Top Ten Tips On How To Find The Best Electric Bikes in Australia

Dubbed to be one of the fastest-growing categories in the cycling niche across the globe, the rising fame of electric bikes or e-bikes is so significant to be ignored. This is largely attributed to the many advantages of using an electric bicycle on a daily basis. This alternative means of transportation has been a favorite by a lot of individuals who are cycling enthusiasts who are looking for sustainable means of transportation and sustainable leisure activity.

Australians’ buying habits of electric bikes have a sudden shift in paradigm.  The import of which grew triple times over the past three years according to Peter Bourke (general manager of Bicycle Industries Australia). The growing interest of Aussies for e-bikes is undeniable. Thus, investing in a brand of e-bike must be taken seriously. This article will help you find the best brands in the market for you.

Why An E-Bike Matters To Us Now

In a nutshell, the electric bike does provide riders with low cost, energy-efficient, and emission-free alternative transportation as well as health benefits which goes along with it.

Having an e-bike is such a good idea because of those above mentioned advantages. Finding the best electric bike can be a daunting endeavor. You can be confused with a lot of brands and factors to consider.

Tips and Insights  In Finding the Best E-bike Deals!

To help you find the best type of electric bicycle will suit you.  Below are the top ten tips on how to find the best electric bikes in Australia:

  1. Think of the needs why you have to invest in an electric bicycle

Electric bikes are geared for different lifestyles, people and purpose. It is totally up to you to choose which features are most essential. If you want to prioritize comfort, then you should choose the step-through frame is the most recommended one. If uphill climbing is rigid, the middle motor system or the type with high torque hub motor is the top choice. If you happen to go on long-distance rides than you must look for a model with long battery life.

  1. Find the best retailers in town

You should look for the best sources on where to buy the electric bike of your choice. There are three significant things that you might need to consider when looking for the best retailers- quality vibe and commitment. The vibe is the impression or feeling you get when you first set foot into the shop. Are the sales personnel knowledgeable, friendly and helpful when you ask for assistance? Choose a shop that has enthusiasm towards e-bikes and as fully committed as they appear to be. Do they have enough electric bikes on stock? Purchase a bike from the retail shop which is more than willing to help you with most of your inquiries. That is the kind of retail shop which will entertain you as a biking enthusiast as the years pass by.

  1. Set your expectations when buying an e-bike

Electric bikes are created for various purposes. Look for the characteristics which you prefer for an e-bike in terms of power, reliability, and purpose. There are various electric bikes for sale that are available for buyers in the market. However, you have to determine the expectations you might have in terms of the performance and functionality of a specific brand or model of an e-bike. This will help you narrow –down your options to what is most suitable for you and will absolutely meet all of your expectations of how an e-bike should be.

  1. Test Drive various options for electric bicycles

This is one of the most fun parts of choosing the best electric bike. You should take the time to do several test rides. This will allow you to make necessary comparisons in the specifications and functionalities of various e-bike brands. Your efforts in doing the test drive will help you find the best model that will suit your needs and preferences.

  1. Look into the warranty

You have to spend a considerable amount of money when you want to buy an e-bike. The product warranty must include the motor, parts, and battery. With a warranty, you will be assured that you are spending your money wisely. You know which parts or items are replaceable and if there stipulated remedies on how to deal with damaged or dysfunctional products.

  1. Remember, trust your gut –feeling

You may be overwhelmed with a huge number of options and types of electric bikes. There are plenty of opinions and choices from credible organizations that review e-bikes in a systematic approach. To avoid bad deals, remember this: If the deal is too good to be true- stay away from it! If the brand is unheard of or has limited information available, you might stay away from it. You might be dealing with unscrupulous identities that will suck your money out. 

  1. Consider the long term effects on the sustainability of the environmental effects of your chosen electric bike.

You should consider the process of construction and longevity. Make sure that the parts are easily replaceable and are available in the market. Additionally, pay attention to the batteries if it is replaceable. Also, take the time to understand how to get rid of the old parts and batteries that will not put the environment in danger.

