electric rides have made transportation a lot easier for many people. Not only are they the eco-friendly choice, but they are also the economical alternatives this generation needs.

The same principle goes for electric hoverboards. In a time when the cost of living rose dramatically, one would need to find cost-efficient ways to decrease daily expenses. Surely, modern technology has a lot to offer in this area, and hoverboards are one of them.

There are a lot of benefits to owning a hoverboard, and we’ll list some of them below!

  1. They are affordable means of transport. Compared to a car or a standard bicycle (or even electric ones), hoverboard prices are generally lower. As the demand for this stylish electric ride grew bigger, prices became lower. You would not have to shell out your savings just to buy it, you would even be able to save more money from other costly disadvantages.
  1. They are very cost-efficient. This is probably one of the biggest advantages of owning a hoverboard. Since they run on rechargeable batteries, gas money would be the least of your worries. Moreover, there are lightweight hoverboards one can carry indoors, saving you from the trouble of paying for parking.

  2. Hoverboards are eco-friendly. Much like other electric rides in the market today, electric hoverboards give out zero emission. This is because they run solely on battery power, and do not require any poisonous gases to operate.

    In addition, being operated by rechargeable batteries also means that using this smart electric ride could contribute to lessening the use of non-renewable resources. Simply put, electric hoverboards do not just help stop pollution, they aid in promoting sustainability too.

  3. No need to worry about maintenance costs. As stated above, hover balance boards do not make use of gases or any other liquids, so you wouldn’t have to worry about any leakage. Hoverboards are also housed in a durable outer casing. This casing is made from a solid material which makes the e-ride less susceptible to breakage.

  4. Hoverboards are one of the most versatile and stylish electric rides. Because they are generally lighter and smaller than other electric rides, electric hoverboards are more portable and handier. You can ride it anywhere and anytime; from getting day-to-day chores done, going to and from work or school, enjoying a fun ride at the park, and more. They also come in various styles that are very aesthetically pleasing.

    There are different kinds of hoverboards that are suitable for adults and kids alike. For instance, all-terrain hoverboards that are designed to ride any kind of path or terrain can be enjoyed by every adrenaline-seeking adult. Hoverboards for kids that are slightly smaller in size are available too, and can be a fun way to spend their weekends or holidays.   
  1. Riding a hoverboard burns down calories. As easy as it may look, riding an electric hoverboard can serve as a much-needed exercise. It may not look as exhausting as working out in the gym, but an hour ride can burn up to 300 calories. Hoverboards allow you to engage your core and give you full-body exercise without feeling tired or exhausted.

    Although not all boards might give the same results, off-road hoverboards that can tackle inclines might be more helpful if you are looking for more sweat and challenge. Either way, riding on one will help develop your muscle strength!

  2. It helps improve your focus and reflexes. When on a hoverboard, you become more aware of your surroundings. This is of course needed to avoid any kind of accidents or mishaps. Although electric hoverboards may look small and simple, some models can ride up to 20 KM/H!

    Riding at this speed will require focus and concentration to stay safe. This way, it can help you enhance your focus and reflexes as you need to be alert at all times while keeping your balance.

  3. Hoverboards help improve one’s posture. Unlike when driving cars or riding bikes, you cannot slouch when riding a hoverboard. You would need to stand upright to distribute your weight on the board, making it easier for you to maneuver it as you like.

    Hoverboards require you to keep your back straight at all times, and hunching over might result to muscle strain. Once you get used to riding in this position, it can have lasting effects (and positive ones, at that) on your posture!

  4. They are easy to use. Unlike other electric rides or any vehicles in general, electric hoverboards do not require any kind of special training to learn the basics. You can simply follow the manual included in its package, and you’re ready to go! Keep in mind though, that safety comes first! Always practice safety precautions and wear safety gear when aboard any self-balancing hoverboard.


  1. It adds new meaning to the word “convenience”. With all of the benefits listed above, it all boils down to one thing. Hoverboards are smart electric rides that will definitely bring convenience to your life.

    You can tackle just about anything aboard one: dreadful traffic, rising daily expenses, pollution, transportation, and a lot more. It is definitely an all-in-one package guised in a functional electric ride!

Where to Buy Hoverboards in Australia

Now that you have an idea about hoverboards and some of their benefits, you might be wondering where you can buy them from, right? There are many hoverboard brands and dealers that exist these days. In Australia alone, online hoverboard stores are making waves in the e-ride market.

However, it’s important to first know what you need to look for in a good electric hoverboard manufacturer or distributor before purchasing from them. Let’s take a peek on some of them.

  • See if they have various options available. Hoverboards differ in design, technology, and prices. A good online hoverboard store would offer a range of designs and models that would allow you to choose the one which suits you best.
  • Make sure that their products are safe and certified. After the wide recall of hoverboards in 2016, only those electric hoverboards that are certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) are guaranteed safe and reliable. This should be a major deciding factor when determining where to buy a hoverboard.

    Image result for underwriters laboratories australia

  • Shipping and Warranty. When looking for a trusted online hoverboard store, you should also make sure that they use safe and reliable courier partners. This will ensure the safety and fast delivery of your package, without any added costs. Moreover, you should also check the warranty the online store offers. A store that offers a 12-month (1 year) warranty is reliable enough and ensures that you get your money’s worth.

Once you have ticked all these boxes, then you sure have found a reliable hoverboard store that can accommodate your needs!

Hoverboards from E-Ride Solutions

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We believe that possibilities are endless with electric hoverboards. With continuing innovation, there will surely be more benefits to it in the coming year. Nevertheless, the future is bright for hoverboards!

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