Relync Mobility Scooters

Much like many brands in the mobility equipment industry, Relync Tech has set its eyes on one thing: changing personal transport forever. The team behind this very innovative brand is focused on combining modern technologies, personal mobility vehicles, and trailblazing designs.

Relync Tech has made it their mission to create designs that are a melting pot of creativity, usability, and style. With this in mind, its teams of engineers and designers are committed to building their efficient system that is reliable and accessible to their customers.

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What set Relync Mobility Scooters Apart?

If you have been a follower of the e-rides industry for a while now, you must already know what makes a good e-scooter. However, there are brands like Relync who have definitely set the bar high for other brands when it comes to design and functionality.

Relync Tech has finally designed the perfect e-scooter, and we will find out what characteristics this eye-catching electric scooter has, that makes it worth swooning over.

The e-scooter folds in as fast as 3 seconds. For someone on the go, it matters a lot how long it takes for his equipment to fold. Some may take as short as 5 seconds, but the Relync R1, for instance, does the trick in just 3 seconds! This is because of its instant-folding design and compact ingenuity. When you purchase a scooter form Relync, you are sure that it is equipped with unique engineering that allows you to fold your e-ride effortlessly.

A Relync electric scooter is cleverly designed. Have you ever seen a mobility e-scooter that can be carried around like a trolley? If not, then, you surely haven’t seen a Relync scooter. The R1 has three modes—the driving mode, folding mode, and the trolley mode. All of these modes attribute to their uses. The trolley mode, however, makes it easier to carry on a train or plane. It’s definitely portability at its best!

It gives the rider an “ultra” balance riding experience. While other brands just give a balanced riding experience, a Relync scooter will give you so much more. It is equipped with “triangular ergonomics” that is placed in a perfect center of gravity with 3 points of balance. This feature definitely makes it one of the most comfortable mobility scooters out there in the market!

Overall, an electric mobility scooter from Relync will give you nothing but the best experience when it comes to riding. It is definitely a perfect choice when you want to go for a more sustainable way of travel!

Where to Buy Relync Mobility Scooters in Australia

 Here at E-Ride Solutions, our main goal is to give our customers satisfaction by offering quality products and top-rated service. With that in mind, we are proud dealers of Relync Tech’s first-ever electric mobility scooter, the Relync R1. Shop with us today, and get closer to that change that you have been looking for!