The Best Types of Electric Bikes: How are They Different from Each Other?

Ever since its debut in the cycling industry, various types of electric bikes have shown nothing but improvement and growth. While traditional bicycles may report a drastic fall in sales, e-bikes are completely on the opposite side. The industry’s sales are thriving and see a double to triple-digit growth every year.

With this increasing popularity, more and more people are getting curious about the remarkable electric ride. Its user-friendly features and adrenaline-inducing performance are drawing more patrons, hence the surge in its revenue.  


Man riding an e-bike with background blurred


E-Bike manufacturers took advantage of this and saw it as an opportunity to develop designs that are fit for every individual. This is how the simple e-bike branched out with different types, each boasting features according to its uses.

If you are reading this article, chances are there’s a thing or two you want to know about e-bikes. In that case, hold on to your pedal brakes as you are about to learn more about the best types of electric bikes, and how they differ from each other.


A Short History of Electric Bikes

A lot of people think that electric bikes are just 10-year-old inventions, but what they don’t know is they’ve been around much longer than that. According to an article by Optibike, the first electric bicycles appeared in the late 1890s and were documented by various U.S. patents.

Upgraded and more modern versions of the bike emerged in the ‘90s. This is when e-bike models with torque sensors and power controls became available. In the early 2000s, two big Japanese companies dominated the electric bike market.

20 years later, more and more quality brands rose and are still continuing to rise. Countries are opening up to the thought of embracing the industry and are starting to regulate traffic laws made especially for these electric rideables.

It is also in the last decade that the industry has seen an increase in its production and returns it has not seen in the past years.

With the proven steady growth and never-ending innovations, electric bikes are definitely here to stay and might go even farther into the future.  


Types of Electric Bikes and their Differences

Electric bikes are recreational vehicles that allow you to explore more roads and miles that you never thought were possible. They have also been around to provide convenience to people’s lives, and are known as the greener alternatives to traveling.  

One misconception that e-bike newbies have is that there is only one kind of electric bike. While this was true for some time, the lightweight electric vehicle has undergone countless processes of revolution.

With this, a variety of electric bike types were made. People now have a wider option to choose from; from the classic electric city bike to the charming and playful vintage electric bike.

Let’s take a look at these different types of e-bikes, and learn more about them, shall we?

  1. Electric City Bikes

This type of e-bike is designed for the urban setting. With its sleeker and more classic-looking design, a city electric bike is a favorite among metropolitan dwellers. The electric city bike has two sub-types, and each one is built according to the rider’s preference.

Electric commuter/road bikes, a.k.a. hybrid bikes are those that are furnished with narrower tyres and saddles, less suspension, and usually focused on lightweight design. One example of this is the Progear E-Sierra Ladies Hybrid Electric City Bike. If you usually ride on the streets, then this could be the best choice for you.


Person riding a bike in the city with the sun shining


Electric comfort bikes are similar to the commuter bike, only with more comfort features than the former. These city e-bikes are built with wider saddles, step-through frames, and swept-back handlebars to make riding more comfortable.

While the two e-city bike designs have distinctive differences, both are excellent choices for pedaling through the big city streets. With traffic jams and other unforeseen circumstances one can encounter every day, these functional e-bikes will get you to your destination without the unnecessary exhaustion and frustration.


  1. Electric Folding Bikes

When it comes to portability, folding electric bikes are the top choice. These bikes have a folding point—mostly in the middle of its frame or the handlebars. An electric folding bike decreases to half its usual size when folded, and collapses into a package no bigger than a suitcase.


a folded electric bike in the middle of a bridge


Some folding e-bikes like the Stigo Plus Folding Electric Bike are made super portable, that you can fold it up and pull it like luggage wherever you go.

Other e-bikes of this type are also able to fold in a matter of seconds, making it perfect for those who are always on the go.

If you want to store your bike in your car trunk or bring it with you to a train or bus ride, an electric folding bike is a perfect ride for you.


