Takuma Electric Hydrofoil

Known as one of the frontrunners in the electric foil boards industry, Takuma’s line of e-foils is the first one made accessible to everyone. Their research and development teams work every day to ensure that their products offer an excellent experience, from concepts to performance.

Takuma takes pride in their e-foils that give the experience of “flying over water”. Their designs are ecological, modular, and easy to use. These electric foil boards have really set the standards for other e-foil brands all around the world.

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All About Takuma E-Foil Boards

As firm believers of innovation, Takuma has made it a point to equip their models with nothing but the most cutting-edge technology. Each of their e-foils are carefully crafted with the best and most durable materials. They have also manufactured e-foil boards that are fit for all levels of experience, ages, shapes, and sizes. 

Let’s take a look at some of the Takuma E-Foils’ notable features!

  • Takuma boards suitable for all levels. Takuma’s prime goal is to make e-foils accessible to everyone. This is why they have designed their boards to adapt all sizes and levels. Even first timers will quickly enjoy their first “flight over water”.
  • Equipped with a powerful propulsion system. To ensure a safe ride above the waters, Takuma’s team of engineers designed a unique and powerful propulsion system. This will ensure a thrilling but smooth experience for the riders.
  • Innovative remote-control technology. Through a collaboration with BB Talkin, Takuma has designed remote controls that are easy to use. These controls connect via Bluetooth, and will make the rider feel in control of his board even from the first attempt. 
  • Automatic cooling system. Enjoy your every ride with a Takuma E-foil, without the worry of it over-heating. Their teams have developed an advanced cooling system that allows optimal temperature management of the equipment’s electrical system.
  • The first e-foil boards with a modular design. Takuma e-foils are very versatile. They can be used as electric boards to classic boards. There are also models that fit any riders’ preference.    

Buy Takuma E-Foil Boards in Australia

Sharing the same principles, both Takuma and E-Ride Solutions are working to offer their customers nothing but the best. This is why we made sure to make the brands’ e-foils more accessible for every Australian. 

Enjoy your flight over waters with a Takuma E-Foil Board of your own! Get yours form E-Ride Solutions today!