Benefits of Owning an Electric Ride in Australia in 2024

Fuel prices in Australia are on the rise, and with them, the cost of owning and operating a car. But with a little planning and elbow grease, you can keep your costs down by ditching the gas guzzler and turning to the world of alternative transportation. 


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With a litre of petrol costing up to $2, the Australian government is encouraging consumers to switch to electric rides like electric bikes or electric scooters as a way to help them save money, and reduce their carbon footprint, while also promoting the use of alternative fuels.

In this article, let us show you how owning an electric ride in 2024 can help you with your finances!


Save Money By Owning an Electric Ride

Using modern technology and powerful motors, an electric vehicle can help you save money on gas and maintenance costs, while helping the environment out in the process. Better yet, an electric ride can help you experience the joys of riding outdoors while enjoying the fresh breeze, so you won’t miss the smell of gasoline in the air or the sound of an engine purring along the road.

Recent global issues like fuel price hikes and climate change have brought the world to a shock, and Australia isn’t excluded from it. With that, many enthusiasts of the sustainable electric ride industry have started convincing people to own their own electric mobility equipment.

There are many advantages to owning an e-ride, and one of them is definitely saving money. Curious as to how? Let us show you some examples!


  • An electric ride is significantly cheaper than a car. On average, an electric bike costs around $2,000 to $8,000, whereas a new car costs $30,000 to $50,000. Of course, this is a general average and will vary depending on the make and model of the car you buy. However, an electric ride will almost always cost less to run than a car.

On the other hand, there are also electric scooters that range from $700-$3,000, again, depending on the make and power. Whichever your choice between the two will be, you’d still be spending less than what you’ll be spending on a brand-new car.


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And with the decreasing cost of electric vehicles, the price difference will only increase further in the future. In Australia, the cost of an electric bike can be as little as $2 per day to operate, which is a fraction of the cost of owning a car.

  • There’s no more need for fuel. Unlike cars, electric rides don’t need to be filled up with fuel every few kilometres. One of the biggest expenses when driving is actually fuel. In the long run, saving money on fuel means you save money on transportation costs.

Electric rides are also much greener as they don’t emit any foul smells or toxic fumes when they’re on the road. Another advantage to this is that you can just charge them up at night and drive them the next day without spending any money. And best of all, they get you from A to B much faster than a car, saving you time and money as time goes by.

  • You can finally get rid of parking fees. It’s no news that parking fees can sometimes be costly. According to research, Australia has the most expensive off-street parking in the world. And believe it or not, using an electric ride when running errands or even going around can save you money from parking fees.

Electric rides, especially electric scooters, electric unicycles, e-boards, or electric folding bikes, are very portable. You can easily fold them and save you the hassle and expense of finding a place to park.


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You can now bring your electric ride virtually anywhere, even on planes! At work or school, they can fit under tables or in some lockers. Electric mobility scooters are even allowed inside some establishments like grocery stores for the benefit of seniors and those with limited abilities.

This means you don’t only spend less time searching for parking and more time doing the things you need and want to; you also save a lot from parking fees. And best of all, electric rides are much easier to park than traditional cars.  

  • Spend less on maintenance. If you compare the costs side-by-side, you’ll see the significant difference between an electric ride and a traditional car. Although there may be some recurring costs for maintaining an e-ride, they are far cheaper than that of a car.

Say that you own a light car. According to an article by Take a Tumble, the monthly cost for maintaining a light car averages up to $770.16, while a small vehicle will cost around $928.64. These costs are way more than the average $90-$200 cost for an electric bike (depending on level of maintenance) which only requires at least maintenance once or twice a year.

Clearly, maintenance costs of an electric ride are significantly lower than those of a traditional ride, which means you’ll save money in the long run. Electric rides also have far fewer moving parts than traditional rides, which means they’re much easier to keep in top condition. You can even take your electric ride for a walk to exercise it! 

  • You don’t have to spend a fortune on insurance. Paying for car insurance is probably one of the things that put a strain on one’s annual budget. In Australia, it was shown that a car owner pays an average of $1,131 for insurance a year, and that still depends on which territory you live in. Some territories charge higher for insurance than others.


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However, owning an electric bike or electric scooter (or any electric ride at all), won’t cost you that much for insurance. There are insurance companies all over Australia that offer insurance policies for electric ride owners.

For a much affordable price, you can ensure your and your electric ride’s safety.  

Electric Rides that Will Save The Day

Now that you have an idea on how an electric ride will help you save money in the long run, it’s time for you to know your choices! The demand for electric rides has risen over the last decade, and many innovators and manufacturers stepped up and create rides that will make transportation easier and more economical for every rider.

