Top 7 Electric Scooters in Australia in 2024

In just a blink of an eye, the new year has already started! It seemed like it was only yesterday when we were reading raves and reviews about 2023’s  best electric scooters in Australia, and now it’s 2024!


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For the past year, the e-scooter community saw nothing but growth, especially amidst the pandemic. It is no doubt that the electric ride has made transportation easier for a lot of people not just in Australia, but all over the world.

Electric scooters aren’t just toys you use on the streets, they are last-mile solutions that are capable of taking you anywhere you need to be. Equipped with modern technology, you are also able to customize your travels the way you prefer it to be.

With many companies rising to produce adult electric scooters in the last year, along with the technology that seems to evolve every day, the future of electric scooters is very bright.  


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With that, we are glad to share with you what we think are the top 6 electric scooters that will wow electric riders, new and old, in 2024!


How to Find the Best Electric Scooter

With so many electric scooters available in the market today, you must be thinking, “How do I know that this one is the best electric scooter out there?”. The answer isn’t just one thing, it’s a few things. Before you look for the best electric scooter, you have to first make sure that you are looking for the one that’s best for you.

Remember, to truly enjoy an electric scooter, or any electric ride at all, it has to serve a purpose. Are you going to use it for leisure? For daily transport? For work? Are you looking for an electric scooter for kids? Not all electric scooters are built the same, but that doesn’t mean that basic e-scooters are not good enough. It depends on many factors, so here are some tips.


Safety first! As with any kind of vehicle, safety should be your top priority when buying an electric scooter. This is why you have to make sure that you buy from brands that use quality materials for their units. You should also go for electric scooters that have components like lighting, suspension air tyres, and a comprehensive braking system. Some electric scooter distributors install additional safety features that will ensure a safe ride.


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Above all that, you yourself should be vigilant whenever you ride. No matter how much safety features an electric scooter has, things can go south when the rider is reckless.


Know what kind of riding you will do. If you are planning to buy an electric scooter to use for commuting, you wouldn’t need that much power. An electric scooter with 200W-500W would do, but you would have to keep in mind the street legal wattage in your state. If you are planning to use it off roads, then a powerful electric scooter with up to 1000W or more would do the trick.

If you know what you would need your electric scooter for before buying one, you would save not just time and energy from research, but also the money you might shell out on a wrong investment.


Make sure that you understand the two different kinds of electric scooters. This might come as a surprise to others, but this is already common knowledge to some. One type of e-scooter is the sit-down scooter, while the other is the stand-on electric scooter.


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If you are someone who’s already used to riding manual scooters from before, then getting on a stand-on electric scooter should be a breeze. However, those with balance problems and cannot endure long rides while standing up may opt for sit down electric scooters. There are e-scooters like the Emos iLark Electric Scooter that come with three wheels and seat that’s perfect for situations like these.


Know the suitable dimensions and weight capacity. Choosing the right size is half the battle when you buy and electric scooter. Just like in choosing an electric bike, knowing that the scooter’s size is the perfect for you is crucial. For example, the best electric scooter for you would have a handlebar height that’s comfortable, and wouldn’t put too much pressure on your arms. Luckily, there are e-scooters for sale with adjustable handlebars so you can match its height with yours.

You should also be aware of the electric scooter’s foot deck. A wide deck is perfect for those with bigger feet. A wide deck is also suitable if you want to go off-roading, and would need room for your feet to move around.

Last but not the least is the weight capacity. Your weight will determine which electric scooter is right for you. Remember that one thing that affects an electric scooter’s performance and motor power is its weight load. If the electric scooter carries a load that is beyond its capacity, it might not be able to give its maximum performance, and trust us, it isn’t safe.


Make sure you know the e-scooter’s range and top speed. Much like knowing its purpose, a rider should also be aware of the electric scooter’s total range and top speed to be able to use it to the fullest. Your riding style may affect the scooter’s range, so it’s essential to ride smarter and smoother. It also wouldn’t hurt if you give your e-scooter a little help when it needs a push on more challenging slopes.


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As with the top speed, you would want to buy an electric scooter that will be able to zoom you away from traffic jams, or easily carry you through hills and rocky paths. However, knowing its top speed isn’t only for that purpose—it’s also to know if your scooter would be legal to use on the streets. If you live in an Australian territory where electric scooters are capped at 25km/h, then a 50km/h (or more) e-scooter could be used off-roads or at any private property.   


Top 7 Electric Scooters in Australia in 2024

Now that you have an idea on how to find the best electric scooter for you, let’s take a look at the top 7 electric scooters that will drop jaws on 2024!

Dragon GTS Electric Scooter

We are starting this strong! The Dragon GTS Electric Scooter is an all-around scooter that suits all conditions. Known for its many outstanding electric scooters, Dragon continues to produce quality powerful electric scooters like the GTS.


