Electric Bike Care and Maintenance: Tips to Keep your E-Bike Running Like New

Electric bikes are undeniably good ways to get around, but if you don’t take good care of them, then you’d definitely pay more than what you initially invested. Just like regular bikes, e-bikes need regular maintenance so they could stay on optimal condition.

Maintaining an electric bike isn’t that difficult. Some steps are easy and DIY, while some serious up-keeping might need a third hand from an expert. Either way, regular e-bike maintenance will reduce the risk of damage, repairs, and other situations that are uncalled for. Cleaning and looking after your electric bike will keep it running safely, efficiently, and as good as new.     


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In this article, we will share some tips and tricks in keeping your electric bike running like new!

Tips on E-Bike Care and Maintenance

An electric bike would have all the mechanical components a traditional bike would have. However, its electric components, like the battery and motor would mean that it needs much special care. Remember, the key to keeping your e-bike running smoothly is when these electric components are well taken care of. Regularly checking other mechanisms that are subject to wear and tear, like the drivetrain, chains, tyres, etc. are a must too. This way, you are sure to have a safe and efficient ride aboard your electric bike.

Now, here are some tips on how to take care of your electric bike.

  1. Clean your E-bike regularly. This should be a routine especially when you use your electric bike on the daily, or say take your e-mtb on a trail. The battery and motor are safely sealed, and you shouldn’t worry about water getting in them.

However, you still shouldn’t use any form of high-pressure hose when cleaning an e-bike. Doing so might let water penetrate through the bike’s closures and compromise its electric components.


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It is much more advisable to clean your e-bike with a low-pressure hose, water from a bucket, or even just a wet cloth. Before washing your e-bike, make sure you have checked and dusted off dirt from the charging port. This port should be kept close when washing the electric bike. Your e-bike shouldn’t be running or charging while cleaning.

Always remember to dry off the unit with a clean shirt or rag after washing. You can also use an e-bike specific cleaner to eliminate dirt and grime.

  1. Keep the mechanical parts lubricated. For the e-bike to run smoothly, you must make sure that all the mechanics are in working properly. By applying lubrication on the moving parts regularly, such as the chain, you are sure that the chains don’t wear faster.

Lubrication will help prevent rubbing of plates and rollers effectively. When exposed to dirt, metal tends to wear out quicker, so it’s essential to keep the chain clean. Additionally, applying lubricant to the chain will reduce the impact of environmental factors like water, mud, or sand.

A dry e-bike chain would be identified by a distinct noise. Keeping it lubricated will eliminate the annoying, squeaking sounds, and maintain a quite ride. Moreover, lubricated chains save e-bike energy by 5-10 watts, depending on the brand.

Remember: When applying the lubricant, you should make sure that none gets into the wire ports.     

  1. Do mechanical and electric checks before every ride. Before heading out on a journey on your e-bike, it’s important to check some things first. One of the first things you should check is your electric bike’s tyre pressure. If you’re using an electric mountain bike, you should also check its suspension settings. An e-bike with deflated tyres will not be able to give you the range, quality, and safety that you’re expecting.

You should also make sure to check your brakes and brake pads. E-bikes are technically heavier, so it’s very important that your brakes work properly. Before going out on a ride, you can do a quick brake check in your garage or on your yard.

Making sure that your brakes work properly will reduce the risk of any serious accidents on the road. You can also change your brake pads for cheap when needed.


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Other mechanical things to check are the bolts, screws, and nuts on your electric bike. You should make sure that none of them are too loose nor too tight.  

On the electrical side of things, you should first make sure that your battery is fully-charged before riding your electric bike. This is for you to make the most out of a convenient ride all through out the day. There’s nothing worse than an e-bike draining its battery life in the middle of a ride, right?

 You should also know how to take care of the electric bike battery well. Check your e-bike’s manual on how to charge it. Charging it improperly might lead to damage and/or immediate wear. Battery replacements are relatively pricey, so you have to make it last for as long as possible.

Another important thing to check before your ride are the cables. Make sure that they aren’t damaged and are plugged well and into the correct slots. Errors can occur once these cables are damaged or incorrectly plugged.

  1. Store your electric bike well after riding. When storing your electric bike after a ride, you should make sure that it’s dry, clean, and fully-charged for the next day. It’s not entirely necessary to take the battery off the e-bike when storing it. You can take it out for charging, but there are electric bikes for sale that allow the battery to charge while still mounted on the electric bike.

Never store your electric bike somewhere damp or moist. Doing so might cause the electrical parts of the electric bike to corrode, causing more damage up for repairs. Avoid hanging oily rags over the battery as it might heat up, and cause a fire. Most importantly, never let your battery get drained, and leave it be.

  1. Get your electric bike serviced once or twice a year. While the above e-bike maintenance tips we have shared are DIY, getting your e-bike checked up once or twice a year will help determine problems that might only be visible to an expert’s eye.

When you get your e-bike serviced, they will give it a thorough check-up for electrical or mechanical issues, and might even apply software updates on the e-bike’s system.


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If an electric bike is well-maintained, taking it in for a check-up by professionals can be done every 6 or 12 months. Either way, keeping your electric bike in check will undoubtedly keep it running like it’s new, all year long!

 Finding an Electric Bike Shop in Australia

Knowing what you want in an electric bike is a crucial factor in owning one. On the other hand, knowing where to find them is also half the battle. With the dawn of the digital world, looking for electric bike shops near you is as easy as pie. However, looking for the best one might be a little tricky.  

Due to the popularity electric bikes are getting especially these days, electric bike shops in Australia have risen exponentially. Still, it is the best to choose an electric bike distributor that offers units of the best quality, and the most competitive prices in the market. Most of these electric bike shops would also offer full e-bike servicing, or refer partners that provide professional assistance.

Online e-bike shops like us, E-Ride Solutions, offer electric bikes and other electric rides that are accessible and affordable. We have partnered with various reputable Australian brands like Smartmotion, Eurowheel, and Ausstech, to name, to ensure that the products we house are of the best quality.


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Whether you are a newbie who’s just planning to buy their first e-bike, or an enthusiast who’s planning to upgrade their unit, E-Ride Solutions has the thing for you. Our team is always happy to assist you in every inquiry and questions you might have, and in helping you find the perfect electric bike that will suit your needs!

For more information, you can contact us through our email info@eridesolutions.com.au, or visit our website at www.eridesolutions.com.au!

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