  1. Electric Mountain Bikes

This type of e-bike is probably the most flexible kind out there. E-MTBs are definitely great for the outdoors, trails, and steep climbs, but don’t leave them out when it comes on the streets either. One perfect example of a durable electric mountain bike is the Smartmotion X-City Electric Mountain Bike.

man riding an electric mountain bike

This electric rideable is available in two kinds; the more affordable hardtail bikes, and the full-suspension bikes.

A hardtail E-MTB makes a great commuter bike. It boasts similar functions and features with electric city bikes and e-folders, but comes with a more powerful motor that’s perfect for off-roads. 

Some electric fat bikes also fall into this category, as these mountain electric bikes are furnished with wider tyres that offer a more stable ride. This is to make sure that the rider is comfortable, even when tackling uneven trails.

If you are an adrenaline-junkie who enjoys hard trails on the holidays, but wants to take daily commutes on the next level, then an electric mountain bike is the perfect e-ride for you.


  1. Vintage Electric Bikes

Also dubbed as electric cruiser bikes, vintage e-bikes are made for those with an old soul and laid-back personalities. These bikes are definitely a playful twist to the classic electric bike design, but it doesn’t fall short when it comes to other features.

a vintage electric bike with white background

A vintage e-bike is a perfect ride for cruising the streets or the beach. It is the electric counterpart of a beach bike and is known for its style and riding comfort. They are installed with larger “balloon” tyres, but not wide enough to be defined as fat tyres.

Rayvolt, a well-established brand when it comes to vintage e-bikes, offers what is arguably the most beautiful vintage cruiser so far. They are known for their steampunk designs that are sure to take you back to the older years. However old school their designs are, their vintage electric bikes are equipped with an intelligent system powered by the latest technology.

If you wish to find an e-bike that’s perfect for leisurely riding along the local beach or through small paths, then a vintage electric bike is for you.


  1. Electric Trike Bikes

The e-trike bike is an upgrade to your traditional tricycle. It is also known as the electric cargo bike, as some designs stretch out at the rear for more cargo space.

This e-bike design often comes with attachments like rear baskets, bags, or even trailers for more storage. The Eurowheel Electric Folding Trike Bike is one of the best selling electric trikes for sale in the market. It is the epitome of practicality, as it can be utilized in various ways. The wide rear baskets make it the perfect mobility equipment for running errands, and even for food and essentials delivery.


a senior man riding an electric trike bike in the park


When it comes to balance and ease of riding, an e-trike bike is a superior choice. Because it is installed with three wheels, weight distribution is more equal, and riding is more stable. There are also numerous electric trike bikes for adults and seniors, and those with limited abilities.

If you are all about storage and functionality, then a dependable electric trike bike must be the one that you are looking for.


Staff Favorites: Electric Bike Types and Models that You Will Love

Now that you have an idea about the different types of electric bikes, you might be thinking of which e-bike to get. It could be quite tricky if you are a newbie, but knowing what you want and what you need the electric ride always does the trick.

The above explainer may have given you a hint on which type of e-bike you want to go for, so here are a few of our favorites that you might want to check out!

Bolzzen Condor Pro Electric Mountain Bike



Bolzzen Condor Pro Electric Mountain Bike


True to its meaning, the Condor Pro Electric Mountain Bike bolts through mountains and trails easily. The all-around e-mtb is one of the most reliable units out there. It has a powerful 250W motor, and choices of e-bike heights between 27.5 inches to 29 inches.

No matter which you choose, both types are sure to give you an easy and stable ride up the hills or off the roads. 

The Bolzzen Condor Pro Electric Bike is also very sleek and stylish. Its battery is hidden within its frame, maintaining the style and subtlety of the amazing e-mtb. But other than trails and mountains, the Condor Pro is also perfect for every-day use. With a top speed that's capped at 25KM/H (the legal speed as per Australian Laws), you can enjoy your daily journey without the fear of being late to any appointment.  

Introduce a new way of adventure in your life with a Bolzzen Condor Pro Electric Bike! 


Bolzzen Macaw Step Through Electric City Bike


Bolzzen Macaw Step Through Electric City Bike


If you’re looking for an everyday ride that can get you where you need to go efficiently, then you should check out the Bolzzen Macaw Step Through Electric City Bike. This electric comfort bike is made from special components, like a true-blue Bolzzen model.

