Wheelchair attachments are specially made to improve one’s quality of life. They are useful, increases mobility and independence, and ultimately, give you the much-needed comfort. Of course, each attachment will vary on one’s need or preference. However, more and more brands like Firefly have risen to produce high-quality wheelchair attachments that contribute to one’s productivity.

With electric wheelchair attachments, those with limited mobility get the chance to regain their freedom and independence. They get to travel and commute in different settings. Let’s find out how these things are possible!

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Using a Wheelchair Attachment

Some might think that wheelchair attachments a re complicated to use, but it’s actually the opposite! There’s a reason why more and more are upgrading their manual wheelchairs with these powerful and compact electric attachments. They’re really simple to use, and add plus points for convenience.

Here’s a few steps on using your trusty wheelchair attachment:

  1. Clip the electric attachment on the front of your manual wheelchair.
  2. Turn the power on.
  3. Enjoy your ride!

Just like that, you’re ready to go! However, you might need to keep a few things in mind. 

  • First, of course, is to keep the battery charged to a hundred percent as often as possible. Just like any other electric ride, more battery power means the longer range it can travel. Moreover, draining the battery can lessen the attachment’s ability to hold a full charge.  
  • Wheelchair attachments may come with various power levels, so you can enjoy your ride just like how you would in an electric trike. However, you must always tale precautions and practice safe riding as much as possible.
  •  You can also track your ride’s progress with what is called a “digital control center”. This includes a small LCD monitor that shows information like battery level, speed, distance traveled, and more, depending on the unit.

Buy Firefly Wheelchair Attachments in Australia

The concept of turning your manual wheelchair into a powerful, electric one can now be easily done with the help of a wonderful gizmo. Here in Australia, more and more are finding out about this wonderful innovation, and are able to live their lives to the fullest. If you have decided to purchase your own, then E-Ride Solutions can help you. Browse through our collections of wheelchair attachments and accessories, and take one step closer you achieving your daily and long-term goals!