  1. The travel distance and the battery must be considered.

The next thing to think of is the distance you are expecting your electrical bike may cover and how the batter can cope. Your battery must last throughout the journey or the riding range. Consider buying higher capacity batteries or extra power in case of an emergency.

  1. Purchase your e-bike from an Australia-based retail shop

Before you make a purchase, you would initially ask yourself this question: "Is there any bike shop near me?" Buying local can save you from problems related to buying outside the country or your locality. It would be nice if you can easily reach the supplier and ask any questions you might have in mind. Considering the electric bike is still growing in popularity, you might need a lot of help from the experts – your local merchants can definitely lend a hand and assist with all your queries and concerns.

  1. Determine the accessories, gears, and gizmos you can install with your electric bike.

Safety is your priority. Thus, you can also invest in helmets, knee pads and alike. You should make sure you can add items like racks, lighting, smartphone integration and handlebar-mounted LC displays as well as trailers. There are plenty of items that you can purchase to make your e-bike ride safe and comfortable at all times.

What Kind of E-Bikes Being Offered

When you decided to ditch your car and skip on subways and ride your own electric bike, you have embraced the future of transportation. Obviously, there are a lot to choose from when buying an e-bike. However, we have narrowed down the options into the following: city bikes, mountain bikes, folding bikes, vintage bikes, and trike bikes.

This e-bike craze will be massive due to the fact that this product is simply amazing and user-friendly. Read below for each category as we delve deeper into them:


Electric City Bikes

First on our list is the city electric bike. Basically, this is recommended for the urban or city environment. City commuters are tired of metro traffic and pollution. Thus, city bikes are recommended for the city streets which are a hybrid of efficiency and comfort. You can choose between the two types of an electric city bike - commuter bikes (made with wheels similar to the regular bike) and electric comfort bikes ( built for people who would want an upright style of bike riding).

Top Performing City Bike Brands on our site:

  • Bolzzen
  • Eunorau
  • E-Ozzie
  • Kristall
  • Progear
  • Xiamoi
  • Ezriders
  • Wired Bikes
  • Smartmotion
  • Vamos


Electric Mountain Bikes

Electric mountain bikes or electric-assist mountain bikes can definitely amplify your pedaling power and the amount of fun while bike riding. You can conquer various terrains, ride fast, ride long and visit more places. It will surely add more value to your e-bike riding experience.

Top Performing Electric Mountain Bike Brands on our site:

  • Ausstech
  • Bolzzen
  • E-Ozzie
  • Kristall
  • Phatrider
  • Progear
  • Vamos
  • Smartmotion


Electric Folding Bikes

This type of electric bike is all about functionality and portability. This is perfect for commuters which can be easily transported into public transportation systems. It is really portable and can be carried with you anywhere. The intricate and smart designs and materials used for folding electric bikes are just some of the factors why this type can be a bit pricey.

Top Performing Electric Folding Bikes Brands on our site:

  • Ausstech
  • Eurowheel
  • Phatrider
  • Stigo
  • Xiaomi
  • Smartmotion
  • Vamos


Electric Vintage Bikes

If you reckon that the future electric bike must look good as the past, then the vintage bikes on our list are the right choice for you. These types electric bikes are built with the charm of the good old days when men first embraced the idea of riding vehicles with two wheels. Vintage bikes are all about classic beauty and charm with its amazing craftsmanship. With the right kind of battery technology, you will surely enjoy a stylish ride with much comfort and ease.


    Electric Trike Bikes

    This type of electric bike takes pride in its reputation of ease, comfort, and speed for the elderly market. This is the usual traditional tricycle with two rear wheels and one front wheel. It has perfected balancing on the road and often built with a basket to carry various stuff while cruising around.

    Top Performing Electric Trike Bike Brands on our site:

    • Eurowheel
    • Progear


    Electric rideables come with a price tag. However, you will always find quality when you pay more. When you invest your money with an electric scooter, electric hoverboard, or e-bike, you are advocating the use of eco-friendly, cost-effective, and highly efficient means of transportation.

    Have you just purchased your very first electric bike? Share with us some insights on how you have come up with a decision with the brand you have chosen? Please leave a comment and we can share it with our readers too!

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