Electric Bike

Traffic can be as bad as it gets on a typical day and instead of enduring all that wasted time and being late for work, wouldn't it be better to have an alternative way such as an electric-ride?

With an electric bike, you can save a lot of time and avoid being late while also having an alternative eco-friendly solution.

No more will you need to waste time waiting in traffic or for public transportation because with an e-bike you can enjoy a smooth ride and get where you need to be.

Get an electric bike now and your guaranteed to have smooth, reliable and hassle-free rides wherever you go as we offer some of the best e-rides you can find.

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Why should you buy an electric bike?

E-bikes are good transportation alternatives especially to those who are looking to live a greener and more practical life. Unlike conventional gas-powered vehicles, these specialized electric bikes are more environment-friendly, convenient, and practical. 

What's more, they come to you pre- assembled! The instruction manuals are pretty easy to understand too. Just follow the steps, and you're good to go!

Here are some more things that make e-bikes worth the purchase!

These lightweight electric vehicles are more affordable than others. One of the things that make e-bikes a hit is its accessibility price-wise. There is a wide range of prices for this e-ride, but in Australia, the price of the cheapest brand-new electric bikes can start at $1,200.

It’s easier to learn. Newbies, even kids or senior citizens can easily learn to maneuver this e-ride. With its automatic pedal assist modes and throttle, operating an e-bike can be as easy as pie. Moreover, operating an electric bike does not require a professional driver’s license.

Electric Bikes are very eco-friendly. Since it uses electric energy to operate, e-bicycles do not emit harmful carbon monoxide that seriously contributes to air pollution. This makes an electric city bike the perfect alternative for going around the metro as it has fewer carbon footprints.

Last but definitely not least...

They promote faster commutes. This is probably one of the most appealing characteristics of an e-bike, and the reason why it’s now globally patronized. Traveling in these lightweight electric bikes will allow you to avoid traffic jams, take shortcuts, and even go through small alleyways and narrow streets where a 4-wheel vehicle doesn’t fit.

Buy Electric Bikes in Australia

There are surely a lot of advantages of buying an electric bike not just in your daily life but for your health as well. If you have decided to purchase your own, then online e-bike stores like E-Ride Solutions might just have what you are looking for! We offer nothing but quality products and top-rated service that will definitely satisfy a customer. Our staff are always ready to answer your questions!

Buy one from us today, and we will deliver it right at your doorstep. Don't miss out!

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