Moov8 Electric Rides

If you are looking for an alternative to daily commuting or riding in a car, you might want to grab yourself one of these electric rides. 

The Moov8 electric bikes are perfect for those who love bike rides, whether it is simply getting from one place to another or for leisurely rides. We have the Moov8 Electric Folding bike for those who would like to bring this electric ride along with them on trips. Another great choice is the Moov8 X City Bike for those who would love to ride often to school or work.

Looking for something a little different? Try the Moov8 Trotter MAGWheel hoverboard, one of the more innovative single-wheeled electric rides. Style meets comfort with this ride and you will turn heads as you pass by.

All of our Moov8 electric rides are perfect for your everyday transportation and if you simply want to enjoy the breeze while you ride around, you won't be disappointed. Check out our Moov8 collection now and see which electric ride best suits you!

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5 products