Dragon GTS Electric Scooter



The Dragon GTS is built with aviation-grade alloy which makes it lightweight yet durable. You can also choose between a single 800W motor or dual 1600W motors. Whichever is your choice, you are sure to ride with speed and stability.

Key Features:

  • Choose between two powerful motors: the 800W single or 1600W dual motor, whichever you prefer.
  • Get the best acceleration through the powerful motor tied with the pneumatic semi-slick road tyres' traction.
  • Not only is the Dragon GTS e-scooter lighter than other electric rides, but it can also carry a weight capacity of 120kg.
  • Stay visible while riding with this electric scooter's components such as the headlight, deck lights, and more.
  • Bring this e-ride with you wherever you go, as it can easily be folded, carried, and stored for trips.

Review from a customer:

Andre - 5 stars. Great for commute.

“It’s got plenty of power and acceleration and I make sure that I lean forwards when accelerating and backwards when braking. I’m 189cm and about 92 kilo plus gear I may be carrying, size 13 clodhoppers which fit nicely on the footboard.”


Dragon GTR Electric Scooter

Next on the list is a power performance electric scooter, the Dragon GTR Electric Scooter. This durable electric scooter is every enthusiast’s dream. With its unmatched power, it can easily traverse on slopes or any uneven terrain.


Dragon GTR Electric Scooter


The Dragon GTR comes with 2 powerful motor options. One is the GTR with a 1200W motor, and the other is the GTRV2 with a dual 2400W motor. It has an upgraded suspension system from its earlier version (the Dragon GT), and tackling rocky and unfavourable paths won’t be a problem!  

Key Features:

  • With the Dragon GTR electric scooter, you get to choose between the powerful 1200W or 2400W motor setups.
  • With a single charge of this e-scooter’s 48V 15.6Ah or 20.8Ah battery, you can ride to a distance of up to 60km/
  • Know that your ride can handle your weight as well as items you bring with you, providing a weight capacity of 150kg.
  • The 10-inch tubeless tires on the Dragon GTR make off-roading smooth and steady and even do well on flatter surfaces.
  • Expect this ride to perform well and endure the most hardcore rides with its aviation grade alloy materials.

Review from a customer:

David - 5 stars. Dragon GTR V2.

“My partner and I, weight 118kg and 90kg. Both of us ran the scooter rather hard with full punch on the throttle, max regen on braking and I also basically disabled the drum brake, regen is strong enough to stop the scooter on flat ground impressively fast. It has no problems with my weight at all, and doesn’t struggle with my partner (118-120kilo). It sits on the limited speed of 25km/h and just keeps going strong,”


Kush Mini Steezer Electric Scooter

Next on this list is a sit-down electric scooter that can definitely get you anywhere comfortably. If you are someone who prioritizes comfort over anything, then the Mini Steezer is for you. It is perfect for those who cannot endure long rides while standing, and those who just wants to experience fun and relaxing ride. It’s can also be an electric scooter for kids who want to enjoy the outdoors.


Kush Mini Steezer Electric Scooter


The Kush Mini Steezer Electric Scooter is equipped with a 500W brushless motor which provides a total range or 30km on a single charge, and can easily reach its top speed of 25km/h. It is a ride perfect for the streets and outdoor terrains. Ride it to work or along the beach, it’s all up to you!

Key Features:

  • Reach up to 25km/h easily with the Kush Mini Steezer’s 500W Brushless motor, capable of bringing you across uneven terrain.
  • Ride up to 30km with a single full charge of this electric ride and get where you need to be at your own pace.
  • With its reliable 10-inch tyres, you can ride this electric scooter across different kinds of terrain without any major loss to stability.
  • The rear suspension on the Kush Mini Steezer makes rides smoother, making even the bumpiest of rides seem like nothing.

Review from a customer:

John T. - 5 stars. Great ride!

“HAPPY Days. I got my new Mini Steezer yesterday and honestly have not been able to get my backside off it. I was a little shocked at the initial speed and pick up. What a blast. Super easy to put together (only attach handle bars) and I was off. Easy to ride and a lot of fun.”


Zero 10X Electric Scooter

Zero is known for producing some of the best electric scooters in Australia. One of their best-selling ones is the Zero 10X Electric Scooter. The 10X E-Scooter has been designed to withstand various terrains.



Powered by dual 1000W motors, the Zero 10X Electric Scooter is a competitor of e-scooters within the same range. If you want an electric ride that will take you places, then the Zero 10X might be the one for you.  Key


  • Reach a speed of 25km/h easily with the Zero 10X’s powerful 1000W dual motor, allowing you to accelerate to and maintain its top speed.
  • The 10-inch tyres allow a better grip on the ground and provide more stability, allowing off-roading to be done easily.
  • Choose between a 52V 18Ah/24Ah or 60V 21Ah battery which offers up to a range of around 85km on a full charge.
  • The Zero 10X is sturdy enough to handle more than its weight, allowing up to 150kg in weight capacity.
  • Ride at your own preference as the Zero 10X allows you to choose between ECO and TURBO mode.


