How To: Tips and Tricks for Electric Scooter Maintenance and Safety

20 years ago, no one would have imagined that electric scooters would reach the height that it has reached now. The electric ride skyrocketed to popularity during the last decade, and is continuing to make waves in the e-ride industry. A growing number of people, from adults, teenagers, and even children use e-scooters for both travel and leisure.



However, just like any other electric ride, it is essential to an electric scooter’s riding safety measures, and maintenance.  One can definitely make the most out of his e-scooter experience knowing that he is safe during the ride, and that his scooter is in its best condition.

In this article, we will give you some tips and tricks on how to properly maintain your favorite compact e-ride, and of course, how to safely have fun while at it.


Importance of Electric Scooter Maintenance    

Unlike manual scooters, e-scooters require a different type of looking after. Although they are technically easy to maintain, doing so regularly will help keep them safe to use and smoothly sailing on the road.

Regular e-scooter maintenance reduces the likelihood of major problems and increases the functionality of your trusty e-ride. It also saves the owner money from future repairs. Simply, putting a little extra effort on looking after your e-scooter will save you from greater trouble in the future.

Moreover, a well-maintained e-scooter means that you can rely on it whenever or wherever you want and need it.  

So, before we give you some comprehensive tips on maintaining your electric scooter, let’s first find out why doing so is essential!

  1. It doesn’t cost much—you can do it yourself! It’s a known fact that some have purchased an e-scooter knowing that switching to it is more cost-effective and budget-friendly. This is true, and the fact that one doesn’t need to splurge money on maintenance makes it even more favorable. It can be done with simple tools that can already be found in your garage, and it levels up your handy skills too. It’s a win-win situation!

  2. Regular maintenance eliminates serious hazards. Just like any other ride that takes on the road, an unmaintained e-scooter could be a disaster waiting to happen. But if the owner checks it up regularly, he would know once there are repairs that need to be done, or if there are any parts that need top be replaced. This way, you’re not only taking care of your e-scooter, you’re keeping you and the people around you safe from fatal accidents.

  3. It keeps your riding much more enjoyable. A well-maintained electric scooter puts your mind at ease at all times. No need to worry about flat tires or a faulty battery—all you need to do is hop on and enjoy your ride! Just make sure that you are equipped with the right protective gear, and you’re ready to go!

These are just some of the reasons why you need to look after your e-scooter properly. Now that you know the essence of keeping an eye on your e-scooter, it’s time to learn how to do it properly.  


Electric Scooter Maintenance Tips

If you’ve just bought your e-scooter a few months ago, and notice a slight (or relevant) decline on its performance, then chances are it needs upkeeping. As we have stressed in the earlier parts of this article, regular maintenance can mean the reliability of one’s e-scooter. When it’s done often (and properly, of course), you are sure to have your money’s worth.

If you want your e-scooter to run for years, you need to know how to take care of it! Here are a few important tasks you should be mindful of.

  • Make sure you charge the battery often. An electric scooter isn’t what it is without a battery. While it can still be used like a manual scooter with the batteries off, that will take away the variety of a hassle-free travel.

    Electric scooter batteries are often lithium-ion. Unlike the lead-acid batteries of the past, these innovations are able to provide better functionality and longer-lasting power. However, batteries of this type also have a life cycle. So, to maximize the life of your battery, it is important to make sure you charge it to 100% every few days, or after every ride.

    Tip: Do not let the battery get drained! A complete charging cycle happens when you drain the battery, and charge it back up to a hundred percent. Doing this often will cause the battery to lose the ability to hold a full charge, thus shortening a scooter’s range. A better way to do it is to charge your e-scooter every ride.

  • Store it somewhere safe. The general rule of thumb for e-scooter maintenance is to prevent as much damage as possible. One good way to start is storing it somewhere safe and secure.

    When choosing where to keep an electric scooter, it is important to consider two things: sunlight and temperature. You would want to keep it somewhere it wouldn’t get hit by direct sunlight, and with stable temperatures. Keeping it somewhere too warm or too cold might damage the battery and cause other components to break down sooner.

    Tip: If you’re using your e-scooter to commute or run errands, bring it inside as much as possible. This will keep it from elements and conditions that might cause general wear and tear.

  • Check tyre pressure before riding. This task goes the same for all kind of rides, electric or not. Proper tyre inflation will help you range the maximum range without putting too much pressure on the e-scooter’s motor. You can use a simple bike tyre gauge to do this.

    Additionally, you should check your tyres for damage all the time. This will let you know if they would need replacement. They should also be kept at the right pressure to avoid too much wear on the inner tube.

    Tip: Bring a patch kit with you whenever you ride! This way, you could fix minor tyre issues without interrupting your commute.  

  • Inspect cables as often as possible. An electric scooter’s brake system relies on a series of wires and cables to operate. When the cables are in mint condition, the brakes properly. However, when the brakes are old, rusted or damaged, the brakes wouldn’t work as well as they should. Worst case scenario, they would fail to work at all.

