How to Choose the Right Electric Scooter for You

In this day and age, electric scooters are becoming more and more visible on and off roads. This is because it has proven to be an effective transportation alternative, and a fun and thrilling form of excitement. Adding to that, a lot of people have also discovered its benefits on one’s health and fitness.


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Along with other electric rides in the market, e-scooters have gained global popularity. It’s widely-known and appeals to people of all ages. Surely, electric scooters are a good investment. But, how do you know if it’s the right electric scooter for you?

That’s what we will find out in this article!

A Brief Background on E-Scooters

Before the battery-operated scooters that you see today, manual kick scooters dominated the sidewalks. These were two-wheeled scooters that relied on the rider’s kick to push them forward, or weight to put them to a stop. These scooters were mostly enjoyed by kids and were usually seen in front yards or parks.

Years after that, electric scooters came to life. The now heavily-upgraded scooters are powered by batteries, high-performance motors, and wider wheels. Unlike its older version, e-scooters can be put into motion by a simple press of a thumb throttle. Because of this, riding through unfriendly paths and steep inclines are made possible and easier.

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Now, scooters aren’t just made for the sidewalks. They can be enjoyed off the roads too, and you’re sure to have the time of your life while you do!


What Makes a Good Electric Scooter?

There are a lot of things you need to consider when you buy an electric scooter. Sure, style and aesthetics can be the first thing that catches one’s attention. But, just like buying a car, or any gadget that you plan using on the daily, you have to pay attention to the littlest of things too.

Knowing what constitute a good electric scooter can mean the difference between investing on something that will be useful for the years to come, and splurging on something that will end up being stored in the garage for a long time.

So, before you purchase an e-scooter, it’s best that you consider these things first:


Before anything else, safety should be your top priority. Because of their open build, electric scooters seem to attract more hazards than other electric rides. That can be avoided when you choose a ride that puts a serious note on safety, more than others.

One of the biggest factors of e-scooter safety is knowing how the ride’s brakes work. Of course, an electric ride with top speed would be favorable, but you have to know all about its braking power as well. Hydraulic, rear, and disc brakes are some of the best types that would get the work done. A good e-scooter wouldn’t only have focus on how fast it can go, but on how safe it can stop as well.

Additionally, you should also make sure that the scooter follows the legal speed limit for it to be used on main roads. It should also have adequate lighting if you need to zoom in on it during the night.


Whether you’ll use it for leisure or as a form of transport, comfort should be one of the things you consider the most. A good electric scooter would normally have suspension or air tyres. When they do, you would be able to ride them on uneven pavements, and specifically anywhere else. It should also have a powerful motor that can ensure a stable ride.


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In addition, some e-scooters would have detachable seats that you can opt to install if you need to travel long distances, or if you have standing problems. This will give you additional comfort during your ride. Either way, seated or not, your electric scooter of choice should provide you with options that will fit your needs as a rider.


This might be the easiest thing to look for in an e-scooter. Most of these electric rides are foldable, but the best electric scooters would usually fold in seconds, some even with just one push of a button. Other factors you should also consider are the following: Where do you plan to store it? What kind of environment you encounter every day when you travel? Do you need it to fit in buses or trains? Do you care about the time that it folds or unfolds?


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For some, portability is important, but not that much for others. But, if you want to make the most out of electric scooters, then portability should be one thing you should keep an eye out for.


This would be one of the prime features a good electric scooter would have. Performance would include the range, speed, and battery life / power of the electric ride. You should be aware of what kind of riding experience an e-scooter will be able to give you.

The best electric scooters will give you your money’s worth, that’s for one. But if you choose to buy one that’s within the lower price point, it doesn’t mean that you should settle for something that compromises quality.

Remember that your satisfaction would rely on how well your electric scooter serves you, and not how much you spent on it.


How to Find the Right Scooter for You

Now that you what makes a good electric scooter, let’s delve into how you should choose the right scooter for you.

A lot of factors can affect the choice you would make. There’s your preference, budget, need, and even your height! So, to guide you with that here’s  a few things to keep in mind!


