The Ultimate Buying Guide to Dragon Electric Scooters

Practicality is definitely one of the main attractors e-scooters pose. Many people who live in the city have opted to switch to this electric ride for their everyday travels. This is primarily because cars get stuck in traffic, while electric scooters can take them to shortcuts that ease their journey.

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When looking for the perfect electric scooter, there are three things that one tends to prioritize—style, price, and quality. Some prefer one over the other, but for most, an all-in-one package sets the deal. Luckily for them, the Australian e-scooter brand Dragon Electric Scooters cater to these specifics—and more.

In this article, we will introduce you to Dragon Electric Scooters, and their line of high-quality but affordable e-scooters.


What To Look for in an Electric Scooter

Deciding which e-scooter to buy may be a burden for some. Luckily, there are online guides which can help you with making up your mind. As we stated in the beginning of this article, style, quality, and price are the prime factors buyers consider when choosing an e-scooter.

However, ultimately, buyers would also consider performance, comfort, safety, and practicality. These are only the tip of the ice berg though.

In this part, we will present more vital physical factors and parts of an e-scooter, and why it’s important to double check on them before making any purchase.


First on the list is an essential part of an e-scooter. Without the tyres, there wouldn’t be an electric scooter, of course. Tyres connect you and your scooter to the ground. They give traction, but they also have the ability to shield you from the discomfort of unfavourable and uneven terrains.

electric scooter tyre

Having said this, it’s only important to know more about the e-scooter’s tyres when talking about comfort.  

You would typically have 2 choices when it comes to tyres: air-filled tyres and solid tyres. Air tyres are often installed on off-road electric scooters, as they cushion bumps and unexpected protrusions. They are more suitable for handling slippery and rocky surfaces, but may require more maintenance than the latter. Solid tyres, on the other hand, are more on the rugged side. They provide less cushioning and you might feel the jolts unless you ride the scooter on a flatter surface. This kind of tyres is usually installed on city electric scooters usually made for daily commutes.

Whatever you’ll need your electric scooter for, knowing what kind of tyres they come with can be very useful to you.



An electric scooter’s suspension system is responsible for smoothing out your ride and keeping the scooter in control. It maximizes friction between the tyres and the ground that you will ride on, which in turn provides stable maneuvering and better handling.

When you have an e-scooter with air-filled tryres, suspension might not be a priority. However, if you often tread bad roads, then a combination of air wheels and suspension can give you the best riding experience. Electric scooter manufacturers like Dragon specialize on models with suspension systems on one wheel, or both. E-scooters with dual suspension can be a little more expensive, but they can also be a lot more comfortable.

Our advice? Choose a scooter that is fitted with a suspension system on at least one wheel. But then again, you can never go wrong with two, right?



When it comes to safety, brakes are number one on the list. E-scooter brakes depend on what kind of motor is installed in the electric ride itself. The three kinds of brakes are electric, foot brakes, drum, and disc brakes. Disc brakes are the most common and preferred type, as they are light and have good bite power. Drum brakes are also good, an they require less maintenance than the others.

Electric brakes are considered as the weakest type in the bunch, and they would usually come with another type (often drum brakes) to complete the ensemble. Foot brakes can also work, but because you would have to manually brake the rear tyre with your foot, you’ll be prone to skidding or losing your balance. This might defeat the purpose of observing a safe ride.

When you’re choosing an electric scooter, be sure to ask your manufacturer or distributor what type of brake a model is equipped with, and you can start making your choice from there.       


Introducing Dragon Electric Scooters

As the demand for e-scooters grow higher, the same goes for the price range for most of them. As more people discover the wonders of electric scooters, manufacturers scramble on their feet to produce them, and they grow bigger in number as of writing.

So, what does this mean? It’s simple. It means that you, as a buyer, now have hundreds of options on your plate. These options range from cheap e-scooters, to commuter and even off-road ones that might fall on the more expensive spectrum.