Review from a customer:

Ali S. - 5 stars. Reliable and Strong

"For a heavy monster, this is the best model that you can achieve your cityscape sightseeing, strong dual motors takes you anywhere you like."

Machine Transporter 1000 Electric Scooter

What was originally designed for the European commuter market became a well-loved electric scooter all over the world. The Machine Transporter 1000 Electric Scooter is an all-around electric scooter made with quality materials and sports top performance.


Machine Transporter 1000 Electric Scooter



The Transporter is power-packed with components like a choice of 1000W or 1800W motor, 10-inch tyres, and a max range of 90km on a single full charge. It also comes with a choice that offers a detachable seat, so that you can enjoy a ride that fits your needs.

Key Features:

  • The Machine Transporter 1000 runs on a 1000W motor which is about its name but can reach up to 1800W at peak performance, making it extra powerful.
  • For a well-built high-performing electric ride, the Machine Transporter 1000 only weighs 20kg in weight, making it lighter than most electric rides and still faster.
  • You are guaranteed to have longer rides as the battery is more than capable of lasting up to 70km to 90km in distance.
  • The 10-inch air-filled tyres ad durable and meant to last long, regardless of what kind of surface they are ridden on.
  • You can opt for an additional comfort seat if you prefer to ride the Machine Transporter 1000 with a seat.

Review from a customer:

Melanie P. - 5 stars. Best commuter scooter

“I have had them all and none are like the Machine! I use it every day to commute around the Brisbane bikeways to work and this scooter is super comfortable, very stable and a real smooth ride. Most of all you feel really safe on this scooter.”


Machine Fox All Terrain Electric Scooter

A mix of modern and sporty, the Machine Fox All Terrain Electric Scooter is one of the best multi-purpose electric scooters you will find. It is perfect not just for daily commutes around the city, but its built has also made it durable enough for off-roads.


Machine Fox All Terrain Electric Scooter


The Fox All Terrain Electric Scooter is equipped with suspension tyres that makes riding on any terrain safe and easy. It also comes installed with LED headlights and taillights. You can also choose between a sit-down or stand-on model—whichever makes your preference.

Key Features:

  • Ride up to 70km in range upon a full charge of the Machine Fox’s electric scooter, powered by either your choice of a 48V 13Ah or 52V 20.4Ah battery.
  • Easily reach a maximum speed of 25km/h (Australian street legal) or 65km/h (off-road) with this e-scooter’s 1200W or 2400W (dual) motor.
  • Other features include an LED Indicator which shows speed, mileage, range, and more, along with a headlight and taillight for safety.
  • Suspension on both the front and rear make the Machine Fox perfect for holding its weight as well as traveling across any kind of terrain.
  • Choose between single disc brakes or dual hydraulic brakes on both the front and rear for better control over your riding experience.

Review from a customer:

Andre - 5 stars. Tough with more than enough power!

“So happy I chose the Machine FOX as I am a big guy and I needed a quality made scooter that could feel safe over the bumps with its amazing suspension and get places fast with awesome power.”


Mercane MX60 Electric Scooter

The Mercane MX60 has really set the bar high for electric scooters. This is an all-terrain type of scooter with credible range, power, and comfort. Its bulletproof construction makes it ready to dominate any kind of off-road terrains.


Mercane MX60 Electric Scooter


With its larger trademark Mercane deck, the rider is assured of a safe ride all the time. The power if this scooter can stir true excitement even to riders with the most experience.

Key Features:

  • Go to distances that reach up to 100km within a single charge of the MX60’s 60V/20Ah battery.
  • Easily switch to use both of the 1200W motors with a simple press of the dual-mode button.
  • The Mercane MX60 is capable of carrying a weight capacity of 120kg for your convenience.
  • Conquer off-road paths with the MX60’s 11-inch pneumatic tyres, making your rides smoother than ever.
  • Choose between 3 modes (Eco, Standard, and Sports) for the ultimate electric riding experience that suits you best.
  • Not only does the metallic build of the MX60 has a unique look, but it is also extremely durable.

Review from a customer:

Sean M. - 5 stars. Cool ride MX60

“Exceptionally easy company to work with. 2 scooters arrived within 48hrs ready to go. Really easy to use and huge distance capacity. Love the fold down capability allowing us to travel with these onboard. Makes discovery of different highlights a town offers way more fun. So look out as there’s 2 more 60yr olds out there on the footpaths.”


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