The electric city bike from Bolzzen is so powerful that it can reach a range of up to 110KM, depending on charge and riding style. You can also easily reach the legally acceptable top speed of 25km/h as you ride it smoothly and safely on or off the road.    

With the Bolzzen Macaw, you can enjoy activities like daily commutes, leisure rides, food deliveries, and more while maintaining comfort. It’s high-end suspension seatpost and adjustable handlebar stem will do the trick! You can also easily monitor information about your trip with its large back-lit centre mount display.

An all-in-one package, the Bolzzen Macaw Electric City Bike is an electric ride that’s worth the investment!


Smartmotion X-City Electric Mountain Bike


Smartmotion X-City Electric Mountain Bike


Often dubbed as the “Landrover of E-Bikes”, the Smartmotion X-City Electric Mountain Bike is ready to take on any kind of terrain. The X-City is a step-through electric mountain bike with a 250W high-torque mid drive motor, durable tyres, and a 15.6Ah advanced lithium ion battery that’s weatherproof. 

Its Tektro Hydraulic Brakes have great control over steep hills, and its Sunrace 9-speed cassette allows it to reach decent speeds safely. It’s not only meant to be taken up mountains, it’s great for daily transport too!

The Smartmotion X-City Electric Bike ticks off all the boxes: fun, functional, and versatile!


Eurowheel Electric Folding Trike Bike



Eurowheel Electric Folding Trike Bike


Two types of e-bikes in one compact ride; the Eurowheel Electric Folding Trike Bike is sure to give convenience a new meaning.

The 3-wheeled e-bike is foldable, making it compact and easy to bring anywhere. It also comes with a wide rear rack, where you can haul your things easily, wherever you might need to go.

For additional comfort, the e-trike is installed with fat tyres, an ergonomic saddle, and a user-friendly system. These features make it a favourable choice for the seniors who are seeking for a new sense of adventure.


Kristall E5 Electric Mountain Bike


Kristall E5 Electric Mountain Bike


Never worry about rough paths and terrains again--the Krystal E5 ELectric Mountain Bike is made especially for bumpy rides. Its durable and high-performance Kenda Tyres will surely take you to places and distances you’ve never travelled before.

This powerful electric mountain bike from Krystal is a lightweight electric bike that weighs up to 19KG, but can easily hold up to 120KG of cargo. With its Shimano Tourney TZ-50 7-speed shifter, you can easily control the e-bike as if it’s a part of your own body.

Enjoy a fun and comfortable ride up hills or around the city with your very own Kristall E5 Electric Mountain Bike!


 Eunorau G20 Plus Cargo Electric Bike


Eunorau G20 Plus Cargo Electric Bike


If you’re someone who has storage on top of their list, then the Enorau G20 Plus Cargo Electric Bike is just the e-bike for you. The Eunorau G20 is a trust electric city bike that can be furnished with rear and front baskets, a design that’s similar to that of an e-trike’s.

The cargo electric bike is powered by a 750W mid-drive motor, allowing you to go about your day-to-day activities, with additional cargo benefits. You can easily ride and bring your essentials along with you wherever you go! 

No need to worry about comfort and safety too! The G20 Plus Cargo Electric Bike from Enorau has an adjustable handlebar stem for comfort, and its 24-inch tyres provide for a safe and stable ride on any kind of terrain.

There’s definitely more to what meets the eye when it comes to the Enorau G20 Plus Cargo Electric Bike, so don’t miss out!


Where to Find the Best E-Bikes in Australia

Once you have decided on which e-bike is the right type for you, you may want to consider other things like price points, battery life, range, and other important factors. For that, you should check out online guides that provide tips and advice that will help you make the right choice.


Woman riding an electric trike bike


As for where to find the perfect electric bikes for sale, online electric rideable stores are always filled to the brim with options that you can choose from. E-Ride Solutions is one of Australia’s top-performing electric rideable stores, and is known for its wide variety of electric rides from e-bikes, to e-scooters, and more.

Do you already have your own electric bike? We’d like to know what type of e-bike you went for, and how you knew it was the one for you! Leave a comment below and we’d love to share it with our readers!

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