Top Ten Tips When Buying An E-Scooter

The popularity of electric scooters has reached superstardom during the past couple of years. There are a growing number of patronizers (ranging from kids, teens, and adults) who are into using e-rideables. One of which is the use of e-scooter as an alternative way of moving around. While e-scooters are a fun way to commute, there are specific rules and etiquette to observe. 

Right off our site, you will see several types of electric scooters. We can provide a specific model from the following brands in the market:

  • Dragon
  • Mercane
  • Machine
  • Kush
  • Bexly
  • Vippa
  • Zero
  • Segway
  • Fiido
  • Bolzzen
  • Xiaomi

We thought of building a help-guide that will be a useful reference for buyers of e-scooters.

To help you find the best deal for your e-scooter, we have gathered a few practical tips when buying an e-scooter. Let’s take a look at each of the remarkable and useful tips below:

  1. Take some time to determine the scooter weight. Remember, the weight will significantly affect how the scooter will be used. Choose lighter scooter models if you are into traveling the long miles. Power matters if you are driving for longer periods of time.
  2. The wheel size of your electric scooter should be suitable for the terrain. It is best that you take the extra effort into figuring out the route where you will use the scooter the most. Is the surface or the road well-paved or smooth? You see, larger wheels are recommended for areas where the terrain is bumpy and rough as well loose surfaces ( gravel and sand is predominant). On the other hand, small tyres are suitable for the smooth surface where grass grows. Your smaller tyres can definitely cope with this terrain. 

  3. Motor power is really important. If you are taking your e-scooter in steep terrain, you might need to consider having at least 400 W of motor power. This power will allow the scooter to conquer the slopes effortlessly. Remember, the more motor power, the easier it will be for your scooter to go uphill without losing acceleration and speed. Also, you have to keep in mind that the wheel size and power should be compatible. Powerful scooters will require larger tyres. 

  4. The type of tyres to be used is very important consideration as well. There are different types of electric scooters in the market today. There are tyres with solid rubber or pneumatic tyres which are air-filled. The pneumatic tyre types include the one with tubes and the other one which Is tubeless similar to car tires. The major benefit of using solid rubber wheels is that it will not be affected by puncturing objects. If you are going to explore a track that is known to have broken sharp objects, a rubber wheel will be perfect for you. Air tyres seem to have the rattling sensation when being used on flat surfaces. For a more comfortable ride, try the pneumatic tyres which are known to be air-filled. Choose for the pneumatic tyres with inner tube which is easy to use.

  5. Before you purchase, read and learn about your product warranty. You should choose the electric scooter brand that comes with a 6-months or greater product warranty. Also, you have to determine the coverage and which parts are to be replaced. You also need to make sure that the product has the provision for after-sales support. 

  6. Electric scooters are quite expensive. The wide ranges of electric scooters for sale are available on price tags ranging from $600 AUD to $5500 AUD. The value of the e-scooter is significant. If you are planning to invest in a scooter instead of a vehicle, then you are saving plenty of gas over a certain time. Parking fees and petrol costs can be expensive for car users to handle. That is why scooters are perfect for those who prefer a cost-efficient alternative for transport. You need not to worry about fuel cost, maintenance, and parking fees when you choose to have an e-scooter instead. 

  7. Find the e-scooter that can keep up and cover the miles you will travel frequently. The maximum distance for a scooter to go should be determined. You can do this by figuring out he round trip distance in a Google Map. Provide some leeway for the range to be covered, which might be significantly influenced by terrain and speed. 

  8. The quality of the battery to be used must be given much attention. Lithium-ion batteries for electric scooters are known to be quite expensive. Then, you must choose the best quality of batter that will surely last over a long time. Cheap batteries may be affordable. Yet, most of them do have less lifespan compared to Japan or Korea made options. You can check out our chargers and battery section for the brands we offer. We have several brands to choose from. You will surely find one that suits you the most. 

  9. One of the most important thing that you should find out for a brand which has an after-sales service. If the brand provides services after you buy from them, it would be awesome. You cannot afford to mishandle your newly bought e-scooter. You should have some guidance on how to deal with parts replacements (like brakes and wear-off tires). 

  10. Once you have figured out the most salient points of buying an e-scooter, you should determine the kind of added functionalities it may have. You can look into the accessories for comfort and safety for e-scooter users.

Before you begin using your electric scooter, we would like to give you some reminders. You should understand that an e-scooter should be used with utmost precaution in terms of safety. We want our e-riders to be safe while having fun commuting with e-scooters. Below are some of the safety considerations you can delve into before bringing your e-scooter on the road:

  1. Always make sure you are wearing standard safety equipment. Accidents are quite inevitable. That is why safety precautions and equipment will be very useful. That is why it is advisable that you invest in buying safety equipment like helmets, knee pads, shoulder pads and alike. Gloves are also recommended to improve your grip while cruising around. 

  2. Make sure you have looked into you tyres before you go. You should have a quick look and assess the condition of the tyres. Determine the right pressure which can make your ride stable and safe. If there are any worn-out tyres, replacement must be provided to avoid accidents from happening. 

  3. Stay away from the slippery surface where traction is poor. You can always practice with the utmost caution, especially when riding on slippery surfaces like wet streets, marble tiles, and metal surfaces as well as muddy sidewalks. Water makes traction or grip can be severe, which can cause injuries. Thus, if you are going through wet terrain, you should keep your speed low during an e-scooter ride experience.

  4. Focus on your environment while cruising around. Although it may be a challenge to stay focus while on a scooter, you have to be vigilant. Be mindful of traffic signs and pedestrians. You need to avoid causing a road mishap or accident. Just follow the rules and be very observant. It is for your own welfare. 

  5. Be conscious of roadblocks and barriers. Be mindful of road bumps, potholes, and obstacles as well as crevices. These road hurdles are the factors why e-scooter –related accidents take place. You should stay away from these to be safe. 

  6. Always keep your speed in check. Avoid being carried away by the fun and rush of adrenalin. Keep in mind that as an e-scooter, you should ride calmly and safely. Decrease your speed when needed. Muddy puddles are dangerous. You will surely sustain an injury if you run into it at a very high speed.

  7. You should avoid going out with your e-scooter if a thunderstorm or lightning storm might occur. Avoid using your e-scooter when rain falls. This will keep you safe from electric-related accidents and injuries. Plus, the roads are quite slippery when rain happens. 

  8. Remember that e-scooter riding rules vary from one state to another in Australia. There are parts where e-scooters are considered legal, and other states will not allow it. Verify your state laws before anything. 

There are a lot of things to pay attention to be a responsible electric scooter rider. All you have to do is to be observant and mindful. Aim to be safe as a rider and keep the pedestrian safe while you cruise along. 

If you are not a fan of e-scooters, there are e-bikes that can make your daily commute comfortable and secure. For first-time buyers, we came up with an article on how to purchase an e-bike right here. You will learn a lot of tips on how to go about the process of buying the best e-bike that will serve you best. 

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