Electric Scooters with Seat: Who are They For?

If there’s one thing electric scooters are best known for, it’s this: convenience. It’s no secret that e-scooters have been efficient forms of transportation over the years, especially when a global pandemic hit. From fun electric rides hobbyists rode on the pavements, they became trusty mobility equipment that aided us in getting to our day-to-day destinations.


red and black motorcycle parked on gray concrete road during daytime


But what if we tell you that electric scooters can get even more convenient? You read that right, there’s more to what your eyes can see! Truth is, there are electric scooters with seats that can turn any commute into a fun and comfortable trip!

This might not come as a surprise to some, but knowing that your electric scooter can be customized to fit your needs is definitely helpful to a lot of people. In this article, we will answer these questions: What is an electric scooter with seat, and who is it for?


What is an Electric Scooter with Seat?

Back in the day, scooters were known as those slim, two-wheeled rides we rode in parks, pavements, or around our yard. It was fun as we had to kick our way on the ground to push ourselves forward. Years passed, and it’s still giving the same adrenaline rush, only with upgraded features and mechanism.

Thanks to modern technology, electric scooters allow us to feel the nostalgia of the old days, as we enjoy the convenience it provides in our daily lives. With essential upgrades like powerful motors, safety features like lights, GPS systems, and even customizable seats, e-scooters have proven to be at par with vehicles like motorcycles.

More than them being motorized scooters, electric scooters have proven to be useful transportation alternatives in the past years. With their speed, efficiency, and cost-effectivity, they became a first choice for many. Moreover, even those with limited abilities are allowed to enjoy the electric ride by owning an electric scooter with seat.

By definition, an electric scooter with seat is basically an e-scooter installed with a seat for additional functionality. However, there are additional benefits to this type of e-scooter compared to the standard ones.

Aside from it being an eco-friendly transport alternative, an electric scooter with seat also allows even those with problems with standing for long periods of time enjoy their ride. With a seat customized to fit their needs, they are able to go about their day and errands with little to no hassle.


girl riding an electric scooter with seat on the beach


Not only that, even adults and seniors who want to experience being in a two-wheeled electric scooter are able to do so because of this feature.  Electric scooters with seat are also favorable for kids who are just starting their e-scooter journey.

There are electric scooters that come installed with a seat, while some come with detachable ones that you can just install when you want or need to. In conclusion, an electric scooter isn’t just for one specific sector in the society—it’s for everyone who needs and chooses it!


How To Choose An Electric Scooter with Seat

Just like choosing any other electric ride, it is essential to first know what you will actually need the electric scooter for. Your initial thought would probably be “it should do well both on and off roads”, but one thing you should also consider is how much convenience it could provide you with.

If you are planning to use the e-scooter for every day, then it’s only smart to invest on an electric scooter with seat that can bring you more comfort when you need it. You can go for an e-scooter like the Kush Mini Steezer with a built-in seat, or the Dragon GT Electric Scooter with a seat you can attach and detach whenever you need or want to.

You must also make sure that when choosing an electric scooter with seat, you are choosing one that’s made with materials that can provide ample cushioning in case you would have to ride through uneven paths and terrains.


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Depending on how you will ride your electric scooter, its power is also an important factor to consider. If you are planning to use it off the road, then a heavy-duty electric scooter that’s sturdy enough to take on any path or terrain should do the trick. Remember also that an e-scooter’s range and battery life also depend on your riding style and the environment you ride it on.

To know more about how to choose the right electric scooter for you, we have discussed this in a previous article which you can access here.


The Best Electric Scooters with Seat in 2024

As we enter the 1st quarter of the year, we again saw the growth of electric scooters not just in Australia, but all around the world. In this part of our article, let us show you the 7 best electric scooters with seat that can definitely take you places in 2024!


Dragon GT Electric Scooter (With Seat)

Price: $939.00


Dragon GT Electric Scooter

Interested in the Dragon GT Electric Scooter? Shop here!


One of their earliest best-selling electric scooters, the Dragon GT Electric Scooter is a perfect every-day ride. It is lightweight but durable, foldable and portable, convenient, and most of all, customizable.

Unlike other models from Dragon, the GT can be turned into an electric scooter with seat. Although not built-in, you have the choice to buy the e-scooter with a detachable seat that comes with bolts for easy installation.

This feature makes the GT perfect for those who want to experience the fast and easy ride an electric scooter offers, while sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying every turn!


Dragon GTS Electric Scooter (With Seat)

Price: $1,289.00 / $1,639.00

Dragon GTS Electric Scooter


Another electric scooter from Dragon that made it to the list is the Dragon GTS Electric Scooter. This sport scooter is a sturdy electric ride that suits all kinds of conditions. Whether it be running errands or zooming into long, bumpy terrains, this e-scooter doesn’t joke around.

The GTS Electric Scooter from Dragon comes with a choice between a single 800W or dual 1600W motors. Just like the Dragon GT, it can also be customized and turned into an electric scooter with seat to best fit your needs.

This way, you’re not just able to go around fast and light on your feet, you also get to comfortably experience what it’s like riding a powerful motorcycle, just more thrilling and eco-friendlier!


Kush Mini Steezer Electric Scooter

Price: $1,299.00


Kush Mini Steezer Electric Scooter

Interested in the Kush Mini Steezer Electric Scooter? Shop here!


Next on our list is a crowd favorite among electric scooters with seat, the Kush Mini Steezer Electric Scooter. This E-scooter comes with a built-in seat, allowing you to cruise along parks and beaches in the most comfortable way possible!

With its decent pace and range, the Mini Steezer is perfect for leisurely rides on and off roads. It is also strategically designed to keep your posture in check while you enjoy a relaxed and convenient ride.

The Mini Steezer Electric Scooter comes with two 10-inch tyres, thus ensuring a stable ride wherever you take it! It can reach a maximum range of 30km in a full charge, but remember—it always depends on your riding style!


Voltrium Rogue 2000 Gen 3 Electric Scooter

Price: Starts at $2,100.00




Interested in the Voltrium Rogue 2000 Gen 3 Electric Scooter? Shop here!


This flagship electric scooter from Voltrium didn’t come to play! With its 2000W brushless motor (with a 2600W peak), and a choice of 20Ah, 30Ah,40Ah, or 52Ah batteries, you cannot go wrong with this beast on or off the streets.

The Voltrium Rogue 2000 Gen 3 is an electric scooter that can dominate any path or terrain you take it to. With an additional e-scooter seat you can choose to install, you can easily and conveniently enjoy your ride to anywhere!

No worries about running out of energy when riding—the Rogue 2000 Gen 3 can reach a top range of up to 55km, depending on your riding style.


Where to Buy Electric Scooters with Seat in Australia

Knowing which electric scooter to buy is one thing, but knowing where to buy them is another story. When asking yourself “where can I buy an electric scooter with seat near me?”, you should also be considering a few things:

  • Are they trusted distributors of the best brands?
  • Do they offer competitive prices and warranty/insurance?
  • Do they have trusted courier partners?
  • Do they offer payment options that’s available to every customer?

Once an electric ride store, online or offline, ticks off all these boxes, then you’re good to go! Just like us here in E-Ride Solutions, we value our customers’ experience and satisfaction the most! With our brand partners and competitive prices on electric scooters and other electric rides, we strive to make all the best mobility products accessible to every Australian.


E-Ride Solutions Australia


So, have you made up your mind on which electric scooter with seat is for you? Do not hesitate to contact us or visit our website at www.eridesolutions.com.au to get started on your electric journey!


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