The Best Electric Skateboard Models In 2024

You do not have to endure boredom while you get stuck in the road traffic on your daily commute. While you travel around town, you can have fun while cruising around with your very own electric skateboard.  

The fun never stops when you own an electric skateboard. Just imagine how much cooler it would be gliding your way to work and school while whistling along with your favourite tune with a sweet smile on your face. Plus, all those added features the normal old-school skateboard will never have. Let us talk about what this awesome machine is made up of down below!


What is an Electric Skateboard?

If you’re tired of being on the road traffic for a long time, you should find an alternative way of commuting. You can decide to ditch your car and skate your way to work. Electric skateboards are really fun for city dwellers as an alternative personal means of transportation. Own one of the best models in the market and enjoy the ride anytime!

According to mellowboards.coman e-skateboard will provide the rider with the power to travel as fast as city traffic, speed up hills, and brake gently down and you can whistle to upbeat tunes and smile your ride away!


Parts of an E-Skateboard

We came up with a simple rundown of the basic components of the electric skateboard. This will help you understand e skateboards before you invest in one:

Battery pack – Electric skateboards are powered by a reliable battery pack.  The battery being used for this type of alternative means of commuting is the lithium battery ion technology similar to how smartphones work.  Remember that the voltage and current of your battery pack will significantly influence how your hill-climbing and top speed ability perform.

Electric Motor – One of the most prominent things about the electric skateboard is the use of an electric motor. This type of skateboard does have really powerful microprocessors that are usually placed next to the axle which drives the belt connected to the wheel or it can be directly found inside the skateboard itself (referred to as the hub or the in-wheel motors). Take note: it is efficiency, size, and motor as well as materials that will define the actual mechanical power of the electric skateboard. These will also contribute to the best use of the skateboards’ batteries while you take it out for a ride.

Remote Control - The electric skateboard and longboard makers agreed on the secure connections, wireless and various types of the remote control to make your skateboard functional and on the move. The cxc thumb joystick, the thumbwheel, thumb slider, and index finger trigger type of remote control. Also, choose a remote that can be waterproof for more fun while you ride.

The Electronics - an electric skateboard possesses an artificial brain that runs everything including the battery, management system, controller, and speed. These things require energy to run the e skateboard smoothly. All skateboards are programmed cleverly to bend the laws of physics and come up with a high-speed low battery consumption machine. The electric board can specifically run the system smoothly.


Different Types of Electric Skateboards

Various types of electric skateboards are in existence in the market these days. According to, there are different variations of electric skateboards that any type of rider can choose from. There are off-road ones, all-terrain as well as boosted electric skateboards just to name a few. Below are some of the types and brands we do offer right off E-Ride Solutions:

Boosted Electric Skateboard – this brand of electric skateboard is quite popular across Australia. The brand boasts models with amazing speeds up to 35/km/h. They also offer second-generation board looks which are truly improved in so many ways with swappable batteries, waterproof components along with very advanced connectivity to smartphones.

Off-Road Electric Skateboard- this type of electric skateboard is really similar to all off-road type of electric rides. It enables the rider to experience environments and terrains which are off the normal path. Moreover, it allows riders to enjoy various paths like grass, sand, and gravel. Although these can be difficult for some skateboards, the off-road type can easily carve and accelerate through such surfaces!

Street Electric SkateboardThis type of e-skateboard is something you can take with you to work or play. It is equipped with all the necessary features needed to ride safely while cruising along the city traffic.

All Terrain Electric SkateboardThis variation of electric skateboard is all about adventure and thrill. It is highly recommended for electric skateboard enthusiasts who are looking for some adrenaline rush while riding outdoors. Look into this type if you want to make more adventures with your own all-terrain electric skateboard.


Different Safety Equipment For Electric Skateboards

For those who will use the electric skateboard on a regular basis, then you should invest in the right type of gear to promote safe riding. You need extra protection when you are electric board riding especially during the night. When in doubt, it is always better to invest in safety equipment than sustain injuries.

Helmets- always invest in a safety helmet. Use standard skateboard helmets. If you may experience a fall, you will not have serious injuries when you hit the ground.

Hand protection and gloves- electric skateboards will require different types of gloves that will allow easy remote control access. You can also use the motorcycle glove for added protection.

Knee pads- Riders often use their knees to break their fall. Thus, it is important that you invest in well-padded protection for your knees. The knee pads must be sturdy enough to absorb the unwanted impact of a fall.

Elbow protection- your elbows can suffer also an injury when you have a fall while riding the skateboard. This will help you in preventing injuries or the clavicle bone and the shoulders.

Wrists- you also need to invest in wrist guards especially for people who are a newbie to skateboarding. This will help in preventing broken wrists from happening. They can definitely provide ample support for the rider.

Safety lights- for those who ride during the night or in low light conditions, it is best that you make use of safety lights or reflectors. Find the ones which are easy to install and are significantly bright. You should also consider putting lights on your helmet and tail lights for added nighttime visibility.


The Best Electric Skateboard Models of 2024


Land Snail Electric Skateboard

Regular Price: $1,349.00



If you're looking for a high-end electric skateboard that can take on the streets, then the Land Snail Electric Skateboard is the one for you. With its dual 750W motor, this e-skateboard form Land Snail can easily reach the street legal speed of 25km/h, and up to 48 km/h off road. Yes, you read that right. It can also take on any kind of off-road terrain!

The sturdy e-board from Land Snail is capable to hold a weight of up to 230kg, and has a max range of up to 30KM. With tension suspension and 50A rubber tyres, this electric skateboard is considered to be one of the sturdiest models out in the market.


Epic Racer 3200 Carbon Dual Pro Electric Skateboard (With Free Movement Alarm)

Regular price $2,100.00

 Epic Racer 3200 Carbon Dual Pro Electric Skateboard (With Free Movement Alarm)



2 x 1600w brushless


8.8ah 36v Lithium battery


80mm 78a PU and 6 inch tyres

Max speed


Working Time per charge

up to 2 hours

Distance per charge

up to 20km

Loading capacity



8.5 kg

Charging time

3-5 hours



96 CM


27 CM


14 CM


80 MM


55 MM


Golf Skate Caddy V3 Electric Golf Board

Regular price $3,750.00

 Golf Skate Caddy V3 Electric Golf Board


• Weather / water resistant


• Easy to ride


• Suitable

from ages 16 +

• Easily transported

in your family sedan, hatchback, 4WD etc.

• Max Rider weight

265 lbs + bag

• Total Weight

70 lbs without battery + 15 lb quick remove battery

• Top speed



Epic Dominator 4000 Pro Electric Skateboard (With Free Movement Alarm)

Regular price $2,475.00

 Epic Dominator 4000 Pro Electric Skateboard (With Free Movement Alarm)



2 x 2000 watt brushless motors.


20ah 36v Lithium battery.


Off road tyre 3.00-4.

Max speed: 




Working Time per charge: 

up to 3 hours

Distance per charge: 

 Up to 50 km

Loading capacity: 



Charging time: 3-5 hours.

• Length : 112 cm. 
• Width : 54 cm. 
• Height : 25 cm. 
• Wheel diameter : 26 cm. 
• Wheel width : 9 cm. 



Electric skateboards are here to stay! These are just some of the best models we offer. If you want to know more please, visit our page featuring electric skateboards anytime!

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