Pannier Bags

Whether you use your e-bike for running errands, going on longer trips, or your daily commutes, you’ll need a durable carrier to fit in your essentials. Such a carrier should be able to fit something as small as a repair kit, to complete camping gear.

For that purpose, we introduce you to electric bike Pannier Bags! These bags are perfect for carrying your necessities on and even away from your e-bike. Take things off your hands (literally) with a handy pannier bag in tow!

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Different Types of Pannier Bags

Named after the French word “panier”, meaning “bread basket”, pannier bags are water-proof carriers that offer sizeable storage for your riding essentials. This type of e-bike carrier is perfect for carrying things for work, school, extra clothes, or even camping gear and necessities for a long commute. 

Pannier bags come in 2 different types. Let’s take a look at them!

Rear/Front Pannier Bags

As the name suggests itself, rear or front pannier bags are those that can be attached on your e-bikes rear or front racks. They attach to these racks using simple spring-loaded hooks, bungee cords or clips. These panniers can be used singly or in pairs, depending on the rider’s need and preference.

Pannier Backpacks

This type of pannier is perfect for an excursion away from the electric bike. It’s a kind of pannier bag that turns into a backpack. Simply put, one can simply attach it to their e-bikes while riding, and carry it on his back once the ride is done. It’s a favorite among campers, hikers, and even students who are always on the go.

Buy Pannier Bags in Australia

Make the most out of your e-bike experience with your very own Pannier Bag. Experience a new kind of convenience while enjoying every ride!

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