i-MotionCaddys Electric Golf Buggy

Imagine being able to enjoy golf more and lessen the burden of carrying your golf bag and other belongings around the golf course; this is what an electric golf buggy can offer. The i-MotionCaddys Electric Golf Buggy is one top-of-the-line choice for any golfer to enjoy their experience more. With this electric golf buggy, you can save more time from walking around and spend more on playing the sport.

i-MotionCaddys has created this Electric Golf Buggy to become a convenience for all golfers, and it does its part in improving your golf experience. With an improved golf bag holder, you can easily bring your golf bag and access it without trouble. The electric golf buggy is capable of traveling a long distance at moderate paces before the need to be recharged.

Take a look at more of the features this electric golf buggy has to offer, it will surely make your golfing experience more fun and convenient.

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