Make sure you know what kind of riding you will do. If you only plan to use your electric scooter for commuting to and from work or other errands, then you wouldn’t need that much power. A good e-scooter with 250-500 watts would seal the deal for you. However, if you plan to use it for off-roading, you should opt for a ride that will give you at least 1000 watts.

There are brands like Bexly  who offer e-scooters with a wattage of 2000W. Although this may not be legally allowed to be ridden in public in most Australian states, you can always give them a whirl in any private property.

Knowing the purpose of buying an electric scooter will save you not just time and effort on research, but also on extra bucks that might be spent on the wrong investment.

Stick to a budget you’re comfortable on spending. As we have stated earlier, your satisfaction would rely on how well your e-scooter serves you, and not on how much money you spent on it. If you are not comfortable on splurging on more expensive scooters, then there are budget-friendly scooters like the Bexly 8 Electric Scooter, or the Zero 8 Electric Scooter that will get you from point A to B safely.

But, if you are looking for more durable and high-performing e-scooters, then you could opt for the pricier ones like the Phantom Electric Scooter from Vippa. At the end of the day, it will still boil down on your preference, and how you plan to utilize your trusty ride.

Know the suitable dimensions, height, and weight capacity. Just like choosing the right e-bike size, it’s also important to know whether an e-scooters dimensions fit you and your frame. If the handlebar height is comfortable enough to use, and doesn’t put much pressure or stress on your arms, then that’s the perfect height for you. But if not, then you should definitely find another one. Don’t fret though, there are electric scooters with adjustable handlebar heights. If that’s the case, then you’ve hit the jackpot!

The foot deck is another thing you should check. If you have slightly bigger feet, opt for an e-scooter with a wide deck, so you can make sure that it will accommodate you perfectly. But even if you have smaller feet, and you want to use your ride for off-roading, you would need more room to shift around. A wide-decked electric scooter will be suitable for this too.   


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Another thing you should consider is the scooter’s weight capacity. Remember that your e-scooter’s performance will also depend on the payload. If it carries a load that’s over the capacity, then it might not be safe for you and the e-scooter as well.

Will the range be enough for your need to ride the electric scooter? Riding style can affect the range an e-scooter can give. There are a lot of variables that can have a direct relationship on how much range your ride can give you.  In this aspect, you have to make sure that you ride smarter, smoother, and be able to help your scooter when it needs the extra push on harder slopes.

Additionally, how you maintain you e-scooter can have a direct effect on is performance. Given this, it’s the safe choice to opt for an electric scooter with higher ranges, and you’ll sure be satisfied.

Be sure you know the top speed your e-scooter can give. The logic is simple, you’d want to buy an electric scooter to avoid heavy traffic jams, and to get to places faster with less effort. Moreover, if you are an adrenaline chaser, then a powerful and speedy e-scooter will probably catch your eye first.

Once you know how fast you want to go, you can choose an electric scooter that can keep up with you. However, you should also consider weather conditions, safety regulations, and street laws before making this decision.  In some Australian territories, motorized scooters are only allowed to travel at a speed of 10 to 25km/h, not more than that.


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Remember that speed limits are there to ensure your safe riding experience, and it’s your responsibility to abide by these laws.

Find a distributor that offers reasonable warranty. This is something that most buyers would easily overlook. Before you purchase an electric scooter, make sure that it comes with warranty that you can depend on. An online electric ride store that offers a 12-month warranty is reliable enough, and it’s a bonus if they use safe and reliable couriers as well.

While checking the specifications of you e-scooter, it wouldn’t hurt to double check what kind of warranty it comes with. This will save you from a lot of trouble from the future, in case things go askew and you’ll need a refund or replacement on your electric rideable.

These are some of the crucial aspects you need to consider when choosing an electric scooter. Other than these things, you should also know how to maintain your electric scooter. We have a discussion for that on a separate blog post, you can check it here.

Once you have ticked all off these boxes, then you are sure to have picked the e-scooter that will serve you for the miles and years to come!


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