Electric Rideables: The New, Better Way To Travel

200 years ago, no one ever even considered the possibility of automatically moving vehicles or transport. Everything was done manually, and the transport was via horseback, walking, or riding a bicycle.

Today, we have numerous ways of getting around with little difficulty. Cars, trains, planes, buses, motorbikes, trams, boats, and now we even have electric bikes, scooters, skateboards, and motorbikes.

What is the point of inventing such impressive transportation? Well, it's not all fun and games (although that's obviously a huge factor), but there are various benefits associated with choosing an electric rideable as opposed to regular automobile travel that you should definitely consider!

What Types Of Electric Travel Are There?

There are various types of electric travel, each with their own benefits and purpose. These include:

  • E-bikes
  • E-scooters
  • E-skateboards
  • E-motorbikes
  • E-cars
  • Hoverboards (Similar to the e-scooter)
  • Segways

You may or may not have heard of all of these electric rideables.

E-skateboards are ideal for those seeking more of a thrill during leisure with their fun feeling of hovering in the air, while e-bikes are perfect for those needing to zip around to work, social meet-ups, and other places efficiently.

E-scooters are slightly more versatile than an e-bike with their smaller size and no need for any physical exertion, and e-motorbikes are ideal for off-road purposes, minus the demand for costly fuel.

Depending on what you need an electric form of transportation for, whether it be fun or practical, one of these is bound to suit you.

What Are The Advantages Of Electric Travel In Australia?

So, have we sparked your interest in electric travel? Let's maintain that spark and discuss the range of amazing benefits of choosing to travel by electric rideables.

You're Saving The Environment!

One of the primary reasons for the invention of an electric vehicle was to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and thus prevent global warming.

Electric rideables encourage people to choose them as an alternative over a diesel, petrol, or gas vehicle, which significantly reduces harmful air pollution from exhaust emissions and positively contributes to decreasing this global warming impact.

Cost Effective

With an electric rideable, one of the biggest advantages is its price compared to a car and not paying for fuel every week as you would with a regular automobile. Instead, you charge the battery with grid electricity.

You may be thinking "but won't it just run out of charge and leave me stranded?". Not necessarily! You can generally monitor an electric rideable's charge, and with the manual provided, you will have an indication of how much use you can get out of one full charge.

Plus, there are ways that you can conserve battery life, such as charging in the appropriate temperature.

An electric rideable is cheaper but no less efficient than a car and will get you from A to B in just as much smooth control and style.

Beat The Traffic

We all absolutely loathe being stuck in traffic. Luckily, you don't have to be with an electric bike, scooter, or skateboard.

You can get around so much more efficiently with these electric rideables than you would with a regular mode of transport. It beats buses, motorbikes, and cars due to their compact size.

Rather than sitting on the road behind an enormous amount of traffic, you can swiftly navigate on the sidewalks and paths to get around it. You'll never be late to work again!


Easier and Less Expensive To Maintain

Car services, washing, breakdowns, and many more struggles aren't quite as necessary nor as expensive with e-skateboards, e-bikes, and e-scooters.

It is much less of a hassle than owning a car, where you would have to worry about procedures and legal matters such as:

  • Obtaining a licence
  • Regular servicing the car
  • Consistent washing
  • Insurance
  • Registration
  • Permits
  • Green Slips
  • Pink Slips

Forget about these stressful expenses with an electric rideable!

Available Access To Charge Anywhere!

Constantly on the lookout for cheap petrol prices each week? There's another thing you won't have to worry about with an electric rideable; something that relies only on electrical power.

With this convenient powering method, you can essentially find charging ports anywhere. There are now even designated charging car spots for electric cars in most areas.

Off-Road Electric Travel

For those who require an alternative way of getting around off-road, an e-motorbike might just be for you. Combining all of these advantages, including cost-effectiveness, the e-motorbike is an ideal vehicle for traversing farms, dirt tracks, and rugged terrain.

Additionally, if you live in a rural or country area where there may not be an easy way for you to source fuel, a massive advantage with an electric motorbike is that you only need to charge it using electricity to operate it!

If you're a motorbike rider, you'll also find the e-motorbike much more efficient than your current one with huge savings on fuel costs and reducing the impact of fossil fuels simultaneously.


Compact and Futuristic Design

Feel as though you are from the future! With these epic modes of transport, you'll feel cool and stylish as you speedily zoom through streets and cities with absolute fervor.

The e-scooter and e-skateboard additionally feature a compact design that makes it particularly easy to store when not in use, so it won't get in the way of your routine and other belongings.

We've found these benefits to stand out the most from using electric rideables within Australia. A combination of style, practicality, eco-friendly, and cost-effective qualities utterly proves them as the best mode of transport over other automobiles.

Bikes - Why You Should Upgrade To Electric

Electric bikes are a fantastic upgrade from traditional bikes. A regular bicycle has been around since 1816 as a manual form of transport; something that required us to exert ourselves quite physically.

With an e-bike, the exercise is low to moderate, and thus won't help your physical health quite as much like a regular bike; however, you will definitely feel more relaxed and can experience the previously mentioned benefits in full.

For the elderly and those with physical disabilities, and an electric bike is a preferred choice as it is:

  • Easier to operate - those with old, fragile limbs may not be able to work a regular bike. An electric bike won't be as much of a physical struggle and is much better for their joints.
  • Quicker - the easier pedalling propels you more efficiently and can help get you to where you need to be much faster than a regular bike.
  • Great for mental and physical health - get a fun outdoors experience
  • Cost effective - if you are retired or aren't receiving any income, then you need to consider an e-bike over a car!
  • A healthier mode of transport - there are no fume emissions for you to breathe in; something that can adversely affect your health, especially seniors.
  • A quiet, relaxing experience - e-bikes are quiet and better for your hearing
  • Perfect for feeling young, excited, and have loads of fun zooming around on them
  • Available in a variety of styles and designs - there are even some that feature a storage compartment for you to do some shopping or hold your personal belongings
  • Futuristic - become a part of the future, regardless of your age
  • Eco-friendly - if you admire technology that helps to save the environment, you'll appreciate one of these.

An e-bike requires little work from you, and in return, provides you with many advantages. There's no question as to why you shouldn't buy one! If you're looking for tips on how to find the best e-bikes in Australia, you can check out our article here.

Overall, electric rideables are, no doubt, a convenient, inexpensive, and great alternative way of getting around.

If you feel as though you are struggling with current transport expenses, maintenance, or just have a passion for saving the environment, we strongly recommend you consider going electric.

We can guarantee you'll feel excited, unrestricted, and happier than before owning one. You can check out our range of electric rideables and decide which one suits you best!

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