Considered a brand that is one of the tops in motorized electric golf rides, MGI has designed a line of amazing and very convenient electric golf buggies. The MGI Zip series includes some of the best golf buggies that ever existed. If you plan on enjoying golf more often, getting your hands on an MGI golf buggy will be the best decision that you have ever made. These innovations feature the most cutting-edge technology and provide you with many benefits.

These award-winning electric golf buggies are made with the finest parts around and perform splendidly well on any golf course. Being as compact and durable as they are, the MGI series golf buggies make a huge difference in your golf experience. Imagine being able to spend more time playing golf and less time pushing a regular caddy around, now that’s a game changer.

Take a look at our collection of MGI golf buggies and pick one that suits you to enjoy a more convenient golfing experience.

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