Outdoor Activities for Seniors and the Elderly: 5 Ideas they Will Enjoy

The great outdoors; it's something that some, if not everyone, absolutely love and enjoy. It doesn't just give one a breath of fresh air: it also has a lot of benefits on one's health! This is one reason why experts suggest some outdoor activities for seniors and the elderly. Spending time outside exercising, or even just enjoying the scenery, helps in keeping one's mind sharper and mood, happier.


two seniors walking in the park


Not only that, but engaging in outdoor activities will also improve their physical health, mobility, and sense of well-being. With that being said, some seniors who choose to live alone might have a hard time achieving this.

There are a lot of reasons why the elderly might not be able to enjoy outdoor activities. Here are some of them:

1. They live alone in their homes. Some seniors who choose to live alone tend to be isolated from the outside world. This happens when after the loss of a spouse or friend, or even children. This sense of melancholy will increase if they rarely step outside of their homes.

Some seniors choose to engage in group activities (book clubs, volunteering, etc.) to maintain social interaction. However, it is believed that spending time with nature decreases loneliness, and increases serotonin levels.

2. They are restricted by physical limitations. This is probably one of the most common reasons why seniors tend to be cooped up in their homes instead of going outside. Physical limitations like not being able to walk long distances, bone problems, and others leave them with no choice but to the comfort of their homes. This also limits them from fulfilling daily tasks like grocery shopping.

Fortunately, there are electric mobility scooters available in the market today. These electric rideables will allow them to go wherever they want and need to go and will increase their mobility by the numbers.


elderly in a mobility scooter with a carer


There is a plethora of things one can do outside their own homes, In this article, we will give you some outdoor activities that seniors would surely enjoy!

Outdoor Activities for Seniors

There is a wide variety of things seniors can enjoy outdoors. Most of these activities are easy for their caregivers or loved ones to arrange. Some they can even set themselves! With the right equipment and mindset, these outdoor activities are possible.

Let's take a look at five simple outdoor activity ideas every senior citizen will love!

1. Gardening - this is probably one of the most popular outdoor activities among seniors. Gardening can make a good exercise or a simple form of relaxation. It maintains their flexibility, and strength, and allows them to stay active. Moreover, the gardening of crops can even be a fruitful source of food. This will allow them access to sustainable living, and even give them a sense of accomplishment.

2. Cycling - this activity is for those who are generally stronger and experience fewer physical limitations. Cycling has multiple benefits for one's health. It allows one to get much-needed cardio, and it helps build resilience. Some also go cycling in groups, which then helps them become more socially active.


two seniors riding an electric bike


To fully enjoy this outdoor activity, seniors often prefer electric bikes or electric trikes over the usual manual bicycles. This is because of the easy-to-use features that let them make the most out of their riding experience.

3. Strolling around the neighborhood - this one is definitely one of the simplest outdoor activities seniors can enjoy. A simple walk around the neighborhood with a group of friends, or even family, can impact their mood and disposition in general. A good walk can also provide much-needed cardio, and have a calming effect on someone.

This is also the most accessible form of outdoor activity. Most wouldn't have the need for special equipment, except maybe for suitable footwear. Moreover, those with limited mobility can also enjoy this leisurely activity with trusty electric mobility scooters or electric wheelchairs. In a sense, it's an activity that can be enjoyed by anyone at any level of capacity!

4. Golfing- this activity is popular among retirement communities. Golf is known as a good and entertaining way to spend time outdoors. It is also a relaxing activity for some, and it helps them improve their coordination. It might look like a simple sport, but golfing also provides light exercises that every senior needs.

With the use of golf carts and mobility scooters (if allowed), going around driving ranges wouldn't be a problem. These electric vehicles can accommodate those who have problems with walking or standing for long periods of time.