Let’s now look at these electric rides!


Electric Bikes

Starting off this list is probably one of the most (if not the most) popular electric ride—the electric bike. To put it simply, electric bikes are very much like manual bikes, but with the addition of batteries and powerful motors to make your ride easier and more enjoyable.

As we have said in a previous article about electric bikes, the first electric bicycles appeared in the 1890s, while the more modern models with torque sensors and power controls became available in the market in the 1990s.


Ausstech Fremont M042 Electric Mountain Bike


Electric bikes have different types—the electric city bikes, electric mountain bikes, electric trike bikes, electric vintage bikes, and electric folding bikes. While they might look the same to the naked eye, these e-bikes are different when it comes to build, performance, and purpose.

However, there are electric bikes that can be used both off and on the road. This only shows that electric bikes are versatile and unpredictable recreational rides that can take you anywhere!


Electric Scooters

Following the electric bikes are e-rides that are dominating the streets all over the world; the electric scooters. Maintaining the traditional kickscooter’s build (tall handle bars, two wheels, and a wide deck), the e-scooter is an electric ride that’s perfect both for recreation and transportation.

Electric scooter manufacturers have added necessary upgrades to this electric ride to make it the powerful e-ride it is today. From riding for fun, to using it to get from point A to point B, electric scooters are now at par with e-bikes when it comes to functionality.


Dragon The Beast Electric Scooter


Just like electric bikes, e-scooters are now often used even for errands like food and goods delivery. There are also electric scooters with seats that can be enjoyed by kids or those with health problems that won’t allow them to stand long distances.

When it comes to versatility, the electric scooter should come on top of the list.


Electric Skateboards

Just like the first two electric rides, the electric skateboard is an upgraded version of its traditional counterpart. They are powered by motors instead of relying on kicks and pushes, as opposed to what mobilizes a normal skateboard.

Electric Skateboards are normally controlled by a hand-held remote throttle. This remote would will control the e-board’s speed and brake, ensuring the rider’s safety during the ride. It’s also a speedy ride that’s preferred by some as it makes traveling faster for them.


Honey Badger Electric Skateboard


Because of its lighter build compared to e-bikes and e-scooters, e-skateboards are very portable. You can easily bring them on the bus or train, or even store it under your table at work or school.

Other than that, an electric skateboard can be a fun way to destress after a long day or week. Ride it to work or school in the weekdays, and take it for a spin at the skatepark in the weekdays—you’re surely getting what your money’s worth with an electric skateboard.


Electric Mobility Scooters

Electric mobility scooters are more specialized electric rides usually catered to the elderly and those with limited abilities. One of the biggest hurdles they could face is mobility, and an electric ride like these can definitely aid them with their day-to-day needs.

By design, an electric mobility scooter is built like a wheel chair, but with the automatic components of an electric scooter. It is equipped with ergonomic seats, foot plates, a handlebar, and steerable wheels. It can easily be operated, but will require some upper body mobility especially when steering the wheels.


Solax Mobie Mobility Electric Scooter


With an electric mobility scooter, the elderly and those with limited abilities can make the most out of assisted living. They are allowed to feel independent, can attend to their activities easier, and can participate in social activities more.

Electric mobility scooters are usually offered by sectors like the NDIS, and there are online electric ride distributors like E-Ride Solutions that have partnered with them to make these e-rides more accessible to everyone.

These are just some of the electric rideables that can be alternatives to your daily transport. There are more electric rides for sale on the market, just like electric unicyles, electric hoverboards, etc. You can check out online buying guides like this one to know more about them!


Buy Electric Rides for E-Ride Solutions Australia

Whatever your choice may be, you just have to make sure that you have done enough research on the electric ride you will buy. You may also want to consider some factors like your purpose of riding, how often you’re going to use it (are you going to replace your vehicle with it?), and your budget.


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Once you’ve found an electric ride that ticks off all the boxes in your list, it’s also important to know where to go to purchase your electric ride. Here at E-Ride Solutions, we have a wide collection of electric rides that offer lower upfront costs, but don’t compromise quality.

We have partnered with the best brands in the country to provide any customer with the best and most affordable electric rides that can help you save your time, money, and help you start living that greener and more convenient life!

So, once you’ve checked out our collection of all-electric products, why don’t you give us a call or send us a message? Our staff will be happy to assist you with all your inquiries, and help you as you switch to the electric life!

For more information, you can visit our website at, or contact us at our toll-free number 1300-617-339.

You can also connect with us through our Facebook and Instagram accounts! Don’t wait any longer—make that smart move and switch to electric today!   

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