    This is why you should inspect the cables often. Make sure that the plastic casing for the cables are intact. The same goes for the throttle cable when inspecting the brakes.

    While you’re at it, you should check the brake system itself as well. This would include the brake pads, discs or rotors. If you notice something that needs to be replaced, have it serviced right away.

    Tip: Once you notice any serious damage on the cables, housing, or the brakes themselves, do not try to salvage it yourself! It’s best if a professional attend to this kind of situations.

  • Keep the components clean and lubricated as much as you can. Cleaning your electric scooter at least once a week is important not just to keep it neat to look at. It also saves your ride from damage caused by unattended dirt and other elements.

    Remove any stubborn dirt, mud, and plants that could jam the wheels. You should also make sure that all joints and parts properly lubricated so that they won’t grind against each other.

    Tips: Use lukewarm water when cleaning your e-scooter. Make sure that you don’t get any electrical components wet. Be extra careful when you have to work around those areas. When lubricating, avoid using household lubricants. Make sure that you use lubricants designed for e-bikes and e-scooters.

Last but definitely not the least…

  • Set up and annual inspection. If you’re using e-scooter as your primary means of transportation, then D.I.Y. maintenance steps might not be enough to keep it in good condition. In this case, it’s best to schedule yearly check-up with your most reliable mechanic.

    Mechanics will be able to perform wholistic inspection on your e-scooter, and make repairs until it’s too late. Moreover, they would be able to spot issues that you might have overlooked, saving you from bigger trouble.

    Tip: If you don’t know where to take you e-scooter, you can ask from advice from the shop where you bought it from/ More often than not, they have mechanics that are help you, or recommend someone they trust.

    Once you’re able to perform these maintenance tasks, you are sure to enjoy a worry-free electric scooter ride!

Electric Scooter Riding Safety       

Aside from knowing how to give your e-scooter its much-needed TLC, it’s also important to know how to ride in it safely. All the steps mentioned above might be useless when the rider ignores to follow safety guidelines.

Electric scooters might be fun to ride, but they can also pose a threat to their owners when improperly used. To avoid this from happening, let us show you some of the things you need to must know before and while riding an e-scooter.  

  1. Always wear protective gear. Whether it be for commuting of leisure, an e-scooter ride must always be protected. One wouldn’t know when an accident might happen, and he could save himself from the worst by wearing personal protective equipment.

    Tip: Wear a durable helmet and mouth guard if possible. Elbow and knee straps and gloves may serve as additional protective gear as well.  


  1. Avoid riding in wet conditions, and slippery surfaces. Although an e-scooter is able to handle exposure to water, it doesn’t mean that one could ride through it frequently. Water makes it difficult for the tyres to support the scooter. If it gets trapped inside the joints, it might cause the metal to rust.

    If riding in such conditions can’t be helped, make sure that your scooter is thoroughly dry before continuing your journey.

    Tip: Keep it on a low speed when you have to ride on wet or slippery surfaces. You should also keep your eyes peeled for possible metal corrosion, and clean it off with an approved rust remover.

  1. Be aware of everything, and that includes your surroundings. Electric scooters are generally unnoticeable because of their sleek design. This is why e-scooter riders should be more mindful of their surroundings when gliding through busy streets.

    If you’re riding through a busy street, it is only logical not to perform any e-scooter tricks that might lead to serious accidents. Look out for pedestrians, and be sure to follow traffic rules. One should also avoid tailgating (in all shapes and forms), and most especially, using their phones when riding.

    Tip: If you’re planning to ride your e-scooter at night, it would be ideal to get a model that has built-in tail lights. However, if you already have one that doesn’t come with such specification, you can always purchase customizable lights and have them fit your e-scooter.


  1. Beware of road barriers. When one has too much fun riding his scooter, he might not be able to keep an eye out for road defects such as bumps, potholes, or cracks. This is one thing that you should not miss, as it one of the main reasons of scooter accidents.

    Once you are nearing a barrier, you should decrease your speed until you come to a full stop. If a full stop is impossible, then slowly head into a clear path where you can avoid barriers.

    Tip: Keep an eye out for puddles. They might not look harmful, but they could be dangerous, especially when riding through the wet weather.

  1. Never ride your electric scooter during a lightning storm. While a little rain might be bearable for an e-scooter, the same doesn’t go for lightning storms, or other harsher conditions. Lightning can pose serious harm to someone who rides any type of electric ride. Once this occurs, you must stop using your e-scooter, and find a safe spot to take shelter in.

Knowing how to properly take care of and use your electric scooter will not only give you the best performance, it will also ensure that you are safe and sound wherever and whenever you ride it.

It also helps that you purchase your e-scooter from electric rideable shops like E-Ride Solutions, just to guarantee that you get nothing but the best quality electric scooters, and top-rated service that you deserve.

Got questions or anything to share about your e-scooter? Comment down and let us know what you think!      

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