5. Picnic - now this one is a classic. A picnic, however elaborate or simple it might be, is a good way to bask under the sun and soak up that much-needed Vitamin D. It is also a form of social activity that will allow seniors to have conversations with their friends or even caregivers. Not only that, but they are also able to enjoy beautiful and entertaining scenery.


elderly woman with her daughter and grand daughters


Fresh air is a good source of relaxation and has a lot of positive benefits to one's health, and a picnic will allow seniors to enjoy that with a bite or two!

Now that we have given some outdoor activity ideas for seniors, let's look at why one should consider trying them!


Benefits of Outdoor Activities for Seniors

Advantages of spending time outdoors have been well-documented over the years. This applies not just to seniors, but to people of all ages. In this part, we will enumerate some benefits of outdoor activities that will help alleviate the challenges the elderly face.

It helps improve bone health. This is a common problem among elderly women. Bone diseases like osteoporosis cause the bones to become weak and brittle, and even bending over or coughing can cause a fracture. One of the main causes of this is inadequacy in Vitamin D levels.

Vitamin D improves the body's ability to absorb calcium. And what is the most common source of Vitamin D? Yes, you got that right. Sunlight. Therefore, exposure to early-morning sunlight for at least 15 minutes a day is advisable for seniors facing this challenge. Moreover, regular exercise is also a must. Outdoor activities like biking or walking around the neighborhood are good choices for this.

It improves their mental health. Studies and even first-hand accounts have shown that seniors who spend more time outdoors experience less depression and anxiety. Those who engage in activities like running, cycling, or walking outside have lessened the risk of mental health problems compared to those who choose to exercise at home.


elderly man and woman sitting on a bench

Being one with nature brings about more positive feelings. Those who are unable to go out and do rigorous physical activities can enjoy the scenery, smell fresh flowers, and even feel sand on their feet.

It gives them abundant energy. Just like any other person, being outdoors gives seniors a greater sense of energy and liveliness. It makes them feel more alive, and this can greatly impact their resilience to illness.

Not only that, spending time outdoors doing various activities may boost one's memory. A study has shown that there is a 20-percent improvement in attention span and memory retention after spending one hour with nature. This means that spending more time outside will result in greater gains in memory, and may improve creativity as well.

It promotes better overall health. Aside from the physical and mental stability outdoor activities ensure, there are more health-related benefits one can get from doing so. As mentioned above, being outside increases levels of Vitamin D. This nutrient is often low among seniors. Increasing its levels would help reduce risk of a number of physical ailments like multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and even heart attack.


elderly man and woman smiling

Additionally, being outside may help improve one's immunity. This happens when there is a boost in white blood cells, and improvements might last longer than expected. Being in touch with nature may also aid in recovery from physical injuries or some illnesses.

Seniors and the elderly benefit so much from engaging in outdoor activities. Keep in mind though, that these activities are advised to be done in groups, or enjoyed with friends and other people who share the same experiences. This way, seniors, especially those who are isolated, are able to gain more social interaction. These activities will also let them engage with other people. Time spent with other people may give them a sense of belonging, and something to look forward to every day. It may make all the difference in their life, and those around them too.

Moreover, such outdoor activities will help those with limited mobility regain their freedom, and allow them to enjoy life as they know it!


Electric Mobility Scooters for Seniors and the Elderly

As we have mentioned earlier in this article, electric rides like e-bikes and e-trikes are preferred by more senior citizens. This is because they are easier to use, and even more practical than the manual bikes we see on the streets.

In addition to these, mobility aids like electric mobility scooters are often used by those in the same demographic. The electric rideable products have helped them enjoy things they did when they were younger and more capable. These power scooters also let them be more productive and active in their everyday lives.


elderly woman riding a mobility scooter


Realizing these, electric rideable distributors like E-Ride Solutions in Australia are now working to make these products more accessible.

So, if you are a senior who wants to enjoy all of these activities and benefits, or know someone who would, don't hesitate to get in touch with us! Just visit our website at www.eridesolutions.com.au, or call our toll-free number. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you!

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