Electric Mountain Bike

Who would have thought that off-road riding can be made even more exciting? All credits go to electric mountain bikes. The addition of an electric motor on a mountain bike makes a ride more exciting. You can handle harder trails with much ease and speed.

E-MTBs are available with hardtails (front suspensions) or front and rear (full suspension). For more affordable and lighter type, the hardtail electric mountain bike shall be considered. For versatility and ease in maneuvering rough terrain, you can opt for the full suspension variety.

There are many E-MTBS available in the market today, but finding the perfect one could be a little challenging. There are some factors to an electric mountain bike that makes it a good one, so it’s important that a rider knows exactly what he is looking for.

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What To Look for in an Electric Mountain Bike

Just like any other electric bikes, there are characters and functions to an E-MTB that make it worth the investment. Sure, it might come at a higher price range, but if you choose the right one, you are sure that your money did not go to waste! So before making that upgrade, let’s look at some things to look for in a good electric mountain bike.


Distance traveled – if you are an off-road junkie, chances are you like riding to the mountains or other trails far from the city. While you might not use your e-mtb all the way to your destination, a bike with a longer range might give you more adventure and satisfaction.


Battery life – this factor is important for every electric ride out there. Since your electric mountain bike’s life will depend on battery power, you must take into consideration how long it’s gonna last, and how long the charging time is. If you ever find the battery dying while you’re still on the road, you can just switch to manual pedaling like in a traditional mountain bike.


Comfort- off-road rides are sure tough, so a comfortable electric bike will be your best friend! When buying one, make sure you choose something with wide, fat tyres and an ergonomic saddle that can support you and ensure your safety all throughout the ride.


Price Range – e-MTBS come at a wide of prices. Some higher than the other, while some are relatively more affordable. If you want the electric bikes with the best quality, then a pricier one is for you. But you should also note that there are also affordable e-mountain bikes that do not fall far when it comes to performance and quality.

Buy Electric Mountain Bikes in Australia

Australia is brimming with outdoor activities you can do on the daily. What better way to enjoy them but with a powerful electric mountain bike in tow? If you have made up your mind, then our staff here in E-Ride Solutions are ready to assist you in choosing the best value E-MTB at a price range of your preference. Don’t miss out on the great deals that we offer! Take a look at some of the models we have for you!


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