Dragon Electric Scooters Australia logo

Taking all this into consideration, Dragon has made sure to cater to this wide range. They have gained a huge following in the Australian e-scooter community, and continue to produce affordable and high-performing electric scooters suitable for daily use.


Electric Scooters from Dragon Australia

In this part, we will show you the best and most affordable e-scooters from Dragon, and let’s find out why they’re making such huge waves in the Australian electric ride market!  


Dragon GT Electric Scooter

Price: Starts at $799.00 (scooter only)

Dragon GT Electric Scooter

The Dragon GT Electric Scooters is one of Dragon’s first and best-selling e-scooters. The affordable electric scooter is durable, long-lasting, and made for daily use. At a relatively lower price range, it boasts of a suspension system with dual front shocks and solid axle on rear. This means that you can expect nothing but a stable ride, at any given time.

This electric ride is powered by a 500W motor that runs at a street-legal speed of 25km/h, and a 35km/h speed for riding off-road. The compact e-scooter has a range of 30km, and can be easily towed anywhere. It also offers a detachable seat option for those who might have back problems, or difficulty with standing for a long time.

If an affordable and excellent ride for leisure or daily use is what you’re looking for, then the Dragon GT Electric Scooter is the choice for you!


Dragon GTS Electric Scooter

Price: Starts at $1149.00

Dragon GTS Electric Scooter

Next on the list is one of Dragon’s Sport Electric Scooters. The Dragon GTS Electric Scooter is an all-around ride that is portable, and powerful at the same time. It comes in two options—the GTS with a single 800W motor, and the GTSV2 with a Dual 1600W motor. The powerful electric scooter is suitable for tackling bumpy terrains, uneven or even rocky paths, making it a very-well-sought-after electric scooter in the Australian market. Just like the Dragon GT, it also offers a detachable seat if you’re looking for extra comfort.

The amazing sport electric scooter has a range of 50KM, and a street-legal speed of 25km/h. It is also fitted with   10-inch air tyres and frint and rear dual shocks that make up for a very stable ride on any kind of terrain.

If you’re up for an exciting daily adventure, then the Dragon GTS Electric Scooter is the one for you.

Dragon GTR Electric Scooter

Price: Starts at $1,349.00

Dragon GTR Electric Scooter


When talking about power performance electric scooters, you cannot bat an eye on the Dragon GTR Electric Scooter. This robust electric scooter is every e-scooter enthusiast’s dream. With its unmatched power over any terrain, it can easily traverse on slopes or any uneven terrain.

More than its high-performance parts, the Dragon GTR come with 2 powerful motor options available for your choosing. One is the GTR with a 1200W motor, and the other is the GTRV2 with a dual 2400W motor. Its suspension is an upgrade of the former, the Dragon GT, with more advanced front and rear systems. Moreover, you can complete your ensemble with accessories like a seat or a waterproof bag that will seal the deal.   

With a Dragon GTR, getting from point A to point B will be the least of your problems. Riding through rocky and unfavourable paths won’t be a big deal too!

(Note: With this kind of wattage, it might not be legally allowed to ride the e-scooter in public. In this case, you can always take it for a spin on any private property.)


Dragon The Beast Electric Scooter

Price: $3,299.00


Last but definitely not the least on this roster is Dragon’s most powerful and high-performing e-scooter yet, The Beast Electric Scooter. As its name itself suggests, this beast of an electric ride is sure to give you a riding experience like no other. It boasts of a whopping 3600W motor that provides nothing but pure power and stability with every ride.

The Beast is made specifically for thrill-seekers who are always up for an adventure. It is sturdy enough to take on all kinds of terrain, turning a bumpy ride into an incredibly smooth one. Its speed of 75KM/H is perfect for extreme off-roading, and its range of 75KM is enough to keep your mind at ease about the battery getting drained in the middle of nowhere.

If you are the ultimate off-roader, then you will need a trusty company. No doubt, The Beast is the one for you!

To know more about Australia’s E-ride laws, kindly visit this page:


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