Bexly Electric Scooters

“Embracing urban living.” This is one of Bexly’s words to live by, and they have worked around them to create electric scooters that are reliable, functional, and most of all, safe. They make sure that their models are complete with disk and drum braking systems, speed control modes, and head and brake lights. All of these components constitute a satisfying commute, the Bexly E-Scooter way.

Made for the urban setting, Bexly e-scooters are sleek, fast, and equipped with the most innovative technology. Their designs vary from electric scooters with a maximum range of 25kms and a top speed of 55km/h. These best value electric scooters are built to last the years to come!  

Let’s take a look at other features that make Bexly E-Scooters crowd favorites!

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All About Bexly Electric Scooters

Other than their sleek styles and colors, there are more to Bexly E-Scooters that set them apart. These commuter e-scooters are made with customer satisfaction in mind, so it’s only understandable that they feature characteristics that are very user-specific. Here are some: 

  1. These e-scooters are lightweight and compact. They fold in seconds so one wouldn’t have to worry about carrying them around through cramped and crowded spaces. They are also light enough for one to carry an e-scooter with one hand, without feeling tired and burdened.
  2. Eco-friendly e-scooters that charge quickly. Bexly scooters give out zero emissions. This means that they leave less carbon foot prints than other gas-powered vehicles. They also only need 8c a day to charge, a big help when it comes to conserving electricity.
  3. Powerful electric scooters that ca be used to travel every day. Bexly e-scooters are fitted with high-performance batteries that increase power and range. Some models offer a top speed of 55 km/h, while some can offer a max range of 45KM on full charge.

All of these characteristics make Bexly electric scooters the perfect companion for your day-to-day journey. 

Buy Bexly Electric Scooters in Australia

Here in E-Ride Solutions, we offer electric rideables that will serve as our customers’ trusty vehicles not just for their daily journey, but for their recreation as well. This is why we have partnered with Bexly among many electric scooter brands in the Australian market. Make sure you get your hands on one of Bexly’s best e-scooters! Get in